The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



I like the fact that something N does have this certain effect that could make someone be put critically at risk mentally and emotionally while nsfw images do not even create a reaction :smile:

I don’t know would we be able to live through to see the other books when romance snippets like these gets our emotion go into haywire already? :joy:


I haven’t really played TWC as a guy, though I’ve tried once, but it wasn’t enough to get a good judge of character from Nat. Or is it because this scenario is more likely to crop up during the later books and their relationships have developed deeper? (I mean, it can depend base on their relationship instead of gender??)

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Sera has mentioned that how they act is based on personality, not gender. There may be slight differences to romantic scenes though, but it’s not like they act completely different because they are a man or woman. (e.g. the female version of a character won’t be super sweet while the male counterpart is presented as more brusque.)


As we all are, really. Most gender/sex stuff is from our culture and expectations of behaviour therein. Hence me always being of the opinion that a well written character can indeed be any gender with but a few minute changes. :grin:

Then we naturally have a wide spectra in whatever culture the game takes place, from ultra frilly feminine to ultra macho-he-man, and those too can be fun to explore (regardless of gender). Mostly what matters - in terms of in-game romances as well as IRL - is our own preference on this scale. :blush:

In other words, be who you are, whether it is within expect ‘norms’ or not. :smile::+1:


Heh, just came across this on the “social” media:

"Yeah, high maintenance definitely works for Adam, haha! And that guy certainly looks like he could pull off the aloof/stubborn kinda expression :smiley: "

Not really a surprise given my speculations regarding Adam’s background and upbringing, but should the mc succeed in getting Adam to dress-up or dress nicer on certain occasions and get a short yet stylish haircut (mostly so my mc can ruffle, stroke or otherwise mess with it in private :grin:) seems like we might potentially be in for a real treat.


To a certain extend I agree that most gender stuff is from our culture, but I completely disagree that characters can be so quickly rewritten by just changing their pronouns and still making it work. This is because there are certain things in the writing that doesn’t sound right, with a simple pronoun swap (how things are described, minor things about how the character acts, etc).

For example, I’m gay. I’ve played some games where people have just modded in a pronoun swap for either the main character or a potential love interest, but this has never worked for me. I was sooo excited that I would have the chance to finally romance Alistair in DAO, but it was actually one of the most frustrating playthroughs that I had. Even though he was getting the pronouns right, there is something else underlying in everything where I felt that he was always talking to and romancing a woman. It felt wrong to me. On the other hand, my sister (and many women I know) LOVED the Alistair romance while Alistair is my least favorite of all the romances in DAO. Compare this to Fenris from DA2, or Black Magic from Heroes Rise, or Theo/a and Karl/a from Lost Heir. In the latter they have different descriptions whether they are male/female. Also, they speak a bit differently whether they are male/female or whether they are talking to a male/female protagonist. Black Magic, Theo/a, and Karl/a all have the same personalities as their respective gender swap, but that slight difference in description and dialogue goes a long way in making the characters “feel” right.

I don’t want this to be a critique on gender swapping characters and especially not on Sera. I’m really looking forward to buying this game and I think Sera’s writing is amazing and generally that gender swapping characters can work. I’m only saying that to make it “good”, its not as simple as “any character can be any gender with a few minutes of work” (par).

And I completely agree with the final sentiment, be who you are, whether or not society approves.


I think Sera said that, unit bravo will have some minor difference depending on the gender, especially on the romance scenes for obvious physical difference. What other users mean with “no changes” is referring to the core of their personalities. Like, M is not going to be softer if is a female, or A less stubborn.


Is this is getting delayed again???

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Technically, it might get delayed. But this is haven’t been delayed before so the correct question would be "Is this going to be delayed? "


i’m afraid it is… :cold_sweat:


Many are afraid it is, but should we be
The world will never know…until we do.


I’m not worried I have a feeling it may be released sooner then the orgianal date …stay positive my friends soon we will all have The Wayhaven Chronicles Book 1 :yum::yum::yum:


I HOPE SO!! :pray: i will make a fanart if i can get it before 15 Feb :grin: :crossed_fingers:


Well given how quickly things have gone for the process of releasing this game and the fact we still have a week before the estimated release date, there’s still hope for a February 15 release date.


I thought that it has something to do with that, thank you for informing me about the topic.


I agree. I’m going to remain positive about it. :smile: Even if there is a delay, it’ll be ok. After all, the copyediting process could have taken a lot longer than it did.

Remember people, we were looking at a 6 month (estimated) delay for that, but it took just about 2 months.

Stay positive. Stay strong.:relaxed:


Is it just me seeing all the artwork of the male versions of the characters people has done or does anyone else wish we could get a bit for the female versions too? :grin:


It will come out just at the right moment. Even if it’s gonna be delayed, all the extra wait will make the experience only sweeter.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to come join me :relieved:

PS: bring blankets, it’s somewhat chilly in here. Think my bottom has frozen solid to the rock.


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