The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Ah, thanks for informing us of the possibilities!

And now I remember Google’s delay in releasing of Comrade or Czar. lol for once it wasn’t Apple! Maybe the same thing is happening with Wayhaven and Great Tournament 2? :thinking:



I hope the release is not delayed…


just finished the demo and I AM SO FREAKING HOOKED!

at the end, i didn’t call anyone (would that make a difference?) because I felt something bad was gonna happen and OHGAWD I was right! AVA SAVE MEEEEE!!

Ava is like my fav RO right now. So strict yet slowly warms up to you >w<

I cant wait for the release! 8 more days!


it was calm today until i decided to check sera’s tumblr blog, scrolling down, and suddenly…



the thing is i can vividly imagine N doing that to MC. (those who are going to romance him) imagine this is all we have to experience throughout the series N swooning MC left and right good lord now i don’t know if i should be more scared or happy when the first book is released 'cause before i even managed to play it halfway i’m going to be deceased


Oh man, I was waiting in line at the DMV scrolling through tumblr when I read this. Sometimes some NSFW images would crop up, it happens, nbd. I just kept scrolling.

But then I came across this answer and my face turned bright red, and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the goddamn words for a full minute. I think my brain may have literally short-circuited.

I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle the later books when the romance really starts gearing up. One sentence and I’m already having a heart attack? Good lord. At least I’ll die happy though. :wink:


You could block those NSFW in tumblr in the settings. XD

Anyway at first N was set to be my third playthrough but with all the snippets that Sera gave about N, I am now having a hard time deciding which of A, M or N that I want to try first.


It’s going to have to be Nat and/or Ava for my first run.


Oh, I know. :smirk:

lol But seriously it would also potentially block a lot of good fanfiction, and I’m not about to risk that just because Wil Wheaton is always reblogging Dita von Teese pics.


quite a surprise for me considering i see Nat being kind and shy girl… maybe the personality changes if their gender is different?


I don’t think A’s personality changes all that much. I think it’s more that it’s deeper into the relationship, so any hesitation is long gone.


To be honest I think Nat is a certainty for me since she ticks a lot of boxes…

  • Smart and intelligent.
  • Kind and considerate.
  • Finds my quibs amusing (Ok so does Farah but she’s probably a tad forward for my character.)
  • Likes tea.
  • Is a fair bit taller than me (I have a bit of a thing for taller girls I think).


ewww , then :man_facepalming: i think i like more Ava now lol
(though i dont see my mc even doing that kind of “thing”)

(i did mean Nat before lol, mistake for my part)


I had wanted to go for N first…but cant help but try for A too and seeing her subtle actions…>w<
the arguments with A also added to her appeal to me.
M not really appeal to me and im 50-50 with F xD


I have a similar checklist for Nate.

  • kind
  • friendly
  • laughs at my jokes
  • isn’t too forward, lets me go at my own pace (sorry Felix, maybe in my second playthrough?)
  • so very tol
  • s t u b b l e
  • knows that life isn’t all work and no play, Adam
  • isn’t afraid of falling in love, Adam
  • did I mention Nate’s tall?
  • doesn’t like lying to me, Adam
  • knows many languages–HE’S SO FUCKING TALL
  • likes dogs


Ohhhh, that makes sense! I was very confused! :joy:


yeah i mean, i find it disgusting putting your chew gum in someone elses mouth, its kind of a surprise that nat will be ok with it lol


Yeah, I wouldn’t do that either…but I can see why some people wouldn’t be grossed out since if you already kiss with that mouth, how is gum any worse?

I’d say it’s because you wouldn’t usually kiss anyone while chewing any other food, why would gum be any different? But to each their own I guess.

Chew and let chew. :laughing:


agree haha

(20more nonchew characters xD)


Oh, I really hope this means it’s not delayed too! Though it would be a nice thought if it was just due to trying to co-ordinate it with Steam :smiley: (Still no news on if it’s being releases through that platform).

Feel kind of useless sitting here waiting for news whilst the people at CoG are trying to push it through! I hope they’re not having too much much trouble with the app stores and things, it can’t be easy trying to work through those.

I did actually get up together some fun graphics as a ‘countdown’ kind of thing, but I better not do that now, lol! I’ll maybe just post up the stuff without the countdown part and keep our fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping, everyone! :smiley:


So I guess it is a bad sign that the Hosted Games topic has changed to no date at all? :c