The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



I am mentally casting Aisling Franciosi as my female MC it just make game feel more immersive by the way this is probably the best wip I’ve ever played Asling%20franscosi


I’m really thankfull that i have a ton of tests and papers these two weeks to keep me distracted untill the game arrives instead of going even more crazy from waiting! :smile::star_struck:


The last save was far back, in a way. I had relationships at least about midway when Adam decided to stand in the sun and die. When I went back, there was barely any relationship. Sure, it’s not typically hard to build up Sim relationships, but Adam and Mason had been proving a challenge. :weary:


If you’ve got his urn/tombstone, you can revive him.


Are they gonna release it by next week? How come it still says Pending Release in their announcement board or something? With all this hype, I’m looking forward to play it.


I saw it too. I wonder what it means for the release date they mentioned before, is it still valid or not?


I hope that means that the release date is moved up. They changed the game above it to the same status, and that one was scheduled for a Feb. 8th release.

I really wish there was a glossary or faq on the forum that explained their terminology like that so that people have a general idea of timelines.


uh-oh, that’s not a good sign :scream: (i’ve seen it before when the release of Samurai of Hyuga 2 got delayed) i’ll be glad if i was wrong :sweat_smile:


Because I don’t know how to quote something from another thread I will just copy paste something @Mary_Duffy said in the “Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2016” thread:

“Copyedit: the game is being copyedited in full; that process can take about a month.
Pending release: we’re waiting to release the game
Pending assets: we’re waiting for the author to give us something we need to publish it
Pending Submission: we have the assets, but there are still internal production tasks to do before submitting.
Submitted to Apple: we’re waiting for Apple to approve it.
Pending external approval: we’re waiting for someone to do something”

Is that what you meant with a glossary for their terminology?


Pending release most likely means it’s just waiting for release. Do not take my word for it though.


Yes, thank you. :blush: I think that’s the closest we’ll get for timelines though. I don’t think they like to give out estimates in case the time goes beyond that, but it would be nice if they had more generalities like they listed with copyedit taking about a month.

I think we’re just all nervous and hoping the game isn’t pushed back further.


Great! :smiley: I wasn’t really sure if that’s what you meant.
I highly recommend reading the “Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2016” thread because there it’s explained why they can’t give detailed information about stuff like that.

Got excited about the upcoming release and did a short comic of my favorite scene! Stuck it under a cut cause the images stacked pretty tall otherwise


i hope they dont delay it more than the previous release date, i dont want our dear @Seraphinite have a heart attack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t think Sera will be the only having a heart attack if they push it back. Just look at this forum of people waiting to throw money at this game, lol


Ah well only thing we can do Is wait


8 days boys and girls from fun :grinning:


The release dates are just estimates - in this particular case, my guess is that Apple or Google are dragging their feet in greenlighting the app or CoG decided to put this title on Steam and they are coordinating the releases between all the platforms.

It will be released but don’t get upset if it is released later then the 15th.


That is quite a foreboding news but if that what it takes to release it in Steam the same time with Apple and Google that would be fair to be Steam users.

Better lower my expectations. :sweat_smile: Thanks for the info @Eiwynn


Twilight Lowering expectations for vampire game release dates for years…because no one want to be associated with sparkles
oh god i just imagined the vamps reading twilight saga…