The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



This 6 months wait will kill me.
Anyways, @Seraphinite , I had a thought one evening while i was despairing over the wait.
I’ve always had this in my head, where what if’s circumstances happen. Would the team even have a chance meeting with the MC considering that even if their mom is team leader, never even knew of their existence? What if the player decided not to play the game, ergo the protagonist’s existence becomes void or what if the vampire got to the MC before they even got their mission briefing. I’d like to think these 4 are a tenacious bunch and would live through several lifetimes just to have the MC, romantic or not.


Right in the feels…


that was great i hope keep on going on this when game come out




Holy crap! Kinda gave me Mystic Messenger vibes, but damn! <3


Great work! The imagery presented is simple yet meaningful. :cry: right in the feels there. feels downright meta.

Also reminds me of Doki Doki Literature Club for some odd reason.


I really found this game demo interesting.
Please continue

PS: Sorry my bad english I’m Brazilian


well, fortunately for you, the game is already finished, it’s only a matter of time before it comes out.:clown_face:


happy 2018 were i am from to the wayhaven chronicles with great love for the story


When’s the official release date for the game? Im so hyped for it.


There isn’t one yet. I imagine when CoG and @Seraphinite knows, we’ll be told.


As far as we know, it’s been put in the 2018 games queue in CoG, but no specific date has been mentioned, but yeah Seraphinite will probably tell us some time in advance, but don’t expect to know in january.


@Prism_Stars - Oh man! That was great…so many emotions…


So I’m back at it :smiley: Yay!

I’m super excited and so ready to get started on Book Two!

I’ll be using the next couple of months solely for just the planning and prep work for Book Two, as well the less fun job of marketing and things for Book One.

There are lots of other things I’m hoping to do this year too- update my logo, freshen up my Tumblr…general stuff like that. But I’m all refreshed and raring to go!

Aah, I’m so excited to get going again and leap back into the world of Wayhaven! :smiley:

Although I’ll be working on Book Two, I won’t start a WIP thread seeing as Book One isn’t out yet. But I will be posting my usual Weekly Progress Reports on my Tumblr for anyone who wants to keep updated!

After Book One is released and Book Two has a demo, I’ll create a thread for Book Two then.

So here’s to a fantastic and productive 2018! I truly hope it’s a great one for you all :slight_smile:


I’m so glad to hear that! Looking forward to hearing when it comes out and later play the demo to book two!

Good luck and I hope this year goes well for you and for anyone reading this! :smiley:


Omg Seraphinite, you’ve been the light of my days lately xD thank you for all the effort and dedication you have with your games!


Welcome back @Seraphinite ! Looking forward to your tumblr posts. I missed them seeing them in my tumblr feed. :smile:


Sweet! We’ll also get another demo for Book 2 :slight_smile:


that great to hear we hope you make it


Good news guys! TWC is listed in the Upcoming Hosted Games of 2018 thread! Currently it’s in Copy edit so excited!


Soon all the people in the house will do it vamp style…