What is Copy edit?

So I’m just wondering about something I see quite a bit of som fun games coming out soon but they say copyedit now what exactly does that mean and how long does that usually take?

Copy editing (also copy-editing or copyediting, sometimes abbreviated ce) is the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition. In the context of publication in print, copy editing is done before typesetting and again before proofreading, the final step in the editorial cycle.

All hail lord google and all knowing wikipedia

( the time it takes is somewhat dependent on the material to copy edit i.e. how lengthy it is )


A professional copyeditor goes through the game carefully, ensuring that it is in house style, and ensuring that microlevel edits are made. (Punctuation, spelling)

It takes a wildly variable time depending on the length and complexity of the prose. I think for MIdsummer it was a few weeks.


What does “in house style” mean?


And in this case, specifically: Choice of Games Style Guide. A set of customizations of the Chicago Manual of Style.


Oh okay. What, then, is the particular style followed by HG authors?
(Did that make sense?)

Some answers here:

It only took about a month for Trial of the Demon Hunter, Captive of Fortune, and Foundation of Nightmares to be copyedited. So although I’m sure it depends on how long a title is and how many corrections have to be made, generally it seems like the copyediting process is very quick.

I see this word in the list of the next games release in 2018, but what means it? Sorry for my ignorance. I have no clue :sweat_smile:

I believe it means going over the entire game to correct any spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Also to make sure that the game is running as it’s supposed to. I might be mistaken on it but that’s the feeling I’m getting from that.