The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



It crosses my mind suddenly … what happen if our “Ex-Partner”, that reporter trying to reconcile with our main character? will our new Romance Partner tries to make him/her disappear ? although i think Natalie will least likely to be such hostile … not sure about the other three.


Bleh bleh bleh. :vampire:


I’m going to cry. :scream: :cry: :sob: Happy tears*


I’m happy but I don’t know what copy edit means to be properly happy! :cry:


Don’t worry, be happy! :grinning:


So we’re pretty close to launch aren’t we? Yay! Woohoo!!


We (and I use that term more liberally than a liberated librarian in the library of Alexandria) sure are! :grin:


Sholy hit, really? DANG, I’m so happy and so bored that I’ve lurked in some WIP’s just to entertain myself. (I don’t regret it, found some really good games like this one.)
Can’t believe that it may arrive in a few weeks or a month or two at the worst.


Aah, guys, I only just saw it on the list this morning :smiley: It’s so exciting! Yay!

We’re gradually inching closer to release. I seriously can’t wait for you guys to play it!


you can’t wait for us to play it? i can’t wait to pay for it! lol I’ve been replaying the demo over and over again for over a month because of how good it is!

speaking of throwing money at you, you wouldn’t happen to know which platforms it’s going to be released on, would you? because i like to support the authors of really good games on as many platforms as I have access to! :smile:


guys it kill me what to play this so bad because i did not call team after big fight with team leader i don,t that good or bad


They’ll come for the detective either way so I don’t think it really matters.


@Seraphinite I’m very excited about this series, but I also loved a WIP you were working on: Touch of Fae. What happened to it? If you’re going to dedicate your time fully to TWC, is Touch of Fae abandoned? :disappointed_relieved:


you gonna die boi team aint commin’ to getcha


wait, seriously?

:thinking: well, i guess that makes sense, especially since your character is basically a Danger Prone Daphne, so not calling the Super Scooby Team is essentially a death sentence

well damn, rip in peps my first detective! :sweat: nathan hardly knew ye :sob:


I saw it this morning too! :'D I think I squealed a little bit! I’m so excited for you and to be able to finally throw money at you!!! <3


@impeccably-stressed - Aah, thank you so much for the support! :slight_smile: As for platforms, this is what is on the CoG website:

Hosted games are published on:

Our website
iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Google Play Store
Amazon Kindle Fire (Amazon Appstore for Android)
Publication on Steam is subject to approval

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@Kirlett - Touch of Fae is on pause. I have limited time to work on projects, unfortunately :confused: So for now Wayhaven is my focus. But I do hope to return to visual novel projects one day as well.

So, I haven’t heard back from CoG about the assets, which I’m going to hope means that they are all OK, so I thought I would finally do a cover reveal!


Hope you guys have had an amazing first week of the new year, and have a wonderful weekend! I’ll talk you all on Monday :slight_smile:


Gorgeous! It’s totally my aesthetic!!


that is cool it show how story go by time night


That’s a top 10 cover right there :smiley: