The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Very classy. :slight_smile:


I’m guessing each book will have the moon progress by a stage, since I see seven moon stages there… :3 That’s so cool! Simple, yet beautiful!


Just basing this off of the cover art, and I could be wrong, but I have a feeling book 4 is going to be great.

Not that all the books in the series aren’t going to be great…


It looks so cool! I just know that it’s going to be spectacular! :heart:


Looking at the cover art makes me think of some kind of a time limit of sorts for the team. Where once the moon becomes full, shit will literally hit the fan and every problem imaginable would just surface and the fight for their survival begins.


Oh man that cover art… Beautiful! Soo can’t wait for the day it comes out.


Wait a minute 7 books and 7 stages of the moon… gasp it’s fate!


7 is a great number. :vampire:


Lovely cover, and it’s music to my eyes. :grimacing:

Cover? Music? Get it? :crazy_face:

Oh, you do. I should leave now? Oh, all right… :neutral_face:


Wooh for having a cover, ma boy is ready!


Does that mean an extreme, major event happens in book 4? Since the moon is full and all.


Its where our Brain finally checks out From all the supernatural stuff going on and we spend 2 weeks denying it, accepting, embracing, finally attempting to take over moms Organization to rule…by the side of our love.


You know, I didn’t noticed that and now my mind is going boom :thinking:




Wow, the cover is beautiful!! Although i’d never suspect it would include the lunar cycle, i was starting to think if we should start to theorize what the meaning behind it could be… But, since some people have noted there are seven stages of the moon for seven books in the series i guess that makes sense as the reason for choosing that theme for the cover (?)

I’m SO hyped!


I have some theories on Book 4 after a dubious amount of research on off-kilter topics.
Rumors state that the full moon has real biological tide effects (Basically the moon having real effects on human psyche) on fluids in the body, affecting a persons mental state and by extension augmenting a persons ability to sense psychic phenomenon, or in our MC’s case awakening the special blood within. And if moon phases are a thing, expect to find the one supernatural creature affected by the full moon, werewolves. There’s also this myth that warns others from doing anything with large amounts of blood or water, actually any vital fluids in the body, as vital fluids are at their peak during a full moon (or new moon depending on some folklore), so if that’s anything to go by, the MC’s special blood isn’t helping him/her any. A purely scientific viewpoint, that might prove some supernatural folklore to be true, suggests that there may also be a link with the human body and the moon as it affects the ocean’s tide, ergo it might have a weak, but existent link between them as the body is made of 80-ish percent of water. But, that could also be speculation, but that’s all I got, doubt I hit any marks though.


Viewing a Supernatural entity under the influence of a Super-moon on a clear sky awakens our mind to Permanently be able to Sense a Supernatural creature at a distance, and be able to resist their influences.


That’s actually really interesting. :thinking:
Now my curiosity is tickled and i’m going to do a lot of reading on the subject.


Aah, I spent most of the weekend a little nervous about how the cover was going to go down, so coming back to such lovely comments today has really given such a boost to my week already! Thank you, guys :slight_smile:

And yeah, as you may have guessed, the seven moons will feature for the cover for the seven books :smiley: I wanted a theme that could carry all the way through the series, but also something simple, clean, but aesthetically pleasing.

As for the full moon:

Book 4 features my favourite event of the series, so that’s why it got the full moon :wink:

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here’s to a great week- I hope to get the first very basic draft of the plan for Book Two done this week :slight_smile:


screams internally :smile: