The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Probably not Felix (too short and too mixed-race) and Mason seems too anti-social to have been any sort of actor in the past. Unless the anti-social personality is fairly recent. That really does narrow it down to only two choices, Nate or Adam. Of those two Nate is the taller so Nate would be the most plausible “Booth” candidate, though Adam does remain a possibility.

Well not to “Abe Lincoln”, vampire hunter he/she wouldn’t be so kind. Make it a matter of life and death and even kind people, or vampires as the case may be, will turn into killers.


Well… for my adventure, she was Natalie :smile:

and i believe she is too kind, i don’t believe she had actually kill anyone before… and because of her (actually was her voice), i decided to let them all go away(during our first encounter) without even raising my gun to them …Lol

Hmmm… come to think of it , when one hold the power of Life or Death towards others, the most difficult choice is not to end the life of others, but it is the choice to spare the life of his/her hated enemy… Curious to know whether Natalie/Nate is that sort of Vampire…Lol


So maybe not 6 months? Devon popped onto the thread and said his was about 3 months (just under). Link to his post.

I imagine though that the work of the employees slows down though during holiday times, but thinking about a 3 month turn around is more palatable than 6 months. Baby steps… we got this! All I know is that the second the game drops, I’ll be throwing my money at it. :money_mouth_face:

In the meantime… I know Sera was asked this on her tumblr, but what are everyone’s favorite romantic tropes that they hope to see pop up in game?

A few of mine are:

  1. self sacrifice on the MC’s part for the LI though it turns out ok in the end (so much heart-wrenching and lovely angst!)
  2. fake couple (all that romantic tension… :laughing:)
  3. repeated aborted love confessions from the LI because they just can’t get it out
  4. the “I’m so glad you’re alive I need to kiss you right now!” kiss


He happened to post about this just earlier:


Romance tropes you say?

  1. Pining due to both parties believing they are unworthy of each other when everyone can clearly see the only reason this ship hasn’t sailed is BECAUSE OF THEM

  2. Asking permission to kiss (complete with soft gazes and lingering touches)

  3. When couples have actual drama and not drama out of miscommunication – mutual trust and respect is necessary please

  4. Anguished declarations of love followed by heated make out sessions (tricky but boi do I love when authors get this right)

  5. Back to back badassery, especially when they prove to be proficient in their partner’s weapon or that they know each other’s fight style so well that they are so instinctive when they move (MUST! HAVE! CUTE! BATTLEFIELD! FLIRTING! or DOMESTIC! FEELS! WHILE! COVERING! FOR! EACH! OTHER!)


One of my favourites is love confession when one of them is about to die (but no one dies at the end). I’m such a sucker for angst with happy endings.


I’d like to see a slap slap kiss relationship. Ava/Adam seems ripe for a “I hate you! Kiss me!” relationship, for example.


not pointing finger to cog but when a game with this quality needs to be in wait for that long is pretty sad not only for the writer but for all its fans, ( the last hosted game i buyed was the lost heir 3 from @Lucid and the last choice of game from @Havenstone choice of rebels… … … sigh :roll_eyes: )

you have my undying loyalty and admiration @Seraphinite both as a writer and a person , get some good rest and have a happy christmas break, you deserve it. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looking forward to playing the full game :heart:


I doubt it’ll take 6 months. It would most likely be around 3 months if everything is in order and Apple doesn’t reject it for whatever reason.


I actually love this, like, it’s seriously a problem. Your writing is freaking amazing. Consider me addicted, and desperately in need of my next fix.

I see people posting about romantic tropes they like. I dunno if there’s one or more specific ones I like, or if they count as tropes, but…
I tend to really enjoy the romantic aspect of things over the physical. (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the physical too…winkwink) As such, the eye contact and occasional hand touches (Patching up Nat’s hand for example) are very enjoyable to me. Same sort of thing with Ava and her scarf. I dunno, I find it cute. Kinda why I prefer those two over the other two. (Who I do still like.)


Romantic tropes! Aww… one of my favorites would be the guy who REFUSES to admit he’s jealous but EVERYONE knows he is. And he will act upon it, trying to get in the way, etc., but when asked what the hell is he doing he will still say he’s NOT jealous. What an adorable idiot. I love adorable dorks.

Another trope… THE WALTZ. THE MASQUERADE. AAAHHH I love it!!! Everyone is hiding who they are. A mysterious beauty appears. Someone tells the guy to look up. He may know or not who she is, but he’s breathless. They dance. MAGICAL. If there’s a maze outside, bonus points.


Omg romantic tropes… hmm Well being the hopeless romantic i am…
There’s a few that’s already been mentioned already but anyway.
Accidental hand holding, battle field flirting, the stiff that’s secretly super kinky, Jock falls in love with nerd™ , the bully who bullies because they’re secretly in love with you (there was a cog or hosted that was like that actually, a supernatural type one) and more but I think I’ll leave that there xD


Loving the tropes, guys! There may be a few in those lists that may just crop up throughout the story…hehehe! (I’m a romantic trope addict, I can’t help myself…)

@Outrageous - That would be a nice thought! :smiley:

But I completely understand why it may take so long. There are only a few staff at CoG, and it’s a small business. What they’ve managed to achieve is incredible! Not only do they have to work to release their own games, but also work through the queue of Hosted Games.

They’ve also built and encouraged this wonderful community of people, and set-up a place where we can all indulge in our love and passion of interactive fiction—creating it and reading it.

So, I truly hope the people at CoG know how much they are appreciated :slight_smile: (And also that they get some time off to relax a bit over Christmas, lol, they definitely deserve it!).


I will officially be going on my Christmas break at 1pm today! Yay! :smiley: I’m so ready to get some rest and completely over-indulge in fun, food, and catching up on interactive fiction, visual novels, and gaming!

It does mean I will be taking time away from social media and the internet though. So I won’t be able to read or reply to comments until I get back on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Thank you so much for your continual and amazing support throughout this year! It’s been such an incredible journey that I don’t think I could have got through without the enthusiasm and fun messages from you all :slight_smile: You’re all amazing people, never forget that!

I hope you all have the most fantastic festive season, and a wonderful and inspiring New Year!

Talk to you all in 2018! :smiley:


Being away from social media for a week! That’s…actually impressive in this day & age for most.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, And happy New year.
And happy birthday to my annual Christmas music headaches…


You missed the “her”! Farah shakes his head. “Ah, uh, nothing.” But her shoulders remain hunched anyway.


Right back at you - and to everyone else as well, of course. :blush:


you to we all love your hard work you put in to this


1 and 4 are my favorites as well! Also the slap-slap-kiss “Shut up and kiss me!” trope. The kiss-kiss-slap trope is funny when its pulled off well, too.

On the tragic side of romance, another favorite of mine is the love triangle between the protagonist’s RO and their duty. The protagonist will generally choose their duty over their RO, but will always choose the RO when push comes to shove. I love this trope in royalty dramas and with people in positions of power.

There is also something intriguing about a Batman/ Catwoman kind of pairing.


6 months? Why does that feel much more like 6 years? :sob: :sob: