The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Now… What kinda reveal are we talking about :smirk:

Sorry I saw my chance and I had to take it
I wouldn’t mind if Adam was revealed a little bit


This is why you don’t wear much and then say your cold to get them to give you some of their clothing…it’s genius!


It’s a dead meme but I couldn’t help myself


Just assign people/places in the history books with names from Wayhaven Chronicles.


Goes to school one day takes test
Question 6. Who shot Lincoln?
Question 8.
Who is Russia’s longest ruling female leader?

gets test back failed but gets note from teacher saying
I was a fan of the game too, but I still had to fail you.


Should be Catherine the Great…

Perhaps one of the Vampire ? Lincoln was an Axe-wielding Vampire Hunter according to one narrative/Movie


I am hoping that this is a true story.


“Booth” was notoriously tall wasn’t he? So it’s probably Nate in disguise. Maybe Adam shot Kennedy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@bbymorphine - On the one hand, I feel kinda bad if it’s distracting you. One the other, I’m cackling with glee :smiley: Good luck if you’re studying for a test though! I’m sure you’re gonna do great :slight_smile:

So after being directed to a thread in the General category (Most anticipated COG games of 2018?), I’ve found out it may be quite some time before The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One could be released :confused: The average seems to be 6 months, with it sometimes taking longer for Hosted Games to be released.

It’s pretty disheartening news, I have to admit. I thought it might be 6 weeks rather than 6 months…But there’s nothing I can do except wait, I’m sure they’re powering through as many as they can! So I really hope you guys will continue to stick with me during that time-I couldn’t have got this far without you all! :slight_smile:

In lovely news though, the fact that Wayhaven got mentioned at all in that thread has put a huge smile on my face this Monday morning :smiley: Thank you to those who posted that!

Hope everyone has a fantastic and productive week! I’ll be working hard on getting up together ready for my Christmas break, which I’m looking really forward to (gonna catch up on playing the interactive fictions and demos that have been released, hehe!).



… Someone needs to build a time machine for me so I don’t have to wait that long.


So far we only have one that takes us to the Cretaceous period sorry
Edit: at least you can sit in your head cannon and dream for a while




Take heart comrade it will come, the day will shine again. we will have our stories! Our detective shall rise!


6 months?

Ahhh no worries with lil luck it will come soon™


Senpai has noticed me, I can now die happily. Thank you! I’m sitting it on Thursday… pray for me.

Samurai of Hyuga had an unusually fast publishing. It’s possible that once the first Wayhaven is out and, depending on the success (which will no doubt be incredible), publishing’s might become a smoother, quicker process?

Or maybe the trick is to submit it to Hosted Games earlier? I’m not sure, all I know is that nothing will prepare me for this wait :sob:


It is actually possible Devon had the game finished and submitted way before it was announced, and requested to keep it off of the Hosted Games upcoming list until it was near completion

Or maybe it really was fast-tracked for the sake of continuing an already successful series? Both are fairly likely scenarios.

EDIT: There actually had been a good deal of internal trouble with COG, if Devon and Jason’s comments to me are anything to go by. Devon was lucky to be on the last end of it – he had to wait 3 months for his game, and it wasn’t even really announced until it was a week from completion.


Awww man, 6months??? :sob::sob:
worth the wait tho!




Lol… I believe we have to ask our Vampire Bodyguards who actually was “Booth” :smile: