The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Nothing says misadventures like an impromptu time-skipping of important events!
Sorry, not sorry @Seraphinite , Adorkable Felix will forever be my canon.
Also, can’t color skin so~ , that idea’s out the window.
(Just noticed that Adam’s blonde, lol)


Still can’t get over how adorable your Felix looks~~ <3 And your Detective is absolutely adorable, I’d be instant friends with her :smiley:


Also you guys, with Farah/Felix it’s hilarious to choose the options where your MC just doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t pick up on F’s flirting at all. There’s always this beat of surprised/confused silence from F and I love it. It made me ship my “I’m too busy working and being stressed to notice anything else” MC and F so much.


I agree completely, the deadpan silence’s just hilarious, but I prefer the unconscious “flirting”, where the MC just doesn’t know that their gravitating to them or responding in a way where it might sound like flirting.


By the by, can I get some kind of explanation on the Friend or Flirt statistic in our stat menu?
I’m racking up friend points like my mom racks up coupons because I’m trying to roleplay as my character. I.E: rejecting the hand kiss by Felix, or laughing at Felix’s attempt to flirt. Does this lock me out of a potential romance or what? Thanks in advance!


According to Sera, you will get to choose who to romance whether or not they have enough flirt points


Ah, thanks, soooo… what’s the deal with the friend or flirt points? is that there just because?


I think Seraphinite has said that you don’t have to flirt, or at least you don’t have to flirt in what she’s written so far that we’ve played, to romance any of the characters. She said there’s going to be a scene that definitely initiates the romance whether you’ve flirted with them or not, later on in Book 1. So I don’t think you need to worry about being locked out because your character isn’t super flirty but someone correct me if I’m wrong.


I think with the flirt points, it changes interactions and how the character you intend to romance reacts to the MC. And it allows you to see more of the build-up to the romance. Again, someone more knowledgable can correct me if I’m wrong.


That’s it right there. My MC, for example, has been subtly flirting with Ava (even less so with Nat–mostly friends) along with trying to be diplomatic, stays friendly/cordial with Farah, and… has a low opinion of Morgan. The points would reflect that.


My MC is sort of like her but she’s also a sweetheart? I love Lauren and Lucifer! :heart_eyes:


How did I never see this before? Absolutely life changing :ok_hand:t2:


@ all the mcs who shot adam


Then theres that one person who would just shoot him…and everybody…just, just kills the living altogether really.


@Elsee - Please don’t tone it down! Enthusiastic and excited responses like yours give me life :smiley: You should always let your passion show through!

@Prism_Stars - So amazing! :smiley: As for Felix/Farah, I won’t reveal those details yet, but they will be discovered during the course of the books :wink:
As for friend and flirt points, @Dizzie is spot on. You can choose a romance with any of the team, regardless of friend or flirt points. They’re in there because you do get a couple of scenes based on flirt points later on- but after the ‘commitment’ choice, flirt points won’t matter except in the love triangle. You can play your Detective however you like and the romance will still progress.
The friend points come more into play in later books :wink:

@smallraindrops - Lol! Yes :smiley:

Aah, guys, I’m loving your ‘casting’ choices for the characters! It’s always such an awesome thing to see how other people see the characters in their imaginations :smiley:

Progress Update

Are we at Friday already? Lol!

So there’s not really much to update anyone on, unfortunately. Still just waiting for the moment. Though CoG have released a couple of (awesome looking!) games recently, so I’m hoping that Wayhaven might move up in the queue a little :smiley:

I’m currently pushing through work stuff to get things done ready for my Christmas break. I’ll be taking time off away from the computer completely for a couple of weeks, so I’m really hoping to get some news possibly before then (end of next week).

Until then, I’m still answering asks on my Tumblr (, and enjoying reading the comments and theories on this thread. I’m so excited to reveal more of the characters the deeper we delve into the books :smiley:

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and I’ll talk to you all on Monday! :slight_smile:


@Seraphinite haha well, thats great! That was the thought. Appreciation for something amazing should be duly given. However, some people might find my enthusiasm as an annoyance? or idk… weirdness? sigh. idk. im not a very mature person sooo things go over my head a lot i guess. shrugs


Of course I shot him, who would not have done it? He is an arrogant, selfish, self-assured idiot and I do this every time I play the game. Because any human (or not human… humanoid, okay) have no rights to assume that they are better than others. If you think so, then … someone will definitely shoot you. And I am quite sure that if I had the opportunity, I would punch him in the face after I shot him. No regrets.


Amen! I like the character but if they’re gonna be a prick I kinda have to be one too.


Now my headcanon, thanks for that I didn’t even realize how much I love/needed this


I shot him…with pepper spray. :laughing: (The best way!)