The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Okay but ----- guys. Ava. Lauren German. I mean. They barely have anything in commom but the eyes and hair color, but my brain somehow pictured her as my muscle-wife and now I cant control it??? Help??

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Well, her personality in Lucifer I think match Ava to a degree. She is really focus on her work and being professional (even if Lucifer makes it difficult), and she just shows more of herself to the people very close to her, so I think that might be why?


Other than the fact that they belong to an organization and a few minor details of a prior case (which, admittedly, Felix almost caused their entire cover to get blown over), none of the agents have exactly been truthful and forthright with the MC unless absolutely pressured to be. None have admitted the fact that their main goal is to protect the MC, and it was like pulling teeth for Adam to admit they were after a target they’ve encountered before.

Oh, and they’re all vampires. Another thing that’s being kept secret.

Yes, @Prism_Stars was. I’m not addressing them, although there’s a point that many people in the US have French or French-derived surnames. F likely is American, considering they don’t exactly seem like a master of disguise, but the above still stands. They makes a bonehead move early on that almost blows everyone’s cover, but they’re not exactly more honest than their coworkers.


yes. also, just look at German. bless her.


She looks tough and no-nonsense. Good choice! :slightly_smiling_face:


Now I have to put Mazikeen as Morgan :laughing:

She can go from “I’ll kill you” to “I fuck you” in two seconds lol.


We could be telepathically connected because yES


She must be having a sluggish day then.


i mean…

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That’s the Half second we all know and love.
I personally am havinga hard time deciding who i like more among the different characters
and if im gonna be Cautious, Hostile, friendly, or Friendly with them at first.


My Detective is going to be full hostile with A and M. She is to dominant to accept anyone that tries to give her orders. So she is going to be fighting for everything haha. Then she will be a cinnamon roll with F and N because they are nice, and if you are nice with her she will protect you and treasure you <3.


Girl, I like your detective. My detective is a cinnamon roll that tries to keep the peace between the group no matter what, so now I’m shipping them together. Sorry, it’s how it is.


Yeah, I can totally see my MC fighting A or M if they are harsh with someone like yours lol.

Marian is the name of my Detective.

  • For fuck sake! - Marian yell while hitting her desk, looking at her computer with a mix of disbelief and frustration -.

Douglas jumped on his desk, looking up from his own computer just to look down with a squeak as soon he did eye contact with a very pissed Detective.

  • Hey, what’s up Marian? - Tina popped her head in her office with an inquisitive expression -. Did your pc froze again?
  • Yes - she said with anger, still looking at the monitor as if that would bring it back to life -. And guess who lost an inform of the last three days.
  • Ouch. Anyway, do you want to come for a coffee? Nothing puts you in a better mood than coffee and a doughnut with chocolate filling - she then took out her wallet and said with a tempting voice -. It’s on meeee…

Grinning at her, she stretched her back, grab her jacket and walk to the door with her.

  • Girl, you know me too well.

Marian was closing her door office when she saw Adam “talking” with Gabrielle, if my memory wasn’t failing me, the other Detective, if you can describe talking as the stern look Adam was giving her while moving some papers on his hand. Marian was going to walk away, but when she saw the nervous expression on her fellow Detective, she had to intervene. And hell, any excuse was good to fight that A grade asshole.

  • Just a second, Tina.

Tina tried to say something, but Marian was already walking to them, frowning and happy to release her anger with that bloody computer of hers with some living thing.

As soon she was there, she stood next to the Detective, arms crossed and a look that could shut down most people.

  • Detective Arkhen, is there anything you need? - Aden was giving her that look that worked so well to make her even more upset.
  • I saw you two and I wonder if there is any problem? - with her 5’11, plus her boots, she was almost as tall as Adam.

A voice that sounded really cute to me came from my side.

  • Detective, me and Adam were just going through some paperwork of other case that got mixed with the case his Unit is working on.

She looked at her and her expression softened immediately. It also made her more angry that Adam was being such an ass with someone as nice as her.

  • Well, I’m sure our very professional companion can be nicer when speaking with anyone in this department, specially since we don’t work for him and he is not our superior. What about that, Adam? - rising her eyebrow, arms still crossed, she stared at him -.

Now it was his turn to frown and give me and even more stern look.

  • Detectives, I would like to say that this information would be in good hands without my intervention, but I don’t see that happening.

That’s it, I had enough and this was going to get into a more physical business.

If it wasn’t for that small hand that grabbed me from my arm. Followed by the tiny Detective stepping ahead.

  • You need to stop right there, Adam. We might not be as big as your “Agency”, but we not only work hard, we do a good job as the Police Department of Wayhaven, so if you are coming here, you are going to be respectful or cooperation will not be possible.

The biggest smug expression was in my face while listening to Gabrielle answer.

  • That’s right Adam. So, if you excuse us, I’m sure you are extremely busy with… with whatever you do.

Looking at the tiny Detective, with a smile on my face, I asked.

  • Me and Tina are going for a coffee, want to join us?
  • Sure, just let me grab a few things.

“Well, that was unexpected”, Marian thought. When she came back, they joined Tina, who was looking at the scene with a hand on her face, trying to stop herself from laughing at the same time.

  • You two are way to funny when you are around the Unit. Specially around Adam.
  • Yeah, well, that is because he is an…
  • Asshole? - the other Detective said with a smile -.
  • That’s damn right.

They finally left the Deparment and headed to the lovely coffee shop at the end of the street, and while walking down, Marian thought this could be a new unexpected friendship.

Whoooooops, my hand sliped lel.


WHAT! Omg, I got so excited reading this… you’re amazing! I live for fanfiction like this! <3
My detective’s name is Gabrielle, btw. Marian and her would work so well together, aww! Diplomacy and direct action in equal parts. ALSO, IT’S SO CUTE. Marian describing her as tiny. ADORABLE. I’m internally screaming right now. I would try to write something, too, but English is not my first language so I don’t think it’d be good…

I need to know more about Marian, I’m curious now. SHE’S TALL :heart_eyes: I imagine her having brown or grey eyes and a powerful stare. Maybe amazing hair that falls down her back in reddish brown curls… But I could also see her as a blonde. Like the detective from Lucifer they mentioned a few posts before.

Gabrielle is indeed tiny, with green eyes and soft waves of chocolate-brown hair. She loves to wear skirts. Professional ones for work, of course. Probably useless in a fight, but really good at convincing and calming people down. Incredible patient, maybe too much. Should learn to say no. Book-smarts, great with investigation, not so great out in the field. Catchphrase: “We have to work together, as a team”.
AND likes people with a fire inside them, so she would be likely to fall for Marian, upsss. (OR ADAM, I GUESS? BOTH? omfg this got messy. I think with Adam is more Gabrielle being stubborn and wanting him to work with others)


Haha, Im spanish myself, but I have been living in the UK for some time now, and also most interactive fiction is english, so I needed to learn! :smiley:

Marian is, as said, 5’11. She had a problematic youth do to her very strong character. Has a teen, she would not know how to deal with anger, and things could get very nasty. If she felt insecure, she would answer with aggression and would get into fights real quick and real bad. Now, as an adult, she found that going to the gym and practising contact sports help to keep her focus and control her very strong emotions.

She still has a hell of a character, but now she will not do something she will regret later on. Like losing control of herself while in a fight. Still, if you triggered her for real, like hurting badly people she loves, then she would lose her mind, and would be capable of taking or almost taking the aggressors life. Later on she would be regretting it a lot, because she would think they did need to be stopped, but not the way she did.

As a result of this, her body is toned. Her skin is naturally pale, but she gets tan on summer because she loves jogging outdoors. She has long, curly, brown hair. It has some reflections of red if in sunlight. Her eyes are brown on the outside, and green in the inner ring.

She can come as harsh, but if you are a kind person, you will get to she the better side of her.

She is actually very good at investigation, but is more a kind of gut related thing.

And she would love to team up with Gabrielle. But your Detective might need to get firm with her, otherwise she might get too protective and be all over her a bit too much.


Okay, Gabrielle can be firm yet polite. Can do. But… I’d like to see Marian get full protective and all over her, tbh :blush::smirk: This is funny, because I have four possible LI’s but I fell in love with another MC. (I still love Nate with all my heart, dear author, but Marielle/Garian (?) is a strong ship, what can I say).


I just had a gilligains island theme song moment…


That’s fine. We all have our ideas to postulate about. You had just made some claims that seemed to me to come out of left field, and I was wondering where from the story you were getting your evidence from. I look forward to finding out more about the characters through the series and seeing which of our conjectures hit the mark. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Kirlett, don’t say that twice or she will go full protection mode. Specially if she is tiny and not good in combat, then she will be 100% over Gabriell and not let her have enough independence. She tries to control it, but sometimes her impulses take over, lol.

Yey spanish fellow! Highfive


I’m probably going to be 100 percent wrong (fairly used to it), but I agree: I’m eager to learn more about the agents we’re with, an continue the exciting saga of Elena Walsh, Wayhaven’s resident workaholic misanthrope.