The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



My extremely clever Detective Leona Langford would react somehow along the lines of:



Detective Samir Parker would be really insulted that they think so little of his intelligence that they think he would believe in vampires… until he has to believe it then he would be mad that they lied to him for so long and actively kept information that would’ve helped him catch him murderer sooner!

Detective Rin Takahiro, on the other hand, would just be like “okay, whatever, let’s go catch this guy then.”


(First off: YAY! The finished product is coming soon.)
Another mini-essay, so I’m putting it in this format.

Some Background Information

The headcanon that I have for my MC, Lucas Kingston, is that he’s something of an Agnostic. He prefers a worldview grounded in reality. He sees the supernatural as simply humanity trying to understand the universe (or just misunderstanding it)–although he tries to respect those that believe in it. Also, he isn’t a fan of unknowns–they’re not really helpful, especially in his line of work. He’s also very protective of Wayhaven and has something of a perfectionist streak in him–being unable to complete a task, especially at this level, would be seen as a failure on his part. Lastly, he’s very intelligent but doesn’t always know the purpose of keeping his nose out of where he doesn’t belong until it bites him in the ass. But using that information as blackmail or as some sort of advantage outside of a case is one of the last things he would do–one of the reasons he detests Bobby.

Actual Reactions

The idea that the four agents are vampires would be difficult to accept and would need solid evidence of it. Once he is given sufficient evidence, his first reaction (within the first 5 seconds) would be to freak out. Not only are they vampires and a decent chunk of his understanding of the world has taken a beating, but he’s way over his head and has probably been lied to by one of the few people he fully trusts. Once he gets his wits back, he’ll try his best to make sense of it. Neither of the four have tried to kill or (seriously) injure him (he’ll chalk up the Warehouse Incident as a misunderstanding), so assuming that they’ll try to do so at this point wouldn’t make too much sense. He’d make it very clear that, despite his initial reaction, he’ll try to treat the four no different than he did before (and tell Ava that, under no circumstances, does he hate her for being a vampire–he just prefers some time to make sense of it). Once that’s out of the way, he’d want some real answers–who their enemy is, what he wants, and how to defeat him (arresting him or otherwise). And he’d really love some information of the Agency and what’s really out there (if reality is that much different, there’s no point in remaining ignorant). Besides, there’s a case to be solved and villagers to protect. Even if it’s a rogue vampire that’s the culprit, duty and honor demands him to see it through.

Of course, he’ll have to let his mother in on the details and let her know that, as much as he still loves her, he really.doesn’t appreciate being lied to like this (again, him taking a matter like this as seriously as he does). Maybe over a cup of Earl Grey… While the Agents did lie to him about all this, it was under her watch. He’ll make it clear that, under no circumstances, does he want to be played like this ever again. If he wasn’t supposed to know anything about it, she should’ve found someone that was less stubborn.


He’d be like “I bloody knew it.”


My gal is a sarcastic little shit like me and and wouldn’t be surprised at the information more irritated that they tried to hide it from her and jeopardized more lives in the doing so. She’d chew them out about the people that were killed/could have been saved if they let her do her job properly and then still fuming drag them along to solve the case. I love coming up with headcanons for games and stories and seeing everybody else’s interpretations.


Wayhaven is on it’s way! WOOO! I’m so happy, I made a randomized poem


Because I could not feed for starfish,
It did kindly feed for me.
I don’t like the fact that it,
Learned to feed before it knew how to occur.

Limpets, however hard they try,
Will always be sea.
Do limpets make you shiver?
Do they?

All that is uncommon is not rubens,
Rubens, by all account is common.
Never forget the popular and grassroots rubens.

I cannot help but stop and look at zany echinoderms.
“Tweet”, said the echinoderms,
And “tweet” then “tweet” again.

All that is nonfat is not jellyfish,
Jellyfish, by all account is fat.
Never forget the juicy and rich jellyfish.

Seashells, however hard they try,
Will always be fossil.
Do seashells make you shiver?
Do they?

How happy is the joyous coral!
A coral is rapturous. a coral is mirthful,
A coral is jocund, however.

Because I could not feed for starfish,
It did kindly feed for me.
Starfish, starfish, every where,
Yet not a drop to feed.


how it going to submitted to get it full game


When my short-fuse workaholic MC learns the truth, everybody better be wearing this.


personally i hope the detective can figure it out BEFORE the vampires tell them (or they get super close – like figuring out they’re there to watch them/hinder the investigation and that Murphy is definitely not human). Like, betrayal and “why didn’t you trust me?” kinda scenario


Every time they view the dent in the car’s hood (bonnet?) they should be suspicious enough of what happened the night the detective first meets everyone … that they should get close to figuring it out, sooner then later. Just saying, this should be a big enough clue.


after that cliffhanger… the mc is clearly going to find out one way or another for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(hint hint :laughing:)


This is the only game I’d be fine with having a Gold Deluxe Edition


My MC shot Adam so she’s gonna bust ass laughing when she finds out it was him she shot.


He had it coming for behaving like a rotten, teenage punk, that said yeah my mc will likely have a few chuckles over it too once he finds out.
Even so, at a certain point my mc would be very willing to kiss and make it up to Adam. :kissing_heart:

Also noticed this one is not yet listed on the HG publishing queue. :disappointed:


The wait is killing me, when does the suffering end?!
Anyways, my MC’s too green to even own a gun, much less attempt to even shoot with one.
Pepper’s spray’s the REAL anti-crime weapon, if I had a choice sheèd be carrying tons of shit like an anti-crime buzzer (anti-crime buzzer on a detective anyone?), a taser and the likes.


Im just here like :


That gif made me laugh harder than it should have. Probably because of the last two parts of it is me at the moment. Lol


The misadventures of Liz and her reluctant sidekicks

My Charismatic and knowledgable FeMC, Liz Heurassein undertaking her first job since her bossed chucked the ‘‘Detective’’ title at her. She has no combat nor investigative abilities.


Heh, I like it.
My mc is a bit introverted and technical but he does know how to shoot his gun. :wink:
As Adam just found out. :grin:


dude the second pic with the moon for “chronicles” is brilliant mate