The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Thank you! I do hope senpai notices me now. :hugs:


Haha just wondering, wouldn’t it be funny if the MC kind of suspect Adam to be the one he shot on the previous night but not 100% sure, so he pretends to give Adam a friendly pat on the shoulder but actually smack really hard on his wound to see his reaction? :clown_face:


That’d be clever, but since the guy can shrug bullet wounds as if it just stung, I think he can keep a straight-face when you do that, also, since he seems like the type who never lets their guard down until your personally close with them, he’ll be extra vigilant on keeping his pokerface.


me and my introvert, probably worships Satan mc are gonna save up our money waiting for your game :grinning:


you did great job on this i hope you make more


haha, that’s true, but I’m sure he will be cursing my MC after he left the office.


You don’t know where you hit Adam/Ava though. It was dark.

My preference is too pepper spray Ava though, it’s funnier.


My MC would 100% pepper spray or shoot Adam again after finding out. Probably in his knees or something. Just to uh… confirm… He’s telling the truth. And not at all because they were angry at the lies


My MC would be either mad or be like “Why didn’t you tell me?” She’s a very understanding person but she’ll be hurt that they didn’t trust her but she also shot Adam so :laughing: She’s very good with her gun and doing karate along with other martial arts.


Oh wow! What absolutely amazing messages to come back to today (some of those gifs… I’m still chuckling!) :smiley: You guys are so awesome with your support and enthusiasm!

@Prism_Stars - That’s so brilliant :smiley: The cover does actually feature moons, so we’re obviously of the same mind, lol!
(I’ll do a cover reveal as soon as I know the assets are all fine and I don’t need to change anything!)

So I had a confirmation email from Hosted Games to let me know they received my game and assets and things! Yay!
Unfortunately, it looks like they’re working hard on a lot of games already in their queue at the moment, so not sure when it will actually be able to be reviewed and start that process.

I’ll keep you guys updated if I get any other news though! We’re still on the start of the final path, lol :smiley:


I think it briefly states they grab their shoulder when you shoot? Which means either shoulder, upper arm, or far side of chest.


I’m a long time lurker and I created an account just to tell you how much I enjoyed playing this game. I can’t wait for the full game to come out so I can play the whole thing. You are an amazing writer @Seraphinite and I look forward to read your future work :slight_smile:


Part 2 of the Misadventures, watch our heroes stumble around Wayhaven in style!

Tribute to this amazing story.

(Note: I fixed my tablet, now I can stop drawing with my mouse.)




haha can,t you are kill me you are best i hope keep on doing for us


These are lovely misadventures to follow.


I finally made an account on these forums just so I could come here and rave about this! I’ve stayed up until 2 in the morning to get through the entire demo and I still wish there was more!

Having played The Lady’s Choice I’m really excited to see the finished result of this, your writing is great and really shines in the choice of games style ‘engine’.


@lovinglydull - Yeah, it’s their right shoulder which gets hurt :slight_smile:

@nickm - Oh wow, thank you so much for taking the time to make an account to leave a wonderful message! You have no idea how amazing that is to hear and such a boost :slight_smile:

@Prism_Stars - Hehe! That’s so awesome :smiley: I don’t know whether to feel embarassed or sorry for Adam!

@courierpunk - Aah, thank you so much! Hopefully it won’t be too long until you can play the entire thing :smiley: I’m really enjoying writing in Choicescript, it’s certainly an amazing medium for story telling and gives such freedom for choice and variety!


you have no idea how many times i replayed the crossroads and the lady’s choice. In fact, i just finished replaying both now. lucan and guy blake are my babiesssss :two_hearts:
Lucan is just soooooooo damn ugh fans self those innuendos tho. i would seriously trip over myself and just stutter like an idiot if someone tried that on me in real life and i like molding my MCs into myself just to see who or what i would end up with in games if i were there. so the awkward choices made me happy hahaha.
Guy blake is the EXACT EMBODIMENT OF MY TYPE OF GUY. holy guacamoleee! :purple_heart: i remember the first time i played it and i actually cried about his stupid drama haha. god damnit guy, i dont care about society! plus the longing glances, the heated stares, the friggin hand kiss?! good Lord, i just wanted the option to just kiss him to appear everytime. hahaha sorry if im fangirling too much i just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed it.
i actually played this one, a long time ago, and i was just lurking around looking at progress reports and now you’re done! way to go, you! that’s amazing! congratulations! im happy for you :blush:
oh! i would also like to say that nate is my cinnamon bun and i will pursue him the first second that the game becomes available for sale. :purple_heart:


I find this disturbing.