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In my Adam route, my MC has a very good relationship with her mum, eventually felt betrayed and lashed out at her, then eventually forgive her. I don’t usually hold grudges that long so my MC is the same.

I don’t know if I could make an opposite relationship with my other playthroughs though. :thinking:


Anyone willing to help me? Can anyone post a little screenie of Douglas’ physical description? Lost my Phone, so no Wayhaven for now, much appreciated!


Just want to ask: Do you guys read the whole scenes during your re-runs or click past everything until you get to the parts where you change your choices?


A bit of both. It took me a bit to figure out how to get my stats high enough to beat Murphy, so I blazed through a few times. But otherwise I’ve been playing to romance different vamps and try new detectives so I’ve been going slower there to try to spot differences in the text.


For my canon-run MC:

Ultimately betrayed. She had a positive relationship with her mom – looked forward to seeing her whenever Rebecca could come and Rebecca, at least initially, being also “I love you very much my daughter” was like “awww they do care despite distance” – until the reveal happened

Then everything went downhill and is currently a mess in which Emma isn’t sure how to deal with? She’s for sure devastated and very unsure on what to do about Rebecca

Even if her mom had her best interests at heart, she essentially sacrificed people to keep her “safe” – which is debatable but let’s assume it was the only way – by withholding information. The fact that other people have now died because of that is something that Em carries as a personal “failure” (for the lack of better term), like the guilt that they died to keep her safe (even though it’s not exactly her fault) is something that she holds on to

Then the added slap on whether or not her mom believed in her. Emma feels that if her mom was genuine about believing in what she could do, she wouldn’t have kept that side secret. The vamps and supernatural, she could understand why her mom kept that away. But something like “yes the killer is here and while I can’t tell you more about him because classified information here are some details that could help you catch him” would’ve at least alleviate some of the growing bitter feelings she has for Rebecca

So when you consider that Emma does have that chip on her shoulder of never being good enough, this really hurts

And then the scene that shows what the Agency does to rogue Supernaturals? OH BOY. She definitely let Rebecca have that. Emma believes that there has to be a better way than torture and growing up with the image of mother dearest being the ultimate good is a very big blow

So yeah. Rebecca and Emma aren’t exactly on the best terms right now and Emma is contemplating on how to go about that


Here are all the stat checks for the final segment:


Way to escape the bonds:
Wriggle out - combat or people >=50
Look for something - science or deduction >=45

Murphy fight start:
Tend to my wounds - people >=60 or science >=55
Observe the fight - combat >=55 or deduction >=55

Murphy grab:
Try to hit him/try to dodge - needs 3 successful checks (resting counts) or you need to pass previous “observe the fight” choice.
Otherwise he’ll bite you.

Murphy fight finale:
There must be something around - deduction >=50
I just have to think harder - science >=50
It may not be much - combat >=50
I just need to get through - people >=50

As you can see, you need your main stat above 50 for the final choice, otherwise Murphy escapes.


There isn’t really any good descriptions of Douglas besides “bangs that fall in his eyes.” Light blond hair. This is the one from when you first see him:


Hope that helps!


Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I usually do one RO playthrough but with restarts and such in most of my HGs and CoGs I played.

This would probably the first HG/CoG that I will go after different ROs. Hahaha… I am a really slow player: though I got the game as early as Thursday and I only just finished Sunday.

Speaking of endings: It seems we need to play with our strengths. Compare to other HGs & CoGs, Sera made the choices easy to understand. XD


My A and M Detective, Samir, had a pretty good relationship with his mom but he took the revelation pretty hard. He came around at the end but he was pretty well freaked out over the whole vampire thing and his mother keeping him from him did not help.

Then I had Rin who was distant with her mother but understood that her mother’s job was important. She actually took the whole thing pretty well (the vampire thing just made sense to her, making all the weird stuff add up) and while on one hand she was upset on the other hand her probably assumed that her mother’s job was, well, way shadier so her just being a babysitter for vampires and demons and what have you was actually the lesser of two evils… Honestly, she was more upset with Team Bravo than with her mother over the lying thing.

I actually try to read the whole scenes but I might run through the chapters that were in the demo a little bit quicker… I read the demo way too many times so its pretty fresh in my mind lol


My detective with pretty bad mum relationship took reveal pretty well he he aint gonna fanboi about something like that
Also having his inner voice sceaming at mum : “you should’ve told me this like 10 years ago”


So did anyone else get that one scene at the bar where you choose Nate to follow you. Flirting ensues, and then you see Adam with like a clenched jaw(?) and when he sees you looking. He quickly looks away. WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? is that him disapproving of his friend’s growing attachment or was that a hint to the love triangle???


a bit of both i would say…well bit more of a wanting to protect n from Broken heart , falling in love with some jerk that would 'love and leave’her


I’d say that my MC, Ripley, has had a pretty good relationship with her mom growing up, even in her absence. When she was younger, she definitely felt by neglected Rebecca because she wasn’t around much but she always had her other mom, Eden. (which tbh whoops since the MC is supposed to have a dad who’s gonna affect the story more lmao but she can also have a dad she never knew and was never part of her life!). But they grew closer when Eden passed away. Rebecca realized that although yes, she had an important job, she didn’t have many memories of the three of them together, which is one of her greatest regrets. So she vowed to be there for their daughter, however she could. If she couldn’t be there in person, she’d always make it a point to call/videochat, to check up on her; ask her about her day, listen to her problems. She’d call–even if it’s 2am where she is. Of course, Ripley is grateful for her mom since she realizes how much her mom truly loves and cares for her. Yeah, pretty great relationship tbh!

But after the whole revelation, Ripley feels unsure, scared even of her mom. It was a lot for her to take in and she tends to make rash decisions on the spot based on her feelings. So at first she’s like “Ofc I don’t blame you mom, don’t worry!” but after she’s had a few days to process it, she’s more like “…shit, I’m not that okay with this actually? A boy is dead because of all this and I could’ve done something about this if I’d known earlier but now it’s too late…” She feels angry, betrayed, and generally not great lol. Their relationship is way more complicated now, that’s for sure.

And this is irrelevant to the question but I got my friend into Wayhaven and she headcanons Rami Malek as Verda and sent me this:


She sent me this picture with the caption “Verda when no one’s in the lab” I HATE HER LMAO :laughing:


Sure, if you don’t mind :). I already tried yesterday, but what I found said that even if you download from somewhere else it would not work because is connected to the server. But if you want to try maybe you will have better luck :smiley:


Thanks to

I think I found a typo in code, chapter 9:

*if ((patrol = "adamasonr")or(adamr >3))

There are 2 instances, and in both you’re using undefined variable (at least not being declared in ch.6), instead of adamrom. @Seraphinite


Alright so since I’ve been playing M’s route again (because apparently twice isn’t enough), I was contemplating how the romance might continue considering the relationship can turn physical sooner than for others but we all know that M admitting to any feelings is gonna be like waiting for hell to freeze over:

My current theory, based entirely on what I would write with the impression I currently have of their character, is that MC can sleep with M relatively early on. It’s gonna be grand, it’s gonna be passionate, it’ll make MC’s toes curl and M will definitely be enjoying themselves far more than they’re ready to admit - but they don’t do feelings.
Or multiple encounters with the same partner. Cue, after the deed is done, M immediately pulling on their clothes and leaving. Probably being the biggest ass about it too and saying something like ‘I got what I wanted, sweetcheeks. Why would I stay?’.

Now personally, I can imagine the aftermath as M being as cold to the MC as they possibly can (because they got what they wanted and anyone who says they might like more is a liar, including their own body and heart). Except at some point I imagine M might find it hard to resist getting physical again, despite how unusual that is for them.

Long story short, I demand quickies on MC’s desk when no one’s looking, with M still claiming they only care about MC’s body. That was the entire point of this post, thank you for your attention.


My first detective had a close relationship with her, which she ultimately maintained. She was real pissed that their lies had gotten innocent people killed and she took every opportunity to throw that in Rebecca (and Unit Bravo)'s faces, but while she may need longer to forgive Rebecca she does love her mother

Keiji, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He resents Rebecca because she was never there during his childhood, and the reveal didn’t make anything better. He didn’t know how the fuck to deal with the fact that vampires are real what the fuuuuck so he just kinda… didn’t, and instead focused on his anger at being betrayed by Rebecca yet again. He didn’t trust her before he found out she lied to him and he doesn’t trust her now. She might pretend to care when people are watching but he doesn’t want to let himself start to think that it might last (because once you get emotionally attached to people there’s the possibility of getting ~hurt~ and this poor boy and his shitty emotional stability can’t handle that)

Lastly, Jay. He had an alright relationship with his mother, not terribly close but Jay’s not the type to express overt affection anyway. He knows his mom cares about him and he cares about her and that’s enough, even if her never being there meant he’s grown up learning not to rely on her. Post-reveal Jay… needed some time to let things sink in, and honestly one of his first real reactions was ‘thank fuck I’m now in the know so I can actually find the killer that’s threatening my town’. His relationship with Rebecca is mostly unchanged. He now knows why Rebecca was always gone, but knowing doesn’t give him back any of the time they lost. It doesn’t mean he’s any closer to her than he was and it also doesn’t mean he wants to be closer. He’s fine with things as they are, thank you

and @blackrising, I’d like to second all you’ve said. Keiji, the guy I’m “romancing” M with, wouldn’t be particularly hurt by M being cold/stand-offish about it cause, well, he isn’t in it for the romance either. Not until the both of them start tripping head-first into feelings and there’s gonna be some choice denial about that, that is.


EDIT: Ohhh Alt-J’s Every Other Freckle really fits this dynamic.
[Video / Lyrics]

EDIT 2: Linked to another video because I forgot that the music video has butts ksajd sorry!


I almost choke in my breakfast because the song is on the radio and I was thinking of a similar situation :laughing:.


If we’re doing songs, mine for the M romance would be Private Parts by Halestorm. Mostly the refrain.

Every time I try to get a little closer
You shut down and the conversation’s over
I’m right here, but you leave me in the dark
Show me your private parts.
Give it up baby, what are you afraid of
Love sucks when you don’t know what it’s made of
We get naked but I can’t undress your heart
Show me your private parts