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I was originally aiming to get this published before Book One launched but you know, better late than never. I just published did it hurt when you fell from heaven on AO3, a ~3000 word fic featuring my detective Keiji, @SomethingSome’s Tahir, guest appearances from our beloved vampires and some truly terrible pick-up lines. Check it out if you feel like reading some cheesy fluff, and please let me know what you think!


My MC was distant at the beginning, not aggressively so but she was confused with Rebecca’s sudden attempts to get closer. She closed off on herself and kept her mom an arm’s length away. I wanted to keep it that way for the tension to rise in later books but I’m a soft-hearted fool and when Rebecca said she “thought her life was over” when she saw the broken Detective bleeding out on the floor I couldn’t take it and took her hand in mine T_T

Why do I take imaginary character’s feelings so seriously is beyond me.

Oh lord, Mason is the babe :heart: I’m gonna freak the heck out when he finally realizes he has feelings for the Detective. It’s gonna be glorious.

I’m doing my second playthrough right now and I can’t help it, I’m going for him again. God give me strength to eventually try the other routes.


Omg even the first verse hurts!!! :sob:

Here are some more that I found for M!

Morgan/Mason Songs

This is like from M’s point of view.
Phantogram’s Fall In Love / Lyrics

Love, it cut a hole into your eyes
You couldn’t see you were the car I crashed
Now you’re burning alive

Fall in me
I’ll let you bleed
Cause you were fallin, I’m sorry, baby
Cause you were fallin, I’m sorry, I

This is from MC’s point of view.
Now, Now’s Prehistoric / Lyrics

Each day you come closer
So close I can almost feel your breath on my shoulders
But I know if I turn around you might run away again

Angus and Julia Stone’s Draw Your Swords / Lyrics

See her come down, through the clouds
I feel like a fool
I ain’t got nothing left to give
Nothing to lose

I see them snakes come through the ground
They choke me to the bone
They tie me to their wooden chair
Here on my Throne

That line reminds me of @Celtic_Rune’s theory!

Of Monster and Men’s Love, Love, Love / Lyrics

Well, maybe I’m a crook for stealing your heart away
Yeah, maybe I’m a crook for not caring for it
Yeah, maybe I’m a bad, bad, bad, bad person
Well, baby, I know

On another note, I was replaying A’s route when Lorde’s Hard Feelings/Loveless (Lyrics) came on and… it kinda fits MC/A if they have to break up/take a break, especially:

Please could you be tender
And I will sit close to you
Let’s give it a minute before we admit that we’re through

Three years, loved you every single day, made me weak, it was real for me, yup, real for me
Now I’ll fake it every single day 'til I don’t need fantasy, 'til I feel you leave
But I still remember everything, how we’d drift buying groceries, how you’d dance for me
I’ll start letting go of little things 'til I’m so far away from you, far away from you, yeah

I’m going to cry now, bye!


My main MC (Jade Merisi, romance Adam) absolutely love her mom. She understood that Rebecca couldn’t talk to her about her work: it isn’t exactly a simple job, is dangerous and there are big responsabilities. Plus, Jade is a detective: just as she would be bound to not talk about the sensible parts of her investigations to outsiders, her mother had no clearance to tell her.
It help that Jade wanted to be in the army, so she is very considerate of rules, and know she would have done the same as her mother. She is actually very proud of being Rebecca’s daughter.
Plus, I’m more than tired of the “mommy/daddy issue” thrope! :grin: give me the hugs and the complicity between mother and daughter! :laughing: even my second MC (Hanna Greene, romance Nate) is less expansive than Jade, but still have a good relationship with Rebecca. I don’t know my others detectives, but I don’t think I’ll go ever with the “betraied feelings”.


I’ve been wondering if any of you imagine the Unit Bravo looking different from the official description? When I first played before the release, I didn’t pay much attention at their appearances, and afterwards I couldn’t get myself to imagine them like that.

So here’s how I always end up picturing them in my head.


For example, Nate I imagine him being of quite light on the white warm scale in terms of skin, brown medium hair and eyes darker than his hair, his hair being not quite messy, not quite long and not quite short, just relaxed in a way? Quite wavy and all.


Adam, I imagine him quite similar to the original description, but at the time I remember being surprised since I expected him to look very different. I would keep his blonde hair but more on a dirty side, and his original eyes, the hair I imagine being quite short, and matching his slightly tan skin.


Felix is someone I thought would be looking quite different, maybe because of someone I knew once, whose name was also Felix, but for Felix I thought of him as a redhead, ginger, quite short hair but definitely not as much as Adam and Mason, quite messy and maybe curly? I didn’t really think of his eye colour at all, maybe a light brown or a dark blue, not sure, I imagined him being the lightest in terms of skin of them all.


And most importantly of them all, our tough love and mood swings… Mason. I always imagined him being the darkest of them, with dark skin and being quite muscular, tough looking, and something in particular I always think about would be him having bushy thick eyebrows, and black short hair, quite thin but full. His eyes I would guess to be greyish, or greenish, not as apparent and obvious, quite a mystery.


Ahhh omg this is so precious and adorable! Pls also keep me in the loop of more Keiji and Tahir in addition to your theories if you ever write more! It’s so well-written and cheesy but good cheese :smile: and I love their whole dynamic too! That last one tho… now I need a Truth or Dare session with UB!


I don’t know why, but my head always had Adam with medium/longhish hair and stubble. In the end I had to tell myself that he was a lighter skinned-with real eyes and younger Batou (Ghost in the Shell OAV. I still haven’t seen the movie) but still the blond stubble remained. What can I say, I like blond and redead guys with stubble! :sweat_smile:


My first MC Dinah had a hard childhood due to the absence of her parents.Entering teenagehood she became quite rebellious,always causing trouble with authorities(but quite compassionate about the vulnerable groups,though even she herself might not realised it).During this time period her relationship with Rebecca was nearing a total breakdown.
After left no choice but to join the force,she mildened a lot.Still held a grudge against Rebecca,but understand her mother’s situation better.She was willing to keep an open mind towards Rebecca’s efforts of mending their relationship,but wouldn’t make her moves.

Then she found out the whole keeping secrets thing,due to their distant past,it dealt a major blow to their slowly recovering relationship(the death of two innocent persons didn’t help either).Dinah doesn’t think she can trust Rebecca in any foreseeable future.
But what Rebecca had done after the reveal did warmed Dinah a little,especially during the capture of Murphy.Now Dinah is willing to keep a least-friendly yet delicate professional relationship with Rebecca.But she’s not sure if she can ever treat Rebecca like a mothe


Thank you very much! I’ll put thos to good use!


I can’t listen to the songs because I am at work, but the lyrics fit so well!! If you come with more music would you please tag me? :smiley:


You know where they ask ypu to pick a romance option and it’s locked there. Has anyone tried picking one with zero flirt points and zero friends points? What happens then? :thinking:


Wow, all those songs sound so fitting, I’d love to hear more too! Hard Feelings/Loveless being about A and MC, especially, my heart… :cry:.

Speaking of A, their route in a nutshell (nothing too spoileric, I’d imagine):


@Meira_Litch I’m glad you think so! I’ll be sure to tag you if I think of any more! I’m thinking about making a playlist for each of them although I’m not sure if I’ll have enough songs lol!

@Raakettu I know, as if that song wasn’t sad enough! Also that meme is so perfect lmao :smile: now we need one for A/MC/M!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think you still get locked on their route, I think the points are mostly there to determine what kind of variances to scenes you get.


when i finally decided that i will do the love triangle route (I’m still so torn between N and A) but then I see this

i actually kind of want to do the option to break up with N and get with A and then get back with N, just to see how things would be

since that route will go on throughout the whole series, i wonder what’s the point of it? to let readers witness A eternally pining for the MC? that would be torture!


It’s basically ‘just pick one’ with more angst. XD


Some people enjoyed love triangles. XD That’s why K-dramas and other form of media have them since this situations have angst and drama.


yeah and i don’t think i can handle seeing A like that :sweat_smile:
I’d probably just do their separate routes


I’m doing the same. I don’t think I can handle more angst. XD


I mean, I already saved one love triangle route, so I have no choice. Still, I think I’ll ignore it and just do A’s, since the author keeps insisting that in the end you’ll have to pick one, and I really don’t see the point of extending it for, what, 7 more books?