The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


The best kind of jokes there are :smiley:

Q: What did the wizard say to the vampire?

A: You suck.


I know I was going to bed, my last post :laughing:

I wanted black dessert, obviously, but I don’t have the game and I don’t really want to play it, so I don’t want to pay for it :laughing:. Before the game was released you could download the character creator, but they removed it when they released the game :(.

My next option was DAI, but if anyone has better suggestions I’m all ears, just make sure to tag me since now I am really going to bed :laughing:


I could probably get the character creator from before BD was released for ya. It’s not hard if you know where to look! I’ll be sure to poke around for ya.


I kinda completely love this idea? Just the fact of normal dad just still being dad cause he gives no two dips about who it is. XD

And all the dad puns.

And emberassing stories. The copy of the MC’s 3rd grade drawing he keeps in his wallet to show people all the time that is of them and the MC, baby pictures and still brags about the time that the MC did good at anything (art, sports, spelling bee.)

I kinda need this in my life now.


But if that was the case then wouldn’t F have just said “other teams” and not specifically mentioned the other species? They’re not the only vampire team, are they?



Kudos if you know where that line’s from :smiley:

I feel pretty excited because i know all about how it works (finally able to use what i learned for something…like justifying a fictional vampire for smoking…my life is pretty useless like that…). It’s all because of Ca2+ :smiley:


Ooh, pretty! Is that Nat? Or your MC?
@punchysporkk Id really remember, but I think F just said us, so I think it was kind of a hyperbole, like ‘I’d rather die’ :woman_shrugging:


That’s actually nobody. That’s a character I made a few months before I even knew Wayhaven existed.


Ah, well, I asked since you posted it here. But it’s really nice. I usually take forever to make MCs, and end up feeling pretty ambiguously about them. :confused:


Maybe because, even if other supernaturals “partake,” vampires need it to survive. It’s why zombies are scary–humans are, technically, their prey, even if vampires like N don’t see them that way. I’d also guess that the fact that a vampire is something you can become, unlike a demon or an imp where you either are or you are not. The possibility of becoming an immortal being that is sustained by the blood of your former fellow humans might be unsettling to humans.

Sooo… Primitive survival instinct. That’s my guess, anyway.


This game was absolutely amazing and everything that I’d hoped it would be, I spent half the day trying out all of the routes.:grinning:


Welp I just finally Did the path where you stay at the station instead of going out. Gosh darn it, Bobby, I gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you were scared and you pull this bull on me =__=. My poor MC was trying to be nice and you make her regret all of her life choices! I can see why people are getting grouchy, haven’t finished the game yet going down this path just got back From the Agency. So who knows maybe I’ll switch sides eventually.


I didn’t even know there were different scenes but during my first playthrough, my MC worked OT. XD Can’t wait to try the bar scene.


It’s pretty great! It’s one of my favorites. Dougles is still my lazy son, but goodness I started cackling to his reaction after what happens outside the bar. I won’t say what cause it’s not fiar for you miss out on the whole effect of reading that scene on your own. XD Just pay attention to what Dougles does when you come back to work.


Just finished and I loved it, well written and we’ll pacedEspecially playing a workaholic who cares more about the town than himself.
Also having troubled relationship with Rebecca, though it will get mended up most likely. And a love triangle between Nat and Ava was well appreciated since, like my detective, I couldn’t really pick one for the “main” run.

So quick two things. One, I know this just came out, but when might Book Two be released? Also, will more characters be added in?
I want a wetewolf girl to compete for the affections.

Sorry, one more. I’m one of the books,
maybe have an auction event where the ladies and lada bid for a date with Wayhavens most eligible bachelor/bachelorett? Just a fun idea.

Again, a wonderful novel. Thanks again!


You know, I’m actually tempted to make a fantasy style game where you play a horse and most of the options are “neigh” and “nicker” and in the combat scenes you get to kick your enemies. The kicker? Everyone thinks you’re another person. Except you’re a horse. No one realises they should treat you any differently. You go around adventuring with like 4 other people and they completely ignore the fact that you’re a horse. I’ll probably fill it with horse puns too.

“Man, [horse] really likes apples, doesn’t he? I don’t get why I have to be the one to carry them. If he would just wear some bloody clothes he would have pockets… hell, even a backpack without the clothes would be good enough.”

“[Horse], go get us a room in the inn, alright? I have business in town to attend to.”
Horse accepts the coins in his mouth, and journeys to the inn. He has to wait for one of the many inebriated patrons to stumble out before entering. He goes up to the innkeeper. The innkeeper looks at horse. “So, what’ll it be?”
Horse drops the coins on the bar. Looks at the innkeeper. “… neigh.”
The innkeeper looks disgusted.
“What makes you think I’m going to accept payment for rooms when they come from the mouth of a naked man? That’s disgusting!”
Later, “Oi [horse], you get those rooms yet?”
Horse continues munching on hay from the stables.
Horse continues munching on hay, promptly does a poop right in front of Friend. Friend is offended.

My dreams would never have been realised without the Wayhaven Chronicles. I am forever grateful for its existence. My life has been changed, I can’t go back to my non-horse life now.


I would say it won’t be for at the earliest a year, just by guessing how long this one took, it may take longer. There is a number of things that could happen between here and then. but she’s taking a well-deserved break. (More then earned it really with this treasure. Though if you want you can follow her on tumbler you will find sneak peaks, hints and such. If you look through if you will also find some scenarios she wrote earlier last year that are just A+ to help hold you over.}


Finished it for the 5th time now and absolutely love it!
It’ll be one of those which I reread over and over with varying choices and character tendencies. I think the only thing that bugs me a bit is the 1st person narrative. I’ve never been a huge fan of it - but with how well the story is written and the characters developed, I can easily deal with it. So Thank you!

Now - I do have a question regarding the ending though… so spoilers ahead

When captured by Murphy - what states play into this? My first 3 playthroughs, I have been able to get the “good” ending of Murphy being captured - escaping and either talking him into distraction or stabbing him … but my last two attempts (both with the Adam route) - I wasn’t able to either flee or do anything useful during the fight. I started checking the the stats and mull over my decisions but it seems I am lacking. And this despite me attempting to “redo” my previous runs.

So if anyone could give me some suggestions or tips, that would be very much appreciated!

But besides that - can’t wait for book 2. Another series … which will make me wait for a year … yearning and impatiently …


How do you guys imagine your MC’s relationship with Rebecca?

My main detective Elizabeth went from “Well it sucks that I missed out on having a mom growing up, but I guess her job is important and I can take care of myself” to “I can’t fucking believe you lied like this, you blocked me from doing my job and a teenager is dead and I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive you.” She really laid into Nate when he tried to intervene on Rebecca’s behalf. I felt bad because she was romancing him, but well, don’t stick your nose into a family spat Nateykins.

To be honest, the neglect angle hits a little too close to home for me and I haven’t yet RPed a detective with a positive relationship with her. The writing is painfully on point for the estranged route.


My MC’s all have a good relationship with the Mum. I liked to think they talked often even if they never got to meet often. I just built it from there, coming from the realization later on I just had my MC finally understand and accept why her mum was so distant and gone all those years despite still staying in contact regularly.