The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


On the rainbow road stage no less. This will be how the MC tests UBs friendship (because honestly F would do something like that)

@impeccably-stressed well this is how the MC dies I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing that has kept me from dying because of Felix’s beautiful face is the fact that I’m not allowed to die until all the books are out…

Now I understand why Sera didnt want to post art of UB. The interpretation thing was a mere half truth. The real truth is that they are so beautiful it would kill us! She was trying to protect us.

Edit: Oh my god, I replayed Felix route, like, last week but now I gotta do it again. I always imagined Felix as a little cutie but now I see I was mistaken and I gotta play it with new eyes! why, yes, I will use any excuse to replay Felix’s route


Okay, this morning I had typed some of the reasons of why I love M as much as I do (since you people started to discuss reasons for loving M after my melodramatic comment) but decided against posting it. Since the discussion had been a few hours ago (during my hours of sleep) and by then people had moved on… And, well, I doubt anyone is really interested…
However, after this beautiful ask and answer about camping in the woods with M I have to drop the bomb of love. Feel free to skip and ignore this, I am just being silly.

So, ahem, M is:

  • Honest; I crave honesty. For me, dishonesty is a dealbreaker in regards to a romantic partner. I dislike it immensely when I am told or find out that people have been lying to me. I always prefer honesty over any kind of lie.
  • Mysterious; I love puzzles (par example: I am a fervent player and fan of the Professor Layton game series), (good) Scandinavian detective series, and board games like Chess and Go.
  • Dark; as in… preferring thrillers over romance? I love the disturbed and psychological complicated beings. Though I love me some dark-skinned beauties as well, any ethnicity is fine by me.
  • A Sexual being (indeed with a capital S); I like having sex.
  • Witty and sarcastic; that sums up most of my humour, the other half consists of horrible jokes that are not even funny.
  • No-Nonsense; I do not like unnecessary drama, it is why I avoid drama queens and kings.
  • Practical; I tend to make things more difficult than need be, therefore I can appreciate it greatly in others when they do not.
  • Lover of serenity, silence and peaceful places; I am no fan of crowded places, I do visit them, but I will avoid them whenever I can.
  • I could continue, but these are the most important reasons for me. Mayhap I will write an essay about it someday…

Obviously, this is all my interpretation and opinion. You all are free to disagree and have your own ideas; just, please, do not tell me I am wrong or bad or horrible… I do not mean to hurt anyone, I just want to gush and share it in the hope to find like-minded people here.

Now, please, continue with gushing over that beautiful half of Felix’ face.


Those are all good reasons… but you forgot an important one: M has freckles!!


Evan better and also free ish cigarette’s to borrow


I was gonna say probably not borrow cuz M might not want them back when your done… but it would be an indirect kiss so BORROW AWAY.

personally my MC would want them to cut back… At least not smoke in his damn office!


How could I have forgotten?! Shame on me.


Though honestly, I did not put it there because I could otherwise create a post so much longer whilst telling you all what I like from M’s appearance and the way they carry themselves and just their way of showing emotions and etc, etc, etc…

About the smoking:
My detective would steadfastly not want to kiss M for a long time (one hour-ish? Mayhap even longer) after they have smoked a cigarette. I heard it is like kissing an ashtray if you do.


Honestly same for mine. Like. I, the player, know that M has a reason to smoke, and a pretty good one if it really does help them with their senses, but my MC would like to not get cancer from second hand smoke, please. I would feel selfish to tell M to completely quit unless they had another way to deal with their hyper senses but… not getting horribly sick or dying sounds pretty dang nice.


Was there ever an ask of what would happen if the detective had asthma that is triggered by smoking? Personally, I have this and smoking around me causes headaches and trouble breathing. Just wondering how N and the other vampires would react to that.


It is exactly the same for me and my detective, and I mean word for freaking word the same.




Ah I love it.

M: takes out cigarettes
MC: M, could you not? I don’t have my inhaler.
M: …
M: slowly takes one out
N: runs over and smacks it out of M’s hand
N: Please refrain.
M: …
A: tiny nod of approval


Thank God for N and their precious thoughtfulness T.T


My M MC is a smoker, though she’s trying to cut back. So she wouldn’t mind that M smokes, but the chain smoking might tick her off a bit. “God, M can you vape every so often or something? I’m already screwing up my lungs enough, I don’t need help.”


I do wish a ballsy detective (I have one of those!) could snatch that cigarette when he lights it up in the office. It’s a work environment with potentially allergic people about.


It’s also just plain rank. I genuinely don’t get M’s logic - “I’m very sensitive to smells so I’m going to cloak myself with the stench of a burning trash pit.”


It cuts back on all the other smells. Bigby, the big bad wolf does it in the Fables comics and Wolf Among Us game for similar reasons, I believe.

Edit: Quoted from the wiki: Bigby is a chain smoker, though he claims it’s to “deaden his senses enough to avoid a sensory overload from living in the city”.


Yeah, Sera also answered this. Smoking does dampen your senses after a while. With this we can confirm that when M started smoking, it was horrible for them, but after some time, it started to have the result they desire, which is making your sense of smell and taste less intense.

Now that I said this. Do you think the taste of blood can be overwhelming too? Or because it is their natural meal, their taste buds are designed for this.


Oh probably. Under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Maybe after not having any for a while or the person it comes from. coughmc’sweirdbloodcough

Edit; It’s also probably pretty different if it comes straight out of the vein, vs out of a blood bag.


I would think not? From what I understood the reason most human food is overwhelming for them is because it’s a mix of a lot of different ingredients and they taste every single one, where blood is just blood. I would imagine that even M and A could also drink water and be fine.