The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


N is a fan of luxuries, lol. So the camping side of things might not work out so well, but N would definitely put their all into it to impress the MC and make the time enjoyable!

People like N are the reason Glamping exists.


Ah M never change
Ruddy twenty characters limit


N rents the most expensive trailer out there and shows up to pick up the MC.

N: Ok, I’m ready to go camping!
MC: This is bigger than my apartment…






If the MC did have other people over when they did that tho. MC is used to it but their guests are trying not to have a heart attack when A tears the door down.

And then theres F who’s like “oh! I wanna play!” And just sits down with them and of course no one is gonna say no to F!

Though M is the most hilarious since they just take one look around and then just leave without a word. MC’s friend leans over like “who the heck was that?” And the MC just sighs like “don’t ask.”

Friend: They were very attractive.
MC: I know.





I need to get an Instagram now oh my god it’s my beautiful husband. I’m about to cry at work. Help.


I know!!! I was squeeling like a little girl when I saw it. Making so many unintelligible noises, BECAUSE IS OUR HUSBANDO MEWSLY, OUR BAE. :sob:


Oh wow Felix is more handsome than I expected and I have 0 clue with what to do with this information


I was not prepared for this. I didn’t wake up this morning knowing I was going to be blessed like this. Thank you, Sera. I think I need to lie down, I am actually super emotional right now.

oh god I’m not ready for the rest of UB, hope someone knows CPR


Excuse me, how could you doubt that our amazing Felix would be incredibly good looking. Tsssch.


Yeah I just got murdered and weirdly I feel like I’m cheating on Farah? :woman_shrugging:


But. Yo. Imagine how beautiful Farah is tho?!


Double excuse. I didn’t doubt but this exceeds a lot of my expectations and am thusly unprepared

Well. Am pretty sure I’m also not ready to see how she looks :)) if that’s any consolation


Oh god I should be working but I just keep looking at Felix like


Sera is too powerful.


Am currently on the “if Felix looks like this then how gorgeous is everyone else? HOW OFF THE MARK AM I?”


@squarelyblue I’m pretty sure seeing art of N would cause me to break into tears of joy from their beauty. And can you imagine art of A or M genuinely smiling???


Don’t remind me. A has dimples, N smoulders, and M is like always ready to seduce someone SO BY DEFAULT THEY GOT BEDROOM EYES

But the better question is if we can see M through all that smoke? They’re practically a chimney


I want to see fanart of A’s face after losing at Mario Kart because the Detective pulled some blue shell bullshit right on the finish line.


MC: M, you’re smoking.
M: Yeah, smoking hot!

MC: [coughs violently]
M: Oh shit, you were serious.

how have i never made this joke before, what the fuck


I would like to say I am not as competitive as A, but I would be lying. God, I really want to beat him at any videogame and then rub it on his face for a while :joy:.

And… guys, I am already throwing money at Sera’s patreon. Felix just killed me, and is only half his face. When I see the rest of the Unit I am going to die.

Sera, you need to stop making me fall in love with fictional characters