The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


Look. If we wanna be Meta and be like “well vampire stories NEED neck bites” sure but that’s the boring way to look at it!

Sure! I should probably just look at the code instead of going through it on my phone then I can name the files whatever I want!

Now to figure out how to do that…



How DID you want it to go then??



Ahem, to answer your question...

Random Agent: Sir, we found a hidden room in the warehouse.
Commanding Officer: Yes, and?
Random Agent: Well…it was…
CO: It was what?
RA: It was filled with rose petals, smooth jazz, and a waterbed.


I’m guessing Murphy’s Parents never taught him not to play with his food

cough So, yeah, Sera is pretty good with characters…

I just remembered… She said she was in love with a member of Unit Alpha so we can flirt with them… Oh god I’m not ready…


omg I know I’m gonna McFreakin’ die while I shamelessly flirt with Unit Alpha.

damnit I was supposed to be romancing Nate, wtf happened

you and me right now, mewsly

Sera: Here, I made a game with four amazing romance options!
Us: [points to Murphy] What about that one?
Sera: …no.
Us: But–!

Sera: I’m gonna let the detective flirt with someone from Unit Alpha because…I can.
Us: Can we fuck 'em?
Sera: asdljskgldjhf I wish No.
Us: What about Murphy, can we fuck–?
Sera, probably: [sobbing] What have I done?


I wanna point out the neck bite thing but I can’t stop you guys gushing about it.

A or M are welcome to bite my MCs’ neck anytime though.


it’s not my fault it was a sexually charged moment…no just me?? [shrinks back]


I go camping for a week and come back to people talking about romancing Murphy, the dude who ripped the throat out of a child and kidnapped you


stop kinkshaming me


Now now… Everybody have their own taste. =)

Ehem, A


How I figure the team would react to the detective falling asleep at their desk:
A: Sigh in annoyence. Eye the detective for a couple seconds before brushing their hair out or their face/ruffling their hair. Suddenly realize what they were doing and immediately leave, attempting to avoid the detective for the rest of the day.

N: Gently pick the detective up and move them to a more comfortable spot, like a couch or bench if the station had them. Might also sit with them, letting them rest their head in their lap.

F: Pile stuff up on the detecive’s head, or otherwise be a little goofball. The detective might wake up with a mustache, regardless of if they had one before they went to sleep.

M: I can picture M doing multiple things so I shail list them all. 1. Ignore. 2. Blow smoke in the detective’s face to wake them up. 3. If they were feeling nice, maybe toss a coat over the detective’s shoulders. (I can kinda see A doing this too. “You…looked cold.”)


Better M excuse for covering them with a coat. “What? You were in the way.” Cause they would so fall on the excuse they needed to put it somewhere cuase admiting concern for the fact the MC was cold is not a thin M could do without biting someones head off. XD


I was referring to A with the you looked cold bit. It was their excuse to give you their scarf, afterall.
I do agree though.


Sera did get an ask like this
Crush stage:



Foiled again!!! AHHH.


I always find you and I have the same thoughts. Jury and now Murphy. sigh we are gluttons for punishment it seems.

I killed Murphy in my playthrough. I’m going to see if I can’t spare him another time around. Ya know, for uh… research purposes.
Okay real talk though as soon as I met him, I was like.
“Yes hello, sir game? Would you be so kind as to answer on question?”
“Can I fuck the murderer and elope with him so we can be murder husbands like Hannibal? Pls and thank.”



You can kill Murphy? I don’t think we can. :thinking:


Maybe I’m mistaken. I’ll have to go check.


We cannot kill Murphy. I thought at first too, but no, I just misread it.

He’s alive and well…and hopefully appears in the next game huehue [fans self].


Ah okay.

I just stabbed his ass real good then. No hard feelings tho right? You did kinda expirement on me… but the past is the past babe.

Wink wonk, lets go suck the life out some bitches.

I’d be a horrible vampire.