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I have a strong inkling that he wants to use it crush the Agency, probably want to rule over the humans perhaps as well.


Yes, but, all by himself? That seems a big much considering Murphy seems like the cautious type…


I am pretty sure there are those who are not happy how the Agency could control them, couple with the extreme punishment enforce there will always be opposition. Murphy would be able to convince those who are not happy on how the Agency run things and probably attract the “rebel army” as well and strike a deal with them.


But with his blood bank, he wouldn’t need to worry, would he? :wink:


I just really want to know his end goal?! Just to destroy the Agency? Take over the world? What did he mean by my MC needs a harder heart for what he has planned??

Also why does it seem like he’s trying to seduce the MC? Dressing up in a suit. Saying they’re special. Winking at them.

Me @ Murphy



We will probably know more in the future books. XD Judging from the ending of Book One, this will not bethe last time we will see Murphy.

But it is high probability that this has something to do with Agency overall.Government agencies will always be compromised at some point. Like what happen with SHIELD in the Marvel movies.

I don’t think Sera will make it too complicated since it center around character relationships. XD

From what I gather from Murphy and his ability, he get what he wants through charisma. XD


I am just really curious about Murphy in general and I don’t think we talk about him enough…


But that’s his pheromones though, which he knows won’t work on the MC. And the other other human we know that interacted with him and lived was the hospital receptionist who called him “a bit strange” so it’s not like he’s just naturally charming… Unless he was trying to charm the old fashioned way in which case… Dude… Why?


I suppose it’s the latter. He tries to charm his way around. I noticed it a lot as well. Trying to charm my MC, also look how he interacted with his other victims. He doesn’t intimidate them at all.


Until proven otherwise I firmly believe that Murphy wanted to seduce the MC. It’s why he’s so jealous of the RO! Especially M…


@mewsly you are treading dangerous waters, friend.

dangerous because I love villain ROs, you have no idea—and I know it’s non-canon but I kinda imagined Loki as Murphy and that may have everything to do with why I’m all for this proposal of yours, lol



also mind if i ask for receipts? i literally don’t remember noticing if Murphy acted jealous, so I am understandably thirsty curious!

forgive the large amount of edits, apparently i forgot how to english


Noo… Loki is much more charming (and more intelligent than Murphy) I have a soft spot with villain ROs to be honest. XD



where did you gooooooooo?
i need the receipts of murphy being jealous
pls i beg of you, im so thirsty curious



I’m sorry I just got back from work, now this has all my attention.

Well, there’s a lot of, ah, questionable moments with Murphy in their interactions with the MC. There’s the fact that he will be nice to the MC during blood transfer if the MC is agreeable…

Also he says that he “does so love the quiet ones” if you don’t say anything when he shows up during the second thrall attack. Then when you meet him if you do the option where the MC put their hands on his he still doesn’t let go until the MC does.

I will need to play through it again get parts where he acts what could be considered jealously maybe possessively is a better word? Which, I mean, I have no problems doing but the moment that sticks out the most to me is when he gets pretty annoyed with the RO “pawing at his vessel” when UB comes to save you which… I mean, he says that for all the them and like some seem more like the pawing type coughMcough I don’t think any of them really do anything I would consider “pawing”




I am sharing the second song with all of you because, dang it, I listened to it while thinking about it to Murphy and it was… a thing. And if I experienced it I’m sharing it with all of you


Hmm… If I were Murphy, I would be very annoyed that someone taking something I worked hard to create. Sometimes, we take ownership of something we worked for so I wouldn’t be surprise that Murphy use the line “his vessel”. It’s like equivalent to my mobile/my laptop.


See, you’re thinking about this logically and while I will admit you are probably right…

But I really believe that Murphy wants the MC for more than their blood and I’m too far into this hole now. Its too late.


Good luck @Mewsly. XD

I tend to look things logically at times especially when in comes to villians. Hahaha… I do have some soft spot for some villain like Loki of the MCU.


Again, I only play as Charlotte because…I’m weird, I guess??? So I didn’t know how different Murphy was right before the blood transfusion if you weren’t either a) interested in the process yourself, or b) niiiiiiiice and quiet, until I read through the code, like…wow, huge difference.

I like to chalk it up to Murphy, like every nerd, is giddy at the chance to explain his lifelong passion like me with Star Wars, to equally disastrous results, BUT I WOULD NOT MIND IF IT WAS FOR DIFFERENT REASONS. HUEHUEHUE. am I really lusting after the villain again, goddamnit it’s Loki/Kylo Ren all over again


re: “pawing at my vessel”

  1. Way to objectify Charlotte, Murphy, you bastard you fool, you utter fool, you could have seduced her with more science talk!!

  2. @resuri08 is right :disappointed: he’s only referring to the MC that way because he made them [sobbing]

  • Murphy: They’re my blood bank, you sexy bastards!!
  • N: What.
  • F: That may be a true fact, but you don’t have to yell it!

I mean, I’m 9.99999999999999% certain we’re reading too closely into things, but damn it…it’s fun to speculate


Yeah but STILL! Its not our fault Sera made her villain hot interesting!

I do wanna point out a few other things that made me go “hmm.”

If you don’t try to stop him when he bites you he will go for the neck. Like. That’s kinda a, um, intimate spot there, Murphy… I mean, I know logically that its because this is a vampire story and vampires bite the neck but… For that to his go-to spot… Hmmmmmmmm. And I know that’s where he bites Garrett too but HUSH

And this is totally him flirting. You can’t change my mind.

Edit: I should’ve gone through M’s route to look for stuff since Murphy seems be way more intense during M’s…


Oh, thank god I’m not the only who found the neck bite to be “hmmmmm :thinking: suspicious…

You missed your chance to name the file swoon.jpg

I think I’m gonna help you out with that because I need to see what else he says.

You wanna split up the vamps and we come back with our findings? (all files must be called swoon.jpg or husbando.png, this is non-negotiable)