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Man, Charlotte feels ya tho, she was very tempted to drop Nate like a hot potato once she heard all that science talk and not to mention that neck bite, swoon, BUT NO, JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL NO MATTER HOW HOT THE VILLAIN IS TO HER.

Offhand, I still wish to speculate @mewsly’s last point:

What exactly did Murphy plan to use the Detective for?

As she said, it’d be very…unlikely if he wanted to storm the Agency by himself. Sure, he was able to hold off Unit B with the Detective’s blood, but, a whole Agency? Seems kinda…dumb for our methodical maniac.

No…I think that Murphy was actually planning on maybe harvesting blood from the MC to have a small horde of his own, and then flooding the supernatural world (specifically the kind that’s not directly associated with the Agency) to cause more supernatural crime. Then, as the Agency becomes thinned out from all the work they’re under, and perhaps even some Agents become addicted to this new substance on the streets, and manages to break out some inmates, maybe the most dangerous. Eventually, the Agency would be taxed beyond its limit and all that would be left is a giant turf war with humans caught in the middle…

All the while, Murphy and the Detective have remained anonymous, constantly moving, never staying in one place for too long. Then, when Murphy sees that Earth has been irrevocably changed…he pulls the supply. Lets the other kings of the mountains bleed themselves dry as they try and maintain order…and then Murphy swoops in, and then I don’t know.


“Swooping is bad.”

It’s an interesting theory though. Hmm.


Don’t get me started on my trashy husbando Jury, I could talk about him for hours

Thats a pretty good theory :thinking: Hmmmmmm…

It does seem like his end goal is to destroy the Agency. He seems to have a personal vendetta against it and supernaturals who work for it. I still don’t think he was going to just attack it now that he had the MC’s blood. He did said he wanted years of use out of the MC, if he was just going to attack the Agency flat out that wouldn’t necessarily take years. I could see him trying to spread chaos, weaken the Agency, then take them out… Hmmm.

Makes me wonder WHY he hates the Agency so much. Maybe its because hes a Natural Vampire and he doesn’t like the idea of humans running things? He doesn’t really seem to think of humans as more than tools or food. Though it seems a bit more personal than just that and he seems to have a pretty good knowledge of how they operate… Hmmmmmmmm…

Also! This is just me wondering but how strong do you think Murphy’s pheromones get when he’s got the MC’s blood in him? Do you think it would be as strong as M’s? And another thought Murphy seems to be about on level with A and N in terms how power when hes normal, which would make him stronger than F. Why is F so weak when they’re the only other Natural Vampire? Is it because they’re so young? I doubt it because it seems like such a sore spot for them that I don’t think F is a strong as they could be but… Hmph…


Maybe it has something to do with leaving the Echo world–something lost in translation? Also perhaps they are only relatively weak when compared to the others. The others, M in particular, are noted to be very strong–when they return to the apartment, M, N and A all took a sizable hit of DMB (and A was stabbed with the liquid form as well), but F only took a small hit and withstood a sizeable injury. (Though this reminds me that even during the first thrall fight, F is the only one who’s specifically noted not to be much use after getting hit.)

I don’t think F is all-around weak for a vampire, though. They are still a member of the Agency that apparently handpicks their agents, not to mention being in one of the top Units. I think they’re just more fragile than the others. (I don’t know if you play Borderlands, but Nisha Kaddam is similar–she can’t take as much damage as the other Vault Hunters, but she can deal it out.) Sera says that each vampire has their own niche, and I’m willing to bet if you had Unit Bravo race, F would win. The times we see them weaker than the others seems to deal with raw strength.

As for the pheromones, that might really be youth. F reacts very poorly to any sort of criticism, so it’s possible they were pleased with themselves and expected the team to be as well. When it seemed they were going to be lectured instead, they got defensive about it. It did work, and the other times they use their pheromones, on Kate, it worked too.

Which makes me wonder, does M think its unfair that the natural born vampire doesn’t struggle with overstimulation from the human world when they, a human-turned-vampire do?


That is true. We really don’t have a lot of vampires to compare to… We just need to meet more vampires!

That’s not the only time that F seems to be defensive about it tho. When Rebecca is introducing the team the second time and she’s talking about how M is stronger than the average vampire when it comes to pheromones the game points out that F seems to be upset. It does seem to be a sore spot for them.

!!! Now we’re getting into some good stuff here!


My personal theory for F (which absolutely doesn’t have any basis on anything save for my imagination) is that they’re born and raised in the Echo World and stumbled upon the human world. They grew fascinated with humanity, enough to stumble upon Rebecca, and their paths entwine even more because apparently his family is from an old line of vampires with equally old views on killing/hunting humans for food.

[If you’ve seen Prince of Egypt, it’s essentially that scene where the Pharaoh tells Moses “They were only slaves”]

So F works together with the Agency to stop them which results in F’s parents dying and F joining the Agency permanently


Hey guys! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:

Just to give a bit of insight into recent conversations without spoilers (I’ve only skimmed the posts so far). The Agency does indeed only really take in stronger supernaturals (though there are exceptions to this in special circumstances), so even though F is weaker in some ways compared to the rest of Unit Bravo, they’re still up there in level. The strengths and things is something that will actually be gone into more in Book Two!

Murphy- potential spoilers —Those who noted about Murphy not being one for working with a group are spot on. Murphy doesn’t work with others, he is only willing to lead others. And not many. Murphy is not particularly strong- definitely no where near A,M, or N, but he is resourceful, clever, and-for most of the time-careful with a lot of experience in dealing with The Agency and supernaturals.

And for the Echo World, the barriers between the two worlds are solid. No one really knows where they might pop up, and those that are known are protected by The Agency on our side. You can’t see through them and you can’t just walk through one when you find it. It does’t seem to work from our side…
On the Echo World side, no one protects the barriers as they are only really kind of folklore and there is nothing like a government organisation to go looking or even care—it’s more like, some supernatural knows a friend of a cousin whose grandmother’s cat disappeared in the forest kind of thing, lol :smiley:

Also, about Patreon, I really don’t want anyone to feel upset about it or anything! I know what it’s like to have uncertain or very low income and so don’t feel bad if you can’t.
Don’t underestimate the moral support you offer in the form of your enthusiasm and comments! The messages and motivation I receive is support I treasure and appreciate more than you can know :slight_smile: The thought that people are excited about Wayhaven and want to delve more into the romance, characters, and world is just so amazing and encouraging!
And I’ll still be posting my updates on Tumblr and answering asks there, as well as the occasional marketing piece :wink: We can all indulge in Wayhaven still, hehe!


GUYS!!! Guys! Is anyone else’s Angst-dar going off?! Like what are the implications?!

Also Sera thank you so much for always keeping your fans in the loop!


Soooo… Um. You know, hypothetically if F did have a family they left behind in the Echo World then to their point of view F just… vanished? Just left and never returned with no explainion at all?? Just F one day and they next day they were F-less?!


The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

That’s really sad if true…Losing F is like, the worst thing that can happen to anybody. But now maybe the parents will come over to our world looking for her and we can meet them. :smile:


This is one of the few times where some people would rather have an F than an A


I wonder why they haven’t been looking for F. XD It was mentioned that they have been working with Rebecca for 10 years. XD

But then again for vampires, 10 years might be equivalent of 10 days for them probably.


They’ll show up when we’re 50 like, “Hey F we just noticed you were missing. Who’s your friend?”


That is true. I have only lived a life with F in it for a year but I couldn’t go back to an F-less existence now…

They might be but they’re still in the Echo World so any looking would turn up nothing.

Man, I feel really bad for them now… If they exist.


I’m still holding out hope for a dinner with the Hauvilles. Maybe if I believe hard enough it will come true.:thinking:


Yeah, if a supernatural passes through the barrier, their family, friends, whoever would have no idea here they went.

Lol! Sounds like a sitcom :smiley:

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


It’s official guys.

F’s family is dead. It would be impossible to live a life without F after they had blessed their lives so they are probably dead. RIP.


Noooo…the thought of being reunited with F would drive them. Why would you ever give up on trying to find F especially after having been blessed with their presence previously?


I imagine F’s family assumes they died. That’s generally what happens when someone goes missing more than a few months. To go missing 10 years (or more)…the Hauvilles almost certainly assume their kid was killed by a wild animal or fell off a cliff or something. That’s…really sad.

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

Despite being the youngest member of UB F’s still 30 or more years older than Rebecca right? They could have lived on their own in the Echo World and F’s parents just assume she hasn’t called in a while. After all I doubt ten years is much time to them. They might not even realize F is gone. That’s still kind of sad now that I read it out loud