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Here’s the thing tho vampires or not 10 years is a LONG time. 24 hours is a long time. Thinking about it objectively is one thing but living it is another, and I think I would notice if my child/sibling/friend just vanished after, like, a few days let alone YEARS. Its not like 10 years would pass by in a blink, they would still have to live all those 10 years. If F and their family had been in contact before F vanished I’m sure they would’ve noticed.


My brain is just trying to play mental gymnastics so it doesn’t have to accept something awful happening to F or their family. They deserve only good things. I’m just going to imagine they have multi dimensional facetime and F and their mom share gossip daily. Thats much happier right?:wink:


Welp, @mewsly I think you and I know what all the F-mancing Detectives and Unit B have to do now.

Love and support F because we’re their family now. :sob:

edit: scratch that, all Detectives, not just F-mancing ones should love and support F, tbh they are precious and deserve nothing less


I am always ready to love and support the HECK outta F!

As I wait patiently for whatever angst Sera has planned for F coming up… I will suffer through it for F!

Though, F does have the lowest Angst rating… 4/10… Thats… Um… That actually makes me more worried for the other 3 than anything else…


This is the truest thing I’ve read all day.

I wonder how many vampire-years old F is. Did they disappear off the face of the Echo world as a young adult? Or as a teen? Were they in contact with their family before they disappeared? Imagine how terrible it would be if they fought with their family and decided to take a walk to cool off and basically went down the rabbit hole like Alice.

I’m curious as to whether that’s relative angst or a fixed scale.


oh cripes

it never occured to me that A and the Love Triangle might throw off a relative scale

@sera pls tell us it’s fixed, my poor heart


How dare you.

I was totally thinking that too but I didn’t want to say that… But, gosh, what if that’s part of the reason why they seem to really want a home of their own. What if they weren’t in touch with their family before they came into our world?

Another question I have… How long was F in the human world before joining the Agency and UB. On one hand I could see that whatever important incident that happened 10 years ago could have something to do with F coming to our world, but on the other they do seem to be more in touch with things compared to the other 3 so maybe they spent some time around before the Agency took notice and recruited them.

Also. For funsies. Imagine UB is, like, trying to fit in with all the humans throughout the years. I want embarrassing pictures of UB during the 80s. Please


Oh yeah, those angst ratings, lol. Haven’t thought about those in a while :smiley: I should probably revise those due to settling some story stuff for later books.


oh no… Please don’t hurt us.


Some might not need to change, don’t worry :wink: Though the angst can change per book, so not sure how accurate it would be anyway, lol! Might leave it and let it be something people experience naturally through the story.

I’m terrible with keeping myself quiet about hints and spoilers as it is… :smiley: I need to get better!

Well... 1) It is definitely A's idea. 2) MC will need their pepper spray. And a dog whistle.

Speaking of which… it is actually slightly strange that a pepper spray has no effect on vampires. Even aside of a… burning effect, doesn’t this thing have really terrible smell? Twice terrible for someone wih hyper senses and in a close range. Probably enough to knock out M.


god pls yes.

i never knew i needed ageless vampires in regrettably aged fashion until i saw that they did exactly that in what we do in the shadows:


My mom wanted to add something:

What if F has a baby brother/sister that worshipped them and can’t understand why F never came back. They write letters every year on the anniversary of their disappearance and leave them in their last known location.


M totally had a mullet…


Oh no…

Oh no…

SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE, @Hannah_Minger Mother is trying to kill me.


i am here

trying to pick up the mood

by trying to get everyone to imagine A in an all-jean ensemble

and your mom comes in with a heartbreaking headcanon and makes me cry like it’s nothing godammnit, i had the exact same thought, but i didn’t want to voice it!!! :sob:






F would be all neon all the time. A would wear one of those cut off t-shirts.

But imagine F!UB’s hair.




it’s nat, we all know it

Look, I even have footage of Nat dancing badly in the early 90s