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Probably the same reason A gets so worked up whenever anything about vampires is even hinted at. Unicorns are not only real, they are most likely in charge of the agency and they want to stay hidden to maintain control. Notice how N even says unicorns could be real. Kind of like how she doesn’t immediately dismiss our belief in the supernatural and says they might exist (at least in the asks). Coincidence?
I think not.


I did not see much interest into this game, but when i got into playing it, i was immediately immensed into its world. Very nicely written by the way, did the author had that story in mind for a long time?

Ps: And really… i just loved Fara/Felix! Just adorable!


She sure did! I was actually going to be a traditional novel before but then she made it into interactive fiction! She has been developing the world itself for a while.


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So that is why it felt so natural with each character speaking and behaving in each playthrough! I mean, even without much experience a writer could have a nice novel, but such an effect on a reader who was complately disinterested at first, only a well thought story could do.


Farah/Felix just stuck to me like glue. A character who is not from our world and yet sees the silver lining in everywhere is always a beautiful thing to have in a team full of vampires and leprechauns (surely that would be team D)…


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One of the things I like best about Sera’s writing is how much detail she adds.

Little changes here and there, depending on your responses and choices, can make a difference. Playing through the game one way and then replaying it again with different choices or attitudes or background can really make it feel like a different experience.

I think that is the reason why, after having to comb through the game so much, I still go back and play it. I’m glad you found the game and that it hooked you. Welcome aboard the Wayhaven train! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I agree with that, and also the part where your relationship status with Unit Bravo doesn’t go down, which a good thing because it allows me to explore more of their different reactions with my “choice of words.”

I literally lost count of how many times I replayed the game.


I wonder how A’s relationship with a shy mc is going to progress I mean I don’t see him ever making the first move and if the Mc countinues to just fumble with speaking and blush how are we going to get anything beyond those cute yet awkward moments?


I am playing a sublte approach as well with A as well but the way I see it at some point my MC will probably confront A with her feelings in the neqr future. XD

This was one reasons why I find TWC so lax which I am happy about. I could make my MC more aware of her feelings in the future books.


I doubt that A can stay in denial about their feelings forever (no matter how much they would prefer that, lol). For sure at some point the tension and the feelings will just become too strong to deny, even for A, and they have to act on them. Their whole ‘conceal don’t feel’ mindset is not after all working very well even in the book 1, heh. Buut, shy detective will probably have to become a bit more proactive too, because of said strong feelings. Probably. I look forward to see what Sera has planned for them. :grin:


I like this approach too. My MC is always ready to squarrell with A, but is shy and doesn’t understand that well her sentiments either. She know there is “something” between the two of them, but she really find it hard to understand it.
And I can savour the slow building with these two idiots in love and denial, dividing my pop corn with F.

I can sort of see M exasperated after the new squarrell full of sexual tension, when even smoking doesn’t do nothing against the pheromones in the hair, and just lash out the classic “get a room you two and just have sex!!!” :laughing:


Guys. In the A route with a shy Detective N and F will 100% be helping them out. Getting them time alone, dropping hints that they have mutual feelings, stuff like that. Eventually A or the MC is gonna have to snap (maybe both at once) and it’s just gonna be a smoochfest!


Yes… I am hoping that both N and F will nudge Alexa and Adam in the right direction…eventually…


…I have this insane images of F, N, and a very “I’m not allright with this” M dresses as muse singing “I wan’t say I’m love”, but I don’t know if Meg would be A or MC…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You guys left Tina out there. I’m almost positive she’d be super into hooking them up as well.


Actually, there are a couple of times it can go down, but those instances are obviously very rare, and if I recall correctly, never the whole team at once, just an individual.

And now I will have scared people and made them paranoid.



And now we have the fourth muse!!! (my own brain is disapproving me.)


I feel like Nate, Farah, and Tina are going to lock Adam and a shy MC in a room. They’ll either fall in love or kill each other, but everyone’s over it with the angsty UST. :joy: