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That’d be a gold mine! Or maybe, somehow, turn the game into an interactive series like (I don’t mean to derail anything) The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2.

Everything’s worth a try, right?

Also, here’s a bit of something that always pops into my mind everytime I start any kind of conversation with the ladies. (Ava, Nat, Farah, Morgan)

Opening Statement

For players, regardless of gender, I hope this does not change the way you see the characters. It is most likely Sera’s reason why… he / she did not include any illustration / images of the characters, so we could picture them in our own way.

If you’re the kind who quickly adapts to sudden changes in anything, this might affect you.

Ava du Mortain

Jessie Graff, American Ninja Warrior

Natalie Sewell


Scarlett Johansson

Farah Hauville


Sasha, from the TV Series of AMC, Walking Dead




Credits to all those who took the picture and to those in the picture. :wink:

Also, if, in any way, this offended any player, regardless of gender, kindly tell me and I will have the post removed as soon as I read it.

I apologize in advance for those who might be offended.


STAPH ET! Now I’m picturing M singing songs to a pack of cigarettes when they think no one is listening. :laughing:

Or y’know, talking to them. Imagine how that would go.

Like that scene with the sled

F: Whoa. I’ll replace your sled, and everything in it. And I understand if you don’t want to help me anymore.

M: [to cigarettes] Of course I don’t want to help her anymore. In fact, this whole thing’s ruined me for helping anyone ever again.

[as cigarettes]
M: She’ll die on her own.

[Normal voice]
M: I can live with that.

[as cigarettes]
M: But you won’t get your new pack of cigarettes if she’s dead.

[Normal voice]
M: Sometimes I really don’t like you.

But, youuu guyyys. What about Tangled? I like that one better than Frozen tbh.

I mean, Murphy could totally be the evil mom. Evil dad, I guess. And the MC is Rapunzel. F is SO obviously Flynn it’s not up for debate. M is the chameleon on the MC’s shoulder, and A is Maximus (the horse).

I can’t figure out who N is though ; _ ;


Since we are on topic about Disney princesses, I could picture Alexa as Mulan and Adam as General Shang. sigh Mulan is my all time favorite.

I have yet to decide which Disney princess would be for Lisbeth (M route), Teresa (N route) or Surina (F route). :joy:


I’m late, but–

Zoë would probably dress as something so nerdy and obscure that no one else could tell she was in costume (think something like “Freudian Slip” or “Identity Theft”). The only one who would get it would be Verda probably. Then she’d make UB guess what she was, all the while biting her lip and trying–and failing–to not burst into giggles. She’s also the kind of person who would buy a ton of candy and go ham while decorating for Halloween, making vampires puns the whole time. I don’t think she could help herself. She just really loves holidays.

I bet she’d own a period appropriate dress, too.


My MC would through glitter at them and tell them now you are vampires. Then, because she is romancing M she would not die straight away, I think she might have a few moments to run.


@ whoever sent in this ask

Thank you, you’re doing god’s work. T-T

I feel ya, F, I get anxiety just looking at nipple piercings, oof

On a more SFW note, let’s discuss this pets ask:


This ask makes my little weak heart swell:

Charlotte’s favorite ballet is the Nutcracker. :slightly_smiling_face:

of course they’re both wrong, Stravinsky is the better composer



and i think the song tale as old as time from beauty and the beast fits perfectly with A!


I love the ball trope…but I think my MC Jade would not :laughing: she is good at fighting, but I can’t see her dance… and neither Andrea, outside a disco. Erika and Hanna may be quite good at it.

Aaaaargh!!! This tread is making my MCs even more characters every time I read here! (thank you for this :heart:)


I just wanted to say sorry for not being around here very much!

I’m still reading when I can (loving some of the discussion and comments, hehe!), but I’m really knuckling down to work on Book Two now so won’t be around as often. Things are really progressing well on Book Two planning though, so it’s worth the time I’m spending on it :smiley:

I’ll be posting weekly updates on my Tumblr and answering asks there too, but I’ll pop on and off here when I can, even just to keep up with what’s going on :slight_smile:

But yeah, still on track for starting to write Book Two this month, yay!!

Hope everyone is doing well and having a fantastic week :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about us Sera! It is nice of you checking up on us and answering all the asks. =) We will survive and hope everything will go smoothly! :grin:


Yeah, we’ve still got plenty to keep us occupied from Book One, and all our theories, and scenarios and Frozen aus

Me Reading This:


And F as Flynn?? Um. Yes. Please. Thank you. But, consider this: N is the scary bar people who turn out to be CUTIES.


@Mewsly Yes! That is absolutely wonderful :grin: :heart:


It ok boss can,t wait part 2 I can taste it lemon by way:thinking:


Loved reading this, will totally be replaying it a few times cant wait for Book 2! :smiley:


Well i. just combined complete asshat playthrough with love triangle and umm i feel terrible but also liked it very much


SO. Here’s a little thing.

A: Detective, you can’t seriously tell me you believe in aliens.
MC: A…F is literally a vampire from another dimension.
A: …Fair.


True… Makes you wonder why M is so annoyed about unicorns. Nobody thought vampires existed, and yet here we are.

This just in: Mom thinks M knows where the unicorns are, and they’re just “keeping it to themselves because they don’t want anybody else to be happy.”


It is possible that M might be asked about unicorns a million times already that they got sick of it or M might have watched My Pretty Little Ponies a bunch of times as punishment. XD


Like, “M you’re being rude again, no cigarettes and you have to watch one hour of MLP”?