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I agree but…it would be a “modern take on Elsa”, aka she does the bare minimum (she only braids her hair) and still wears her normal outfit.

Farah: :thinking: Hmm, I don’t remember Elsa having green eyes.
Ava: [icily] Interesting, I don’t remember asking for your opinion.
Farah: [voice cracking] Noted.

Ava- Elsa (modern au, lol)
Farah- Tinkerbell (it gives her the excuse of throwing glitter everywhere)
Nat- Jane from Tarzan—either the bright yellow dress or the jungle outfit, she could pull off either, I’m sure.
Morgan- Minnie Mouse ears because Farah forced her.

Adam- Prince Adam (the Beast)
Felix- Prince Naveen as fuck
Nate- Flynn Rider (he’s the most swashbuckle-y and directly based on Errol Flynn, aka the prototypical swashbuckling hero)
Mason- Mickey Mouse ears because “Goddamnit Felix


I think Morgan/Mason would take the chance to dress as something inappropriate for halloween

MC: Alright M! We’re all about to leave, are you ready?
M: steps out wearing some v inappropriate outfit yeah let’s go
MC: Y-You can’t wear that!
F: whistles and nudges the detective you should have seen them last year

Abe probably would have placed M strictly on giving out candy- after getting them to change somehow


@mewsly I want to derail the thread and reply in turn, but instead I will express my own affection with this cat gif:

And also a Unit B Halloween short (even though it's only April)

Felix: [throws the Police Department’s door wide open]

Felix: [waltzes in with the flourish of his cape] GUESS WHAT EVERYONE, I’M A VAMPIRE.

Adam: [sighs, marches right past him] …Every year.

Felix: [smacks Adam in the face with his cape] HOW ABOUT YOU ADAM, ARE YOU A VAMPIRE?

Adam: Why—how could—? [growls in frustration] Shut. Up.

Nate: [places a hand on Adam] Come on, let him have his fun. It’s the one time of year.

Felix: [flourishing his cape in Nate’s direction] HOW ABOUT YOU NATE? ARE YOU A VAMPIRE?

Nate: [grinning] Why yes, I am a vampire this fine Halloween. [flashes teeth]

Adam: [seething, glaring] JUDAS.

Felix: [lightly flutters his cape in Mason’s direction]

Felix: And you Mason? Are you also a vampire this fine All Hallow’s Eve???

Mason: …flutter glittery cape in my face one more time and I’ll burn it.


Felix: Wait, crap. I was expecting you to growl at me like Adam.

Mason: [grunts]

Felix: [rolls eyes] So I guess Unit Bravo is just made up of vampires!!!

Adam: [clenches and unclenches fist]

Nate: Okay, tone it down…I think Adam wants to strangle you.

Felix: Strangle my beautiful neck?? Don’t you mean…BITE IT?

Adam: Felix—!

Douglas: [from across the station] Oh my god, you’re a gay vampire, we get it!


Tina: [walks up to them] [gasps] Felix! Are you vampire Liberace? It looks great on you!


@impeccably-stressed If people can celebrate Christmas in July then we can celebrate Halloween in April! Its half a year away! Same rules!


Conceal Don't Feel, Ava

Happy Halloween, Everyone!



And so continuing my “Wayhaven Frozen Crossover No One Asked For” Consider this…

Farah is Anna


[clutches heart] It’s so accurate it hurts.


Does this mean…Murphy…is…Hans???


nervously sips tea

Could also be Bobby…?

The important thing is that Anna and Kristoff aren’t a thing because Mason is Kristoff. This is important.


Could be…could be…

Ok, cool, because Kristoff’s distrust of other people had me like, “YO MASON.”

That said…he would hate being an ice miner.

Mason: [shivering] [teeth clatterhing] Why is it so fuckin’ cold?
Farah: We’re in fantasy Norway?
Mason: Fuck!


@Mewsly Murphy could be the Duke of Wesselton! :smiley:

And then, ah, Nate/Nat are in there somewhere…running around… god pls don’t be Olaf


Sven the reindeer is replaced with Cigarettes. And that means THIS SONG is about Mason which means a lot to me.

Yessss!! Perfect.

nervously sips tea

Well. Its either Olaf… Or N can be the Hot Spring owner and the MC is their family! Or maybe the Trolls?? N could be a love expert

BUT If N was a less dumb Olaf then they would be the important bridge of sibling love between Ava and Farah!


[chokes on cereal]

It’s perfect!

Ava is really closed off, Farah’ll need all the help they can get.

I can’t see N as a troll (even though they definitely are a love expert :smirk:) because that means Mason goes to willingly hang out with them…
for fun
…not even Sera can convince me that that’s canon.

I guess N can be Olaf.
But a smarter, taller hotter Olaf, because I can totally see bby!Farah being like, “Make it bigger, Ava!”
“It’s already six feet tall—”


Oh! That actually fits well.
Ava would not be the type of kid to make goofy snowmen, she’d be the kind to painfully recreate Michaelangelo’s David even if it took her all morning.

Farah: [snores herself awake] Is the snowman almost done?
Ava: [looks up to see it’s dawn] …gimme a couple of hours.
Farah: 'kay… [goes back to sleep]


So I’m a Library Page and today the Children’s Department brought in a dog ( a corgi named Chloe) and kids got to read to it. And after my own excitement settled down. I started thinking about UB’s reaction. N of course would be petting it, like in the bakery. I could see F trying to read to it too. I could see A trying to remain indifferent but I doubt even they could resist the charms of a corgi. M would be somewhere trying to smoke.


N does like warm hugs…

slams hands on desk



that’s so friggin’ precious, omg

Forget petting, N would be reading Plato to the dog, lbr…and also making smoochie noises.

I think F would probably forget reading and just try and play with the dog.

N: You’re supposed to read to it.
F: …it’s a dog.

A would…probably end up reading to the dog too.
But only when everyone’s left them alone with the dog.
But the real question is…will A smooch the doggo???

And yeah, M would be waiting outside, smoking. Glaring at all the skateboarding kids.


My local library shares the same parking lot as the police station SOOOOOOOO.

Charlotte would be reading Cat in the Hat to the dog and making growl-y noises every time the cat appears to show her solidarity.



I think A would attempt smooches thinking they’re completely alone, only for F to pop up grinning.

Okay the last one I promise!




That’d be a gold mine! Or maybe, somehow, turn the game into an interactive series like (I don’t mean to derail anything) The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2.

Everything’s worth a try, right?

Also, here’s a bit of something that always pops into my mind everytime I start any kind of conversation with the ladies. (Ava, Nat, Farah, Morgan)

Opening Statement

For players, regardless of gender, I hope this does not change the way you see the characters. It is most likely Sera’s reason why… he / she did not include any illustration / images of the characters, so we could picture them in our own way.

If you’re the kind who quickly adapts to sudden changes in anything, this might affect you.

Ava du Mortain

Jessie Graff, American Ninja Warrior

Natalie Sewell


Scarlett Johansson

Farah Hauville


Sasha, from the TV Series of AMC, Walking Dead




Credits to all those who took the picture and to those in the picture. :wink:

Also, if, in any way, this offended any player, regardless of gender, kindly tell me and I will have the post removed as soon as I read it.

I apologize in advance for those who might be offended.


STAPH ET! Now I’m picturing M singing songs to a pack of cigarettes when they think no one is listening. :laughing:

Or y’know, talking to them. Imagine how that would go.

Like that scene with the sled

F: Whoa. I’ll replace your sled, and everything in it. And I understand if you don’t want to help me anymore.

M: [to cigarettes] Of course I don’t want to help her anymore. In fact, this whole thing’s ruined me for helping anyone ever again.

[as cigarettes]
M: She’ll die on her own.

[Normal voice]
M: I can live with that.

[as cigarettes]
M: But you won’t get your new pack of cigarettes if she’s dead.

[Normal voice]
M: Sometimes I really don’t like you.

But, youuu guyyys. What about Tangled? I like that one better than Frozen tbh.

I mean, Murphy could totally be the evil mom. Evil dad, I guess. And the MC is Rapunzel. F is SO obviously Flynn it’s not up for debate. M is the chameleon on the MC’s shoulder, and A is Maximus (the horse).

I can’t figure out who N is though ; _ ;


Since we are on topic about Disney princesses, I could picture Alexa as Mulan and Adam as General Shang. sigh Mulan is my all time favorite.

I have yet to decide which Disney princess would be for Lisbeth (M route), Teresa (N route) or Surina (F route). :joy: