The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


Oh gosh - the Love Triangle. My heart couldn’t take it… :broken_heart: lol

And thanks! :grin: I’m so excited!!!


I just want a happy sitcom about the MC and F trying to live together thank you very much. Maybe F’s parents move in or something. We need more happy F scenes not angsty love triangle scenes. Those go straight to DVD. Are they even a thing anymore?:laughing:


If it’s a TV show I will only accept F because I want happiness on this world.


I’ll be frank. If they did a series and follow a love triangle route, I wouldn’t probably not watch it. I love Sera’s work but I have to draw a line somewhere. XD It’s like Hakuouki, I love the VN but I didn’t bother to watch the animation.


Problem with a tv show: They’d have to pick a gender for UB. I love the ladies, but I’m sure a lot of you guys prefer the fellas. Better as a game I say.


If I remember correctly, the original plan was F and M are in their female counterparts by default. But I have to agree though since some prefer the ladies while for some like the gentlemen. XD


Guys have we talked about Halloween in Wayhaven? I think we need to talk about Halloween in Wayhaven. Like. Imagine all the little trick-or-treaters running around and some are dressed in like Dracula-esque vampire costumes and UB okay mostly A is low-key annoyed because what the heck, children.

Also I know Sera said what UB would wear but what you guys’ MCs wear?? Samir would be a big nerd and probably cosplay. If he has the time he’ll do something a bit elaborate like Link from Legend of Zelda but if he had to throw something together he would just get a head band, put the Sim’s Plumbob on it and wear normal clothes. Neeeerd And Rin… I don’t know. She might just be a little sh*t and wear her work clothes and be like “I’m a Detective…”

What about you guys?? And if no one says ‘slutty vampire’ or ‘vampire slayer’ I will be very dissappointed


Ava. :heart: :heart: :heart:


I can imagine my character going, “Aw, look at the little vampires!” only to have A throw us over their shoulder and sprint us to safety as my character thinks What is happening with my life? As for what my character would wear probably matching vampire costumes with F. The look on A’s face would be priceless!

  • Alexa would go as Sherlock Holmes with the deerstalker hat. (She’s a huge Sherlockian)
  • Lisbeth would go as a witch. (A Potterhead)
  • Teresa would go as Black Widow or Agent Carter
  • Surina would probably go as a vampire like Selene from the Underworld.


A two person unicorn costume with F maybe? :smiley:


Okay, you win. Its gonna be hard to beat that…


Caithe wouldn’t dress up because it’s too much work.

and then secretly buy all the half price candy the day after to stash for months.


Now we just need to convince N to dress in the equestrian outfit they totally have and ride on top. Then A will have a complete meltdown.

Edit: That sounded a lot less…inappropriate in my head.:grimacing:


I think, if Abe had planned ahead w Tina and Verda they’d go as a werewolf pack asghkll

If not, he’d probably just cut holes in sheets to go as a ghost -or a sexy witch-


Lol, poor A, eveyone wants to troll them. :smile:


@resuri08 Oh snap, I knew it was supposed to be Adam and Nate, but I don’t remember Sera saying it was Farah and Morgan.


heh, heck
I can honestly never see them saying that, but if they did, I’m certain it’s because N begged them to think of the children!

M: Fuck the children.
N: [gasp]

I love Samir even more even though I totally saw this coming, lol.

F: [smiling] Haha, hell no!
F: [steals A’s mouse ears]
A: [doesn’t care enough to complain]
F: [shoves the mouse ears on Rin]
F: There! Now you’re the Great Mouse Detective! :smiley:

I have actually thought this through so very much for Charlotte. Here are her Halloween costumes from the first year she joined the force and onward:

Year 1 (2013): Princess Leia from A New Hope (hair buns and all)

Year 2 (2014): Princess Leia from Empire Strikes Back (the Cloud City costume with the flow-y cape)

Year 3 (2015): Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi (you know the one huehuehue) Charlotte got to wear it for all of three minutes before the police chief told her to put some damn clothes on—Charlotte figured this and had packed the Endor outfit just in case…immediately after work she hit the bar with Tina in her gold bikini. She contracted the flu and a hangover the next day, but it was worth it!

Year 4 (2016): REY, DUH. (was that even up for debate? lol) She also probably got the remote controlled BB-8 for extra ~verisimilitude.~

Year 5 (2017): Jyn Erso (desperately tried to get Tina to be K2SO—even offered to let Tina smack her like in the movie—but Tina wisely refused)

Year 6 (2018—aka, the year I imagine Book One starts): She will go as…Rey Riding Hood. Charlotte will try her darndest to convince Nate to dress up as the Big Bad Wolf Kylo Ren…he will probably (wisely) refuse.


!!! :heart:


Have I ever told you that you bring so much joy into my life and I really appreciate you. Because I do. Bless. :two_hearts:

ALSO Everyone. Consider UB dressing up as Disney characters… Ava is Elsa and NO ONE CAN CHANGE MY MIND ON THIS. FIGHT ME


M as meg from Hercules!!