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I don’t know why, but I feel F doesn’t actually know a lot about both his world and the human one. Maybe he was actually raised by the agency because he ended up in this dimension when very young?


Considering that they drink blood and the detective doesn’t, I imagine it would be an interesting family dinner either way.

Mr. Hauville: So any grandchildren we could expect would be…
Detective: Human, yes.
F: leaning back in their chair and grinning


Mr. Hauville: I…met a human once. They were…lovely. Very polite.


I really REALLY hope we get to meet Mr and Mrs Hauville now because thats going to be so funny. Also I don’t think we’re going to be meeting the other 3’s parents anytime so its only fair we get to meet F’s! They all know the MC’s mom after all!


Almost perfect gif for situacion:image


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  1. I’m pretty sure N had a spouse and at least one kid, everything about the way that they savor the time they spend with the Detective tells me that they had someone(s) in their human life, but unlike Angst du Mortain, I don’t think it ended in tragedy, only…acceptance of the fragility and mortality of human life, without any judgement.
    If anyone has ever played Mass Effect, then you know the Asari (a species that live approximately four times as long as all the other species) are similar. “Don’t regret time you didn’t have, just enjoy the time you did.” I believe that’s the motto their species has to romancing a non-Asari (except a krogan), and I feel like that encapsulates N really well.
    Nothing about their view on life and mortality is as bitter as A and even M seem to be, but they also have experienced it (unlike F), of that I have no doubt. So whatever previous life N had, the way the people close to him died wasn’t very angsty (at least not compared to what I imagine for A), and only really imparted on them that spending time, making memories, are the most important thing to do in a relationship.

  2. Angst du Mortain had an angsty human life and nothing can change my mind. I always imagined that they had a human lover before they were turned, but when they tried to go back to them after being turned into a vampire (and I’m thinking recent as heck, like, within a year of being turned) instead of being greeted with open arms, the lover spurned them and their perceived monstrosity.
    A seems the most bitter toward humanity, and the most reactive (second only to N) to a fearful post-reveal MC, especially if you equate them with Murphy, and the easiest way to get bitter is to be spurned for something you couldn’t control. And then subsequent human behavior only reinforced the idea of fickle and useless humans, eventually turning into the dismissive attitude that A has at the beginning.
    Damnit, who hurt you???

  3. F is a middle child and here’s why:
    As @mewsly said, they have a level of emotional maturity that surpasses even N, at least when it comes to identifying and processing emotions. Middle children, in my experience, excel at that. They’re not quite the oldest sibling, with all the responsibility it entails, and they’re young enough to still identify with the baby and the carefree nature of childhood, and because they’re stuck in the middle, they generally don’t get as much attention as the baby or eldest (who need the most guidance, usually).
    All this screams F to me. They had a baby sibling that they loved in the Echo World, though they sometimes wished their parents would drop a little more attention in their own direction, but most of the love real estate was also seized by an older sibling who I’m sure F loved deep down, even though F’s proficiency at verbal sparring tells me that they must have had quite the few sparring sessions themselves.
    And unless F’s whole family came to Earth, I doubt we’ll get a dinner scene at the Hauville household.

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

Let me dream, darn it, imagine how great it would be!

Or, I mean, maybe one of F’s family appears after years apart and F being so happy to see them but then they turn into a villain. Maybe they think they could get back to the Echo World if they were just a bit stronger, oh wait F has a human friend or SO who could make them stronger? Well what a wonderful concidence…


Don’t do this to me Mewsly…my heart can’t take that angst.:cry:


And y’all think I’m mean. Poor F shouldn’t have to fight their own family.




F doesn’t deserve that level of tragedy, damn it. :sob:


I kinda doubt we’ll meet F’s family. :thinking:


All I am saying is that F comes form a family of creatures that probably wouldn’t see humans as more than food or something meant to serve their needs. Just look at Murphy. Yeah, F is different but that’s also through the lens of the MC who F instantly gets so comfortable around that they treat them like another vampire. We don’t know what their family would think, especially if they weren’t in our world as long as F has been…

Then again, F has the lowest angst rating so we might not need to worry at all :blush:

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

I always imagined F’s parents being super cool and laid back. Like the dad was the kind of dad who wore shorts and socks with sandals while telling lame jokes that you can’t help but laugh at. And the mom would be the type to come home and talk about all the latest gossip with F and ask them if they thought anybody was cute. This is my headcanon and your angsty theories shall not change that!:grin:

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

I’m not trying go because honestly that is super adorable and I want that.

But if I’m going to be haunted by the angsty possibilities that I’ve put way too much thought and lost way too much sleep over then, darn it, I’m sharing my fears with all of you


Well I imagine the dinner going something like this:

Mrs. Hauville: Oh F, your friend there is adorable!

F: I know right! Aren’t they great!

Mrs. Hauville: No I mean they’re gorgeous!

F: I know right!!!

Mrs. Hauville: looks directly at you You’re hot.


MC: You know I can hear all of you right?

Mr. Hauville: Careful kid or we’ll be taking a bite out of you before dinner’s over.

The Hauville’s all start laughing while the MC blushes and groans.


Sit. Com.
:rainbow: !~Life With the Hauville’s~! :rainbow:
Life’s just gotten a little more complicated for Wayhaven’s number one detective…
“My girl/boyfriend’s a vampire?! Oh my!”
Meeting the parents has never been like this before.


We need to find a way to make this. I NEED this.:heart_eyes:


Could you all imagine if @Seraphinite allowed someone to turn this series into a TV show?! Oh my gosh - we’d have to like, take a vote on who the MC would end up with in the show and everything (if Sera would be okay with that)! :frowning: lol Oh jeez - that might kill me. :sob::broken_heart:

AH - but wait! What if there were multiple “spin-offs” for each member of UB?! :heart: Man, that’d be a lot of work, though. Hmm…? :thinking: Maybe the “MC” wouldn’t be the only MC…? Maybe one show could be M!UB and the other could be F!UB - and now I’m wondering… Why does my brain hate my heart and soul so much? It’s crushing them.

DERAIL - Just finished Det. Thea Loukas’ route with A. Here are her Book One stats (at the very end - and I’ll only post the highest ones):


Personality: Charming 52%. Impulsive 51%. Genuine 62%. Friendly 53%. Easygoing 52%.
Traits: Mind 51%. Optimist 51%. Team Player 68%.
Personal Relationships: Rebecca (Mom) 82%. Bobby - college ex; little issue.
Skills: People 20%. Science/Technology 47%. Combat 54%. Deduction/Knowledge 61%. By the Book 68%.
Professional Relationships: Mayor Friedman 0. Police Captain 4.
…And the stats we’ve all been waiting for…
Team Stats (starting with the lowest): Mason - Flirt = 0; Friend = 3. Felix - Flirt = 0; Friend = 7. Nate - Flirt = 0; Friend = 9. :grin: And Adam - Flirt = 11; Friend = 7. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heart:

And I also wanted to share a quick bit of happy news with you all because you’re all amazing people… I received an email earlier today and was notified that I’ve been accepted into the university I applied to!

Accepted by the university AND finishing this Detective’s story all in one day?! I am one happy camper! :grin:


Woohoo nice work and congratulations!:clap::clap::clap::+1::+1::+1:


Thank you! :relaxed: :grin:


Hmmmmm… oooor, it would be the Love Triangle since that’s what Sera originally planned for when she was going to make this a book series!

And, really, don’t we ALL want the angst? c’:

And Congratulations! :clap: Time to get dat education on!