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We all know Tina is the one who walked up to them both like. “Guys we got to stop this! If I have to listen to one more dramatic sigh while I’m trying to doodle very inappropriate pictures of you guys I’m going to kill! You grab big and in denial over there, I’ll grab the awkward one and we’ll just lock them in the break room. Either the room breaks or they do.”

Or you know she might go the lest annoyed friend route and go for the concerend. XD


I could see that happening


Having a human lover must be really rough on a vampire. I mean, the average human lifespan probably isn’t a long time to a vampire at all. I can see why one would be reluctant to put themselves through that. That said, it’d probably mean a lot if a human wanted to spend their (short) life with their vampire lover, and if the vampire was willing to go into the relationship knowing it would eventually hurt them.

MC: A, I know another sixty years or so doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but it’s what I’ve got, and…I want to spend as much of it as I can with you…


Especially with how old angsty handles the romance


Oh man the feels. I’m just holding out hopes that we will be able to turn into a vampire at the end of the series so we don’t have to go through those feels. Although the agency would probably keep us away from Tina, Verda, and Douglas so they don’t start wondering why we aren’t aging. I don’t know whats better, living a relatively short life with both our RO and our friends, or living for eternity but being unable to see our old friends again (and any new friends we make will eventually die if they aren’t supernatural).


I dunno. There’s probably LOOOOOOADS of red tape you’d need to get through before you were actually able to become a vampire, if they’d even let you at all.


That’s only if you follow the rules. It’s not like they can un-vampire you.:wink:


No but they could kill you and/or your love interest or lock you up. I don’t think they’d let just anyone become a vampire, let alone let them live freely if they went rogue, for lack of a better word. On top of that we don’t currently know how the whole vampire process even works yet.


I mean, I don’t think we’d go rouge. We would still work for the agency. Probably be more useful as a vampire anyway. I doubt we would be an easy target if we were a vampire. And we already are a target. Also, if they killed us they would lose the support of not only our love interest but also that of Rebecca and probably the rest of Unit Bravo. It also wouldn’t make the agency look very good in the eyes of the other supernaturals. Especially if we were willing to continue to work for the Agency. They would have killed us or imprisoned us (most likely in their horrible dream dungeon) for at worst breaking protocol. I think they would most likely give us and/or our love interest a reprimand and send us on our way. Especially if we changed willingly.


You turning vampire against their wishes could well be considered going rogue. Also there’s a good chance that if we did go vamp, our blood wouldn’t have the same qualities it had when we were human, which would probably tick them off as they wouldn’t be able to research it past what they already took. But I dunno. We aren’t going to be turning anytime soon at any rate. Who knows what’ll happen in that time.



Tina: If I have to listen to one more dramatic sigh while I’m trying to doodle inappropriate pictures of you guys—

F: I know, right?

N: Um, what?

F: [exhasperated sigh] It’s called art, N.


Tbh i wouldnt really want my MC turning into a vamp…but neither dying of old age
I would prefer to “enhance” ourself with magic or technology perhaps become some form of a witcher


When vamps are not enough and you want to get a hold of a personal witches’ sabbath too :ok_hand:


An update from Sera:

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@Seraphinite Will you be updating the game with a link to your patreon? (sidenote: I’m pretty sure that’s allowed, I remember the author of CCH said he was going to do that for CCH2)



I always need more Wayhaven in my life


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No, I don’t think she would either. I’m just sad I won’t be able to support my favorite author. :disappointed_relieved: