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I’m sure Sera loves all the support we give her, even if it’s not financial support!


Supporting authors you love or having food to make dinner with :thinking:

I am torn.


Also, you are buying her finished product anyway so you are already supporting her. ^ω^


I’m so glad that she finally decided to start a patreon <3.

I wonder what the rewards will be. I want to see how much I can afford :thinking:.


Rewards could something early story sippets, help write some easter eggs, some background chars etc…


I don’t think we’d be helping to write anything, but I could see her releasing background info on some of the side cast of Wayhaven (or even the town itself), even some short side stories of those characters.

I’m excited to see what she will be doing, and I hope I can help support her. We’ll have to see what the tiers are.


Ugh, this is one of those moments when I really wish I wasn’t a college student. I would love to help support Sera but I don’t know how much I can give :disappointed:. Hopefully, there will be some cool low-level tiers.


What are you all people sad about? $1 tier pledges are the foundation of patreon, just spread the word and make your friends aware that the page exists and who knows - it could very well snowball on small donations alone.

Plus it’s basically 3 cents a day for 1 buck tier, I’d be amazed if you can find food that cheap :wink:


Yeah, but some of us can’t even guarantee that—especially those of us without an income. :confused:


Then don’t. You can still casually promote the patreon page in social media, in my opinion that’ll help just as much.

Besides, you personally @impeccably-stressed, and a lot of other posters here have done quite a lot for this community and its high spirits, so again I don’t really understand why all the sadness :no_mouth:


lol because i still want access to the content damnit :sob:


Now, we don’t really know how reward system’s gonna work, do we? Bonus stuff could be timed exclusives, just like Cataphrak does. Release it for higher tiers first, then in few weeks for everybody.


…I hadn’t cinsidered that!

Well, anyway, i wanted to pivot the conversation toward one of Sera’s answers:

Motivating Quotes from Unit Bravo!!! :smiley:

I think my favorite is M:

M: [says encouraging words]
M: [is it explicitly stated to immediately walk away BC ITS NOT LIKE THEY CARE OR HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU FAM]
Me: Sure, Jan.


When deep in the relationship with A and my MC begins to act like a feeble little baby (“Ugh, I don’t wanna fill out these supernatural reports, nor do I want to go and fight werewolves. Where’s my strawberry ice cream? Uweeh-uwaah”), I for some reason imagine A donning drill sergeant’s hat and going full LaBeouf. don’t try that at home





A: [flexing biceps] JUST. DO IT.


In some extreme cases it could backfire though :stuck_out_tongue:

When life gives you paperwork, don’t make reports. Make life take the paperwork back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn paperwork, what the hell am I supposed to do with it?
Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Detective Outburst desk work!


I think my MC would’ve wanted to get to paperwork on the day he woke up after the last battle if not for being ordered otherwise. It would probably take a death or two in town before he’d even begin thinking about complaining (it’s simply part of the job). He’ll break out the ice cream machine and use strawberries bought from the local farmer’s market for Detective Outburst as soon as the reports are done and submitted, but not a second before.


To quote our wise uncle Verda: “That’s 'cause your MC’s someone who’s better at following rules than mine is. Something you should be proud of. Now, if you don’t mind - just stand there a bit and watch me enjoy my wonderful hot beverage :^)


A: “Believe in yourself” (But intensely. Makes sense, considering their ego, lol)
N: “Take time for self care.”
F: “Anything worth doing is worth doing well. But, also ugh, adulting. Still gotta do it.”
M: “Achieve your dream to piss off your enemies.”


So, guys, I’ve been thinking a dangerous pastime, I know but… I want to know what you guys thinks.

What do you think Murphy was planning on doing after getting the MC and injecting them?

I mean, I know that they wanted to use the MC’s blood as a personal battery but what did he need all that power for? Just to destroy the Agency? To take over the world? Did he really think he could do that alone, even wifh fhe MC’s blood? Sure he could take on UB alone with it but the Agency has DMB on hand and lots of way to take him out…

He Also Says This....

I’m not sure why that stuck out to me so much but… it did and it really makes me wonder…