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So you've probably already heard of Gal Gadot as Nat:

But today I suggest to you...

Gal Gadot as Morgan.


If we could become a creature at the end of series could u do a story where it’s after the series as we’re a creature that would be cool

Hey, Guys, its N


My vote is on N and maybe A having had kids before they were vamped.

Both of them understand there isn’t anything they can do to comfort Rebecca after her child is kidnapped. Out of the four, they are the only two to actually know what to do with children and would actually know how to parent (though N might be a bit over-indulgent).

Also, this is a kind of sad headcanon, so you’ve been warned: Maybe the reason A hasn’t shown interest in anyone else in all the years N has known them is that they were married once and don’t want to betray that spouses memory by moving on.


I’d say its bigger chance N had kids before becoming vamp, possibly losing family while becoming vamp(but that’s kind of long shot,and sera is not into real heavy angst) and A maybe had spouce that “betrayed” them when she became vamp(A just doesnt strike me as kid raising person)


You have inherited your mother’s affinity with angst, I see? Splendid, the more the merrier!

Just imagine giving birth to a child, loving it and seeing it grow up. At some point, you get unceremoniously bitten and a whole ritual is held in order to turn you into something you do not want to be (since we know there is more needed than merely putting some vampire’s blood inside a human)… And then you have to see (from the shadows mayhaps) how your child grows older, struggles through the hardships of life and ultimately die (a horribly painful death - a death you could somehow not prevent, despite being supernatural yourself - at the hand of another supernatural who had gone rough and killing humans as if they were mere insects which they are ; therefore creating the best will/drive/goal to do their current job: to prevent something like that from happening as much as possible)


If one of the vamps had family before, my money would be on Adam having lost family—either a significant other or child. And my guess would be that he lost them to a human, which would take into account his bitterness towards them that we find out during the story.


why must you hurt me?


Excuse me whilst I collect my jaw from the floor.

Also, on the topic of family, I’d honestly be most interested to hear if F had family… I mean, they’re from the echo world, so it’d be interesting to hear about how “true” vampire families functioned if she was born as one.


I agree with @spunkycatninja on this one. A having a family previously to being turned would explain a lot if things. If their partner was one, and then got killed (by someone else, or in an accident) I can easily see A going “humans are weak. I must not fall for one again.” If only to protect themselves from emotional scarring.

Very OT, but still a question I’ll ask: how do you make the text so tiny? I wanna know ; _ ;


Yes, hello, just coming to say that in the next book we will know N’s age.


Write “< small > your text here < / small >” without spaces.
So it’s tiny and it’s not anymore.


I really think that F must have siblings. They are way too good at being annoying to not have older siblings.

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Agreed. No one that good at picking up just the right thing to make someone go bonkers is an only child.


But the question then is… did they have younger siblings too? :thinking: They do have a certain level of maturity and seem to really enjoy attention so I could see F as a middle child


Might just be wisdom from their long life


True, but F seems to have an emotional maturity that A and M don’t really have (at least in terms of being able to accept their feelings and express them) and F is the youngest… Plus, a long life is normal for F since they were born a vampire. We don’t really know if F is any more mature than natural vampires their age… The only other natural born vampire we know is Murphy.


I imagine vampires live so long that they either have very few children or a whole ton of them. If you have a ton of siblings, I could imagine being pleased with what attention you can get. Might be why they’re so loud, too–with a lot of siblings, how else could they be heard?



Since F is a natural born vampire… That means both their parents are also vampires. I wonder what they would think of F dating a human…


That would be an interesting family dinner with F