The Wanderer from Gealtia WIP

I’ve begun working on my gamebook The Wanderer from Gealtia. In it, you play the aforementioned wanderer, a male or female subject in the little kingdom of Gealtia. Depending on the choices, the story will vary from being a light-hearted adventure, a harrowing undertaking to retrieve your love interest or a brutal slog through the countryside and nearby nations as you aim to make a name for yourself and gain power.

Currently, it’s about (20% complete, 9 chapters have had extensive work done on them, they’re playable but are not complete, 57,535 Words) done, and I plan on updating every two weeks at the very least.

To play the demo, go here:

My second update. I’m keeping with updating this every two weeks, I changed some coding and how a few choices work so now different backgrounds affect available choices later in the game. I also worked on a few chapters. They’re in this update but they’re only semi playable.

Third update.
Still sticking with finishing this gamebook. I’ve been doing some writing every day. I’ve added a map
to the stats screen of what the city looks like. I’ve also just done some general writing adding to various chapters expounding on what I have. Next time, I plan on adding a chapter to the path heading north.

I hadn’t had as much time to work on this the last two weeks. They are part of why the update and notification of the update are a little late. I of course plan on finishing this still. The next addition to the game will be out on the 18th if things go well.

I’ve mostly worked on finishing up the chapters I’ve already begun. Particularly once the PC. gets into the forest and the only event I have fleshed out some that can happen afterward. I’ve also have been working on the encounter with heading northward.

New update.
I did as I said and was able to make appropriate adjustments to currently existing chapters. I decided to flesh out t motivations for the player character leaving the city and going off to find the main plot. Warning, some of these are super rough as I started working on them a couple of days ago. I worked on the tower and what the players’ experience with Maja is like. I added more to the route of heading off the path to the south.

Finally, I’m working on working on orientation preferences. So choosing to have the main character be heterosexual or homosexual causes some real differences in the plot.
With how late this is I might change when I update to being Tuesday every other week.
What I plan on working on for the next update is cleaning up some of my new additions to make them more readable. I also plan on working more on the Tower and the interaction with the knights on the road going north.

I’m late for updating this. I’ve been having more computer troubles. Things are getting rougher with
that problem. Well, besides that I did work of The Tower some more. I hope to complete it by the time of the next update. I also have been working on the southern route. There’s not much more that I would like to say. Replies have been disabled so I think I’ll need to make a new version of this post soon just to get any possible comments or suggestions. If anyone has been reading this thanks. I plan to stick with finishing this project. On 12/16/2019 I should be posting the next update. At that time I think I will have done some serious polishing.

So, I have done some polishing. But more importantly, I’ve completed the opening acts of all the stories. Going west puts you in contact with Maja or you reach the Magpie and Sad Judge inn. East results in you falling through a crack and meeting a cabal plotting something in an underground ruin. Northward has you reaching the troubled village of Dyrmitha. Southward is completed with you in one way or another end, being offered the meeting with the leaders of the Wymm cult. I’ve also done some work with portions of the story that are currently inaccessible. In the opening of my book, I lay out what happened in the country right before the player character is born. In these later chapters, elements of those events start showing up again in the background. I’m unsure if I want to allow the main character to directly involve themselves in the goings-on. Currently, I am working on linking up one of these later chapters to the events of falling through the crack in the ground.
Once again thank you to anyone that has kept reading these updates. I’ll have more to show in two weeks. Hopefully, sometime in February, I’ll have completed the first draft of this gamebook.

Last update of this year. I’ve worked sporadically since the holidays happened between this post and the prior one. I’ve only done some small additions here and there. My earlier prediction of finishing the first draft in February still seems likely. I mostly worked on adding to the story of the wanderer heading to the east. Once again, thank you to anyone that’s been read any of my updates since the comments were closed. What I plan on having done next time is having everything between the pc falling through a crack in the ground and being sent on a mission down into the depths of the ruin.

A day late, but that’s okay. I’ve had a lot on my mind and there was also the holiday. I’ve been a little all over the place in what I’ve been working on with this project. I think my work will suffer some over the next month or so, not in quality but quantity that I can make. So, what have I done? I mostly have worked on Etchedinstone, RoadtoDyrmenitha, and fixing coding problems.

For the next update, I’m going to continue with bouncing around with what I’m working on. Likely I’ll try and finish shorter parts of the story. Each direction ties to motivation for leaving. Picking the combination that closely relates to what is in the direction you chose leads to the longest stories. The rest of the motivations have shorter stories that wrap up sooner.
Once more I’d like to thank anyone that is continuing to follow this.

I’m keeping with this project. I’ve just been having some trouble remembering to update this page. So, what have I done? I have worked on sporadic portions of this gamebook. The opening portions of the gamebook have been polished. I still plan on having the first draft finished next month.

This project likely will not have a first draft completed this month like I had hoped it would. I’m having a hard time with some personal issues. So, perhaps I will take another month or two to finish this first draft. I’ve worked on polishing the opening. I’ve worked on the fissure portion. I’m not terribly focused and need to figure out where I want to go with this game, I’ve been feeling pretty bad lately. Hopefully, that changes soon. I’ll try to keep with a more consistent schedule of every two weeks. Soon, I think I will try and reopen this as another work in progress. I could use some feedback. If anyone is following this still, I very much would like to thank you.

It’s been some time since I have updated this project. Life events have made keeping up with a meaningful amount of postable work not practical. I am limiting part of the gamebook while I work on completing other portions of it. The game will not be abandoned but it will be put on pause. Updates will come but they’ll be irregular. I hope to return to working hard on this again in June. Thanks to anyone that has been following this. It really means a lot to me.


Plenty of typos throughout, but the game is interesting at least.

Is this correct? I was playing as a male MC. How can a male MC have a gay romance with a female RO?

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My guess is that, probably it means because you’re a gay, so you could see her beauty, but you don’t find her attractive, though in that male’s gay version, it means you are a gay and you are attracted to him.:face_with_monocle:

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Well, the choices and outcomes are the same independent of MC’s gender or orientation, so I’m inclined to think that it could have been a mistake or the current choices are being used as placeholders.

Speaking of choices, I noticed looking at the codes that a lot of them are “fake choices”. Will any of the choices matter in the future? Right now, the story seems pretty linear.

ETA: maybe you could use an editor for some help with the typos, like Grammarly or Hemingway.

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Small update. I fixed some code, corrected some spelling and grammar.

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Found this var:

“Oh, um, yes, $(call) get over here. Pull when I push”

and some typos:

She was not actually your mother but your older sister posing as her “,” She did so to take care of your family.

It was becuase of a mistake.

You recall the first tiime you met them.

For many nights You sat around

You check for your knife Then set off between the trees

You go with your first insicnt and decide to help him

he stabs the side of thw wagon.

Promsising to return in due time.

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