The Vault

Hello. I made another short Twine game, this time as an effort in the Ludum Dare game jam. (In other words, it was produced in 72 hours.) It was my first time doing something like it, and found it to be quite fun!

A short description:

“The task is, at its core, simple. All you have to do is leave this vault. Any means will do. Provided you abide by certain… conditions.”

Simply put, it’s a game about escaping from a sealed room. How difficult could it be?

It’s relatively short, and any thoughts/comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

The Vault [itch]

EDIT: There was an issue with some of the images not appearing properly, which should be fixed now.


Wow! This is really cool. I like how it’s like being in an escape room and how everything is laid out in text.

Some thoughts:

  • The initial loading screen is a little slow - particularly the pause between the last of the third plain text page and the title of the game. A gradual lead-in music would be nice.
  • The first sound of the game was much too startling
  • Some of the choices are not selectable. Is that on purpose?
  • Playing on an Ipad, I could not see the bottom of the diary entries, and there was no way to scroll down.
  • Is this solvable? I couldn’t figure it out. (Let me know if it is, and I will try again. I assumed the game wasn’t complete since all the choices weren’t clickable)
  • Is there a clues feature?

Overall, excited to see more. Thanks for sharing!

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Sorry for taking so long to respond!

I admittedly think both of these work precisely because of the pause and the more startling reveal. It sets a certain kind of atmosphere of harshness for me personally.

It is, indeed. (It ties into the story quite heavily, in fact.)

The game, admittedly, isn’t designed to be played on mobile devices (I don’t know if itch says that if it’s played on tablets, though), but the scrolling option shouldn’t be disabled, since you need to do it while playing on the computer, too. Sorry you ran into this issue. I don’t have a tablet myself, so I’m unable to do any testing to try and figure out how to fix it, if at all.

No, the game is complete, and it is indeed solvable.

There is not, but the player is never locked into a position where they’re unable to progress, at least. If you’re stuck, though, I have provided some hints on the game’s Ludum Dare page. I didn’t expect to have so many people having trouble with solving the puzzles, admittedly…

Anyhow, thanks for playing! Sorry if this reply came too late and you no longer have an interest.

In other news, this short piece won 8th place in Mood and 20th Overall in the Ludum Dare rankings! I was actually really happy to see such positive reception for an interactive fiction piece surrounded by games with so much more gameplay…