Dungeon Princess and Other Games


I mentioned before that I was participating in a game jam. Now my submission is up along with the other participants. To check them out, go here: http://borderhouseblog.com/?p=9332

Because I was also working on Bujin (formerly known as Samurai), I turned up an incomplete work. But not to worry, here is the complete version of Dungeon Princess: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/87697621/Dungeon%20Princess.html



I just used the browser’s Back button a few times instead of the Restart link and ended up with a very confusing story the second time through (because Twine kept the variables, apparently).

Anyway, after reading it the right way, I enjoyed the concept of meeting… [select the white spoilery text below]:
and rescuing characters that you could play in other playthroughs.

I kind of expected a Hunger Games “down with the establishment” ending possible, instead of just “happily ever after” ones, but I realize you were under a time constraint.


Those were pretty fun games. Are there more like that?


If you mean more Twine games, I know a few more here: http://auntiepixelante.com/twine/

Just scroll down.


Excellent, thank you. :smiley:


I played as the vampire and just walked out of the door instead of using a portal and it said first that I killed the guy with the war hammer then it said that he killed me? It was very confusing


That’s a coding error. I’ll try to figure out how to fix it.

Twine’s “If” command is not as versatile as Choicescript’s.

EDIT: Hope it works now.


I’m not sure if this is important to you or not, but there’s a spelling error quite early in the game. I chose the serpent character and I just got past the garuda and went through the dungeon, killing people with a sword I stole. I’m not sure if that helps say where I am in the game or not, but the line with the spelling error is:

You come into a room with four portals and a great door. A plague beside each portal denotes their destination.

I believe that is supposed to read “plaque,” not “plague.”


these games SUCK


You are a beacon of positivity and constructive feedback.


@bocoom That is very far from being constructive criticism. I would recommend an apology and a clarification.

Moreover, if you can’t be civil, maybe this isn’t the place for you.


@Galador Thanks for pointing that out.