The Vampire Courts! (a new vampire experience-updated! 1/10/2017)


Hello everyone! Finally the game is under way! I am pleased to tell you that I now finally have most of the story (for now it could change hahaha) finalized and have started writing. At the moment I don’t have much, you’re introduced to a few characters and you get a taste for your MC and what directions you can go.

Here’s the summery of the story:
Your character is an old vampire, one of the oldest known vampires alive currently. Unfortunately there’s one big draw back. You were turned as a child, and have kept your child appearance. Now, in the age of technology and change the vampire governing body has decided that vampires, especially older ones must be taught how to adapt and live in this society so that vampires can remain a myth. You, willingly or not, are forced into society to learn and because of your appearance is given a chaperone. An adult vampire who can travel with you to avoid the ‘suspicion’ of human society. On top of all of this, you are also thrust into bloody vampire politics where murder and power grabs are among the norm. Will you take advantage of the changing times? Create a reputation for yourself? Will you fight your way to the top of the vampire totem pole? And what on earth does YOLO mean?
Basically imagine a blend of Affairs at Court and Choice of Vampire with comedic elements and strong friendships (or enemies, it’s up to you).

Update! (1/10/2017)
Alright so I’ve been going over the comments you guys have left so far and it seems that you want more options and customization. I’ve updated the demo to see if this is enough, if not please comment and I’ll keep working on it. Also I’ve been tossing up two of the stats and what they should be called. I’ve changed them now to Subtle and Direct, instead of Cunning and Charm. They work the same way but they can now be applied in a broader context.
Subtle- Working in the background, cunning, tricks, lying, using sneaky tactics instead of direct brute force (going in the back way instead of the front door). Drawbacks: your popularity increases slower and people may be less inclined to trust you, but this can be countered by other stats if they’re high enough
Direct- Working within the view of the courts, the charm offensive, persuasion, popularity increases quicker, in fights or confrontations you take a more ‘direct’ approach (breaking down doors and such). Drawbacks: You may not have the chance to gather as much information and less maneuverability to do what you want.

Also! in regards to the name of your character, yes it is locked. For now. I have in mind that it’s a plot point where at a certain point in the story, you reveal that it’s not your actual name and you can then chose your own name as the name you were born with and whether or not you want to keep Octavia/Octavian or go by your new name from this point on wards. If people really don’t like this idea, I will change it and give you the option to do this earlier, at this point it will happen later in the game.

I’d love for you guys to give what I have a go and any feedback would be gratefully welcomed. (updated link)

UPDATE: Guys, I’m so surprised that people are still following this thread, even though there hasn’t been an update in so long, it warms my heart. Which makes this bit of news even worse to share.
Recently my laptop, which had all my work on it broke and got rid of everything, all my files and even the back ups. The files that I had stored on my hard drives got corrupted and after sending it away to be fixed, it came back even more broke. So I’m sorry to say, all the work on the story has been lost.

I’m not abandoning this story, I’ll be working on it a bit at a time until it’s finally done. A replacement laptop is finally being sent to me so hopefully I’ll get it around Friday.

I’m so sorry that this couldn’t be better news for everyone, but I hope you all have a great day/night!


haha sounds interesting~ A loli vampire xD


Hahaha, basically I want you to have a choice, you can be a flirty kid, or downright creepy kid, a broody kid. Hopefully whatever you want.


Really interesting concept! The twist of looking like a child and being crazy old is definitely a refreshing idea, I already love my curiously cautious kid. xD I’m looking forward to befriending the hell out of Thomas; the perks of being best friends with the King are sure to be fantastic.

The demo bugs out after choosing the gender of your new guardian, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but I thought I’d let you know either way.


oh yeah I should probably write that in the past. That’s as far as I’ve gotten so it bugs out but I’m glad you like the idea :smiley:, there’s also plenty of other characters that haven’t been introduced yet


It would be neat if we could chose our child’s style … clothing, jewelry, perfume, etc.


I’m thinking of adding that in, style of clothes and house, stuff like that. It will probably be coming soon though.


Seems like fun. A few grammar and spelling errors, but I like it. Live for these politics games and stuff even tho I’m just an active lurker on the forum. Good luck!!:+1::+1:


There are some spelling and presentation issues that need to be taken care of. Two lines of dialogue from two different characters should never be in the same paragraph, and paragraphs should be more clearly separated than they are now. Remember when coding that a break doesn’t count unless there is a line of empty code between them.

As for dealing with spelling errors, I recommend that, after finishing a scene, you copy and paste it into a word document and use that to pick out all the spelling errors.

As for the story itself, I rule that there is not yet enough evidence to say whether it is good or not, however given the clear effort that went into the background and setting up of the world, I shall maintain a “promising until proven otherwise” stance.


Love the concept, sounds really funny.


Thanks, I hope I can live up to them :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I hope I can change it to ‘10/10 would recommend to friends’ eventually hahaha


Why can’t we just pretend to be a tall little person or dwarf (the real kind, not the myth kind)? I knew people who didn’t grow too much after elementary school and also people who were the same size as adult me, but they were still in elementary school.

If we are gender locked female (Octavia sounds feminine to me at least) and girls stop growing at 15, we should still be able to reach the peddles and see over the steering wheel as long as the car is not a truck or the seats are not adjustable. (The short person life :cry: ).

A male stops growing at 25 and most 12 year olds can’t grow a lot of facial hair, so they could be seen as a child. The dwarf plan could work for them also.

Children grow (relatively). A 5 year old is different from a 10 year old. A 10 year old is different from a 15 year old. People would wonder if we can grow (like an Cermit). Also, depending on the setting, there are mandatory child school laws that would put a damper in my vamp life, unless you are Amish. You could easily change the school rules in your story if you think vampire school life is too cliche (Being stuck in eternal puberty is bad enough, but being stuck in eternal puberty with others is horror :scream: )

But, the story is good and you’re not too far to change/ create explanations for things.


You’re not gender locked, at the beginngin of the game when you chose my lord or my lay is choosing your gender and as for the height you are a child, so you are short and due to being a child so long ago you didn’t have all the chemicals and such which speeds up puberty in this age so you look young for you’re age.


A child in the past would not have benefited from today’s nutrition, etc … how old are we supposed to be again?


I’m thinking of adding a moment of school life into it but your character hasn’t gone to school in years I imagine. And probably only went out of bordem


At the moment I’m thinking 10 to 12 but I’m not settles on a number just yet.


No, I mean what year were we turned?


Oh sorry, again I don’t have anything concrete but I’m thinking around 2000 years ago, maybe a bit longer


Hmm… ya. tiny will be a child, considering Roman adults at that time were 5’3" or so… think of a 12 year old looking like a modern 6 year old. lol.