The Unwanted Warrior

The Unwanted Warrior recounts the story of a bastard who has the ability to communicate with animals. Will he/she use this power for revenge or peace?


King Henry - The current king of the Kingdom of Calethyia and MC’s father.

Queen Elizabeth - King Henry’s wife and MC’s stepmother.

Prince Alexander - The firstborn child of King Henry and Queen Elizabeth. MC’s older half brother.

Prince James - The second-born child of King Henry and Queen Elizabeth. MC’s older half brother.

Princess Abigail - The third born child of King Henry and Queen Elizabeth. MC’s older half-sister.

Princess Leonora - The fourth born child of King Henry and Queen Elizabeth. MC’s little half-sister.

Princess Eleanor - Prince Alexander’s wife and MC’s half sister-in-law.

Romance Options
  • Princess Eleanor of the kingdom of Vestina
  • Princess Katherine of the kingdom of Masven
  • Marcus of the Aithria people
  • Queen Erica of the Aithria people
  • Blair of the Calethyia people
  • King Azra of Athanas
  • Gilbert of the Mistan people
  • Minervina of the Mistan people

Calethyia is one of the powerful kingdoms of the North. After King Henry came to power, Calethyia got stronger than ever. He’s a good leader who inspires people to follow him. Everyone loves and respects him deeply.

However, King Henry has a very hostile relationship with King Thomas of Kingdom of Masven.

Twenty years ago, King Edward of Masven had occupied some part of Calethyia land which is called Rosefield. But after King Thomas took the throne, he returned the land peacefully. Now Rosefield is still a part of Calethyia.

Three years ago, the alliance between Vestina and Calethyia was broken. Luckily, they stopped the brewing war by setting an arranged marriage.

The marriage of Alexander and Eleanor stopped the war.


Can I become the King?


Yes, you can! :slight_smile:


Just letting you know, we never input our name in the demo, so everyone just calls us “name”, hahaha.


I like story about bastard.
This are mistake that I found:

I can’t save the game

Oh… @seabean already beat me to it

It’s weird because I choose to stay with little sister, I can’t resist her

Question I have is just one, can mc just have peaceful life?


I love the black sheep of the family type characters so you’ve already got my attention BUT I’m absolutely sold by the fact that I can romance my jerk brothers wife. I can’t wait to sweep her off her feet!


~oh I just can’t wait to be king~

this song will hit my mind each time I enter this thread, heh. I like the idea BTW and I like how this is more of a magic/ fantasy book rather than a standard kingdom conquest sort of thing due to the ability to talk to animals sort of like snow white when she was treated as a servant and an unwanted heir to the throne as well as being pretty (she is not pretty).



Well, that’s a bug. I’m working on fix that mistake.

Now, you can :slight_smile:



found an error when i was asked to choose my gender

startup line 110: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 8



Went on the hunt, didn’t kill the deer. It said I dismount my horse when I should be mounting it.

I like what you have so far.


I don’t care what happens to the rest of the family, but MC’s baby sister has to stay safe :smiley:
But it’s very telling that she says “my father” not “our father”…poor MC :disappointed:

That gave you a weird satisfaction.

Well, yes…but I’m also feeling a little bit bad… I don’t want to use a six year old to get back on MC’s other sister in anyway…that’s just low…just because MC is the black sheep of the family doesn’t mean that little Leo must have a bad relationship with them. That could affect her negatively in the long run. (And I’m sure it will come back and bite us in the butt too that most of the family disapproves how we treat Leo, no matter how good meaning we are… :angry:)

You like her and you let her know your feelings.

I got confused for a moment until I noticed that with like you indicate something more as just “like”. I take this that there won’t be friendship paths in the same way as there will be romance paths?

I btw would put the name question a little bit later in the game, just to get a feeling for the game world and what kind of names would fit a MC here…(I mean it’s not that bad in this game but imagine this would be a world with names like in Lord of the rings and I would end up calling my MC…Steven or something…it would be funny but unintentionally :sweat_smile:)

And now I got a bug…Wasn’t there before…

I will have to clear my browser history to see if it’s caused by it and not a real coding error.

Edit: Yup it looks like a coding error.


Are you by any chance the Nutella Queen from Twitter? HeyItsChris?


Fixed! I hope…

Nope, I’m not that Nutella Queen.

That error is fixed. I hope there are no more errors, because I starting to get crazy :smiley:

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Yes it’s fixed now. :smiley:


You lie on your back, staring at the ceiling. You still think about what has happen in forest.

The outside of castle’s dark and cold, the chill in the air began to clear your head. What that voice was belong to? Was it deer? Did you hear its voice?

My MC wasn’t in the forest…They talked with a bird (which I already want to adopt), while trying to ignore the queen.

(And I think there should be a “the” before deer, too)

Eleanor is really beautiful woman with long brunette hair_cascades over her shoulder and her high cheek bones.

Add a which for the _


That’s not bug. That’s my laziness :smile: I will fix those mistakes in the next update. Also thanks for finding mistakes/typos. They all will be fixed tomorrow.


Oh, I like this! Loving it so far!


well time to start tracking another thread


Love it! I can’t stand the queen but I love the little sister!!


When you get to pick a name for your horse it says house instead of horse. Loved the game so far an looking forward for more! :smile:


Oh… That’s embarrassing… I will fix it in the next update. Thanks :slight_smile: