The Unusual Tales of Robin Hood (upcoming game)

I tried to look up some of the upcoming games to determine which would be interesting for me and I’ve found something worrying about this game. So if I get it right we can play as either Robin Hood (Robert) or Marian. Playing as Marian sounds interesting since we get to see another perspective from what we already know. Well that’s not the issue. The issue is that in the old wip I’ve found I started playing as Marian and there was a question about her sexuality, I’ve choosed lesbian (obviosly). Thought it would be dealt in the way it was done in Guenevre where MC marries Arthur bc of obvious plot reasons but she doesn’t feels attracted to him if I choose that. But in this game even tho I choosed Marian to be interested in women she felt in love with Robert as soon they meet. That made me feel really uncomfortable and made me glad that the wip ended a few pages after that. Sorry, but imo even sexuality locking Marian would be better than: You choose to like girls? Too bad bc here is this boy and you have a crush on him.
Idk if this has been changed since that presumably old thing I found so it might be irrelevant now, but I feelt like I have to say something about this before the game would get released.


Obviously, Robert is secretly a woman, and Marian somehow picked up on that on an unconscious level.

Ok, but seriously, it does seem like quite a blunder (wonder if a gay Robin would have the same problem?)


Didn’t know that there was a Robin Hood game in development! I know Jean was talking about writing one at some point when she wanted a break from Guen where you could choose the gender of all the characters (so my dream of Robin having an all female Merry Ladies team could be realised, heh) but I am sure that this will be different.

This was a contest entry; I believe the writer is not a common visitor to the forums. I remember she had quite a devil of a time submitting it.


I didn’t think the full game was ever playable for testing was it? I remember trying to a few times and hitting game breaking errors. Maybe it got taken to private testing though and fixed. I assume so since it made it past the quicktest checkpoint on the submission page.

In terms of other things, I guess it’s been finished for about a year and now (it was a contest entry). It’s probably too late to do a rewrite now, but you could try pinging the author (if that’s allowed?) to see if they want to make those sort of changes/check with cog how far into the publication process it is and if a rewrite is even possible at this stage.

(Edit: not saying I don’t agree that you shouldn’t get asked your sexuality and then have that choice ignored, just saying it might be too late to do much about it at this stage if having Marion sincerely love Robert is core to her storyline. Could possibly just remove the sexuality question though to make it a bit less jarring and since it doesn’t seem to need to be there. Anyway, its not my story to change, would need to ask the author about if they want to change anything since it’s a HG.)


I wouldn’t ask for a full rewrite. But…

This seems the easiest solution. It’s not like this would be the first game with a sexuality locked MC bc of it being written based on an already existing story (Courting of Miss Bennet).

Tbh with creating this thread I was kinda hoping to bring the CoGs staffs attention to the issue or for someone who know more about the game telling me that it has been changed since then.
Anyway if it’s a contest entry then wouldn’t that have been checked by CoG in the first place before it made to the upcoming games list? Sorry if my question is stupid, I really have no idea how this contest even works, but logic indicates that someone is supposed to check out the games written for the contest.

I agree, but I don’t know what happens later in the game for reasons above :). Best option is to probably ping or PM the author about it as I don’t think they frequent the forum and may never see your concern.

Just a common misconception :slight_smile: . As long as they meet HGs minimum guidelines, HGs don’t have to confirm to the same rules that are applied official games, so the author world have likely been under no obligation to make the game open choice for this sort of thing even if COG did give them that feedback from the comp. (NB: I have no idea what kind of feedback authors got btw as I didn’t enter, so she may not even know it’s a potential problem for some readers of her game.) Anyway, looks like it’s probably still in the pending review stage so could ask her.

Edit: if it had have won the comp it would have been changed to meet the standards, but as it didn’t, it will probably fall under HGs rules instead.

This game is up but still seems to have bugs. Only had a quick look so far, but there’s exposed code, typos and some options are not coming up as properly selectable like this one right near the beginning:

Entirely up to the author and I’m only trying to be helpful here, but it looks like it might be worth asking for bug reports and then updating the game asap to improve the reviews. (BTW I wasn’t the one who wrote that review on google and I won’t comment anything like that, but I suspect there will be more like this if the bugs aren’t fixed.)


Well, the screenshots about it on the play store answered for me that what I was concerned about was left in so I guess I’m gonna pass up on this.
(Marian being in love with Robert no matter what the player choosed as her sexuality)
Edit: Nvm. I checked out the demo and it seems the sexual orientation choice was taken out so… I glad to see that was changed, tho I think I’m still gonna pass up on this. Not feeling like spending money on a game with a hetero locked MC.

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I can’t find the game…

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Neither can I. I tried to google it and the closest thing to the full game I found was a very short demo that took me as far as to rob the noble.

Last I checked it was up on Google store, along with the sensei game and Scratch.

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Is it on the hosted games app?

GPS link.


I doubt it as it hasn’t been officially released yet. (Google HG omnibus is still in beta yes?) As Jumo_004 and Cari-san says, they have all released on google play if that’s where you get your games from though. Here’s the other two that released yesterday whith Robin Hood if anyone is looking :slight_smile:


They are all out on the omnibus app too at this point. The holiday might be delaying the official notification of release; I am sure that makes it slower to get word from the marketplaces.

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I couldn’t get past that synopsis and the fact that they kept calling him ‘Robyn’. lol. It put me right off. If there’d been gender choice for the title character, that would have been somewhat understandable but there wasn’t. Yet they kept switching between ‘Robin’ and ‘Robyn’, as if the famous outlaw had a secret life as a Swedish, female, minor dance-pop star, from the 90s/00s. :slight_smile: