The Twisted Village [1 Chapter, 19k words]



Hey everyone, I’m feeling another surge of inspiration, so you can expect me to post the rest of Chapter 1 in the next several hours.

Well, when inspiration hit last time, I was able to write 7k words in one sitting. This time it wasn’t so much. But I’ll be focusing on TTV for a few days until I post Chapter 1.


So far I’ve written about 7k for the rest of TTV’s first chapter, so I should be posting it within the next few days. Here’s the new and improved summary:

In The Twisted Village, madness festers. Something lurks behind every shadow. Inside every peace is a skeleton of violence. Behind every smile is a conniving intention. Here, no one is really normal, and everyone has something to hide.

When your downtrodden and impoverished citizenry seems beaten and hopeless, a mysterious vigilante, Kayos, seeks justice through violent and radical means. Will you fight against this villain to save what is good in your village; use the mayhem to become more powerful yourself; or ally with him to burn the corrupt establishment to the ground?


Does the MC have a dark secret he/she has to hide?



OH, MAN. I just saw The Favourite and it’s ridiculously good. Incredible characters and dialogue, masterful cinematography, very trippy and dark atmospheres, and a truly great plot that shows us three narcissistic, cunning women battling things out with wits and manipulation.

10/10, great inspiration for The Twisted Village


Nice game, had fun.



The rest of Chapter 1 is now on the demo! This amounted to another 12k, which brings the total word count to 19k and the playthrough length to 7k. Two new characters are introduced: Eler and Olen. You also see more of the ROs and the villain, Kayos.

Something to watch out for - Olen is the first nonbinary NPC that I’m writing. I might occasionally put male pronouns instead of NB pronouns for them on accident. If this happens, just nicely point it out. Don’t assume they’re a wizard who swaps genders constantly or that I’m just stupid. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As always, feedback, comments, typo spotting, and bug spotting are much appreciated. Enjoy!


G’day @Samuel_H_Young. I admire your writing pace and commitment to your work, I truly do.

I’m assuming you’ll eventually add the Eler and Olen bio’s to the stat page on a later date?



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Thanks! Yes, I’ll eventually be adding bios for Father, Eler, Olen, Kayos, and other main characters that are introduced later.



Ik new I was smart to grab you before someone else did.”



You’re the greatest writer of all time!


Spelling error in the choice: “You go over to the canvas painting.”

Instead, they chase one another around, squeeling and laughing their butts off





  • Added character bios for Kayos, Holden, Olen, Father, and Eler
  • Fixed typos


Great work, keep it up.



You messed up the sentence. “He has” is repeated and Although is in the wrong spot.


Now this is why esther is bae

And ummm… some typos


This text will be hidden

I think it’s supposed to be one woman



Thanks, guys. I’ll fix that tonight.

So, uh, any feedback or thoughts on the content? This is the first major update in like 5 months and I’m getting blue balls here. :face_with_thermometer:


In the choice: “You would like to play that chess game against them and see if they really can beat you blindfolded.”

I basically just imagine the board in front of me, but seperated into three areas



Strong work Sam! Looking forward to the next installment.


I am really digging the new characters! This is the 1st time in awhile, where I am not sure who I will romance first. Love the mysterious world you’ve created and cannot wait to see whats up with the “villain”? Very cool.


The demo doesn’t work for me.



I’m getting that error as well. Maybe it’s OS- or browser-dependent?