The Twisted Village [1 Chapter, 19k words]

Hello, everyone! I’m Samuel, the author of The Magician’s Burden, and the WIPS, The Enchanter’s Misery, Winter of the Bovine, and Mass Mother Murderer. I have a new story ready for testing: The Twisted Village, a medieval romance and thriller:


In The Twisted Village, madness festers. Something lurks behind every shadow. Inside every peace is a skeleton of violence. Behind every smile is a conniving intention. Here, no one is really normal, and everyone has something to hide.

When your downtrodden and impoverished citizenry seems beaten and hopeless, a mysterious vigilante, Kayos, seeks justice through violent and radical means. Will you fight against this villain to save your village; use the mayhem to become more powerful yourself; or ally with him to burn the corrupt establishment to the ground?

What there will be when the story is complete:

  • 250k words
  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; romance males, females, both, or no one at all
  • Dozens of stats detailing your relationships, skills, knowledge, and attributes


  • Malin, a manipulative kleptomaniac
  • Kazia, a power hungry pyromaniac
  • Aldred, a sociopathic graffiti artist
  • Esther, a narcissistic nymphomaniac

Demo Wordcount:

Chapter One: 19k

Playthrough Length: 7k


Q: Why the actual fuck do you have so many WIPs?
A: Because I’m a mad genius or something. Probably or something.

Who are your favorite characters?

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Demo Link:


The stats page isn’t working. It’s not loading and crashes the game whenever I try to view it.

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Sam, you got to tell me what is your secret. The amount of projects you are doing simultaneously is staggering. With that said, I applaud the fact you are keeping yourself busy. It seems interesting, doesn’t have that immediate hook like MMM, but knowing you, you are bound to surprise us as usual. Keep up the good !


Guess last scene is just another day in this town? :grin:

Actually very interested in how “local in weird town” will work, usually we get a prospect of “outsider in weird town”.

And stat screen doesn’t work for me too.


Lord what the hell is this town? A purgatory? Its slightly unnerving how odd the people. Even if slightly. Im certainly curious as to where our friends alliances are. (Themselves most likely.)
Nice job!


Thanks, that’s fixed now.

Thanks! I actually wish I could just work on one at a time and finish it, but I can’t, haha.

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Seems interesting I’m going to give it a go

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So you’re moving away from the magic route with this one

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@Samuel_H_Young what the… how the hell do you manage to keep coming up with amazingly cool story ideas?

Also wow, what a casual murderer.


Yes, this is my first realistic story. :slight_smile:


Beats me. :grinning:



Is this one still in same universe as others of your games or no?

It’s in an unspecified world so far, but one that’s just like regular medieval Earth, with no magic or mythical creatures.

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Omg Esther hahaha. I laughed so hard when the banana appeared LOL


But then…how would you amass your legion of followers if you only did one book? Speaking of, what was your moment of inspiration for this one?


By moving onto the next story. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, all of my stories are just ways for me to vent my emotions. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I have this strange interest and attraction towards fucked up people, and I wanted to explore it in a narrative form.

Malin is a manipulative kleptomaniac. Kazia is a power hungry pyromaniac. Aldred is a sociopathic graffiti artist. Esther is a narcissistic sex addict.


Yet another classic deep, dark and horrific Samuel Young game.

I love it.

The usual bunch then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are such a dedicated writer!! The characters are never boring, and just about every concept you come up with is incredible. I love the idea of being apart of the weird town instead of just being an outsider! I tend to gravitate towards the thief types, so I’m excited to see how the story progresses :stuck_out_tongue:


When do you sleep? So many projects in the air, and you show up with another promising WIP.


Incidentally, I have really bad insomnia, and I stayed up from 7am on Sunday to 4am on Monday. Basically I got up at 7am to go to work, then I got back home at like 5pm, and ended up watching Dexter and writing for the next 11 hours. I wrote 1k for Winter of the Bovine and the entire 7k word demo for The Twisted Village, so that’s the most I’ve ever done in one day.


Wait, you were watching Dexter !?!?!?!? Also, now that sucks, but I guess you are doing something productive ? (Being supportive here)

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