The Twisted Village [1 Chapter, 19k words]



Yeah, so far I’m on Season 2. It helps me get in the mood for all the dark stories I’m writing.

It definitely felt good getting so much writing done. Most of the time I’m so tired I can barely write 1k, though, but I can’t get to sleep, either.


So…any similarities with MMM ?


Lots, though I’ll let you all see that for yourselves as the story goes on. :slight_smile:


Suddenly, maybe we shouldn’t have mentioned the show to you. In any event, hope you continue taking us in your warped (but fun) imagination. :grin:


Minor update:

I’ve added some character bios to the stats screen.


So… yeah, as soon as I saw Esther I was just…? Well! Looks like Selfcest is a thing in the SHYoungverse! Although, it’s probably just a name you decided to use again…

…that banana. Oh! Also, I was reading the Kazia scene and thought “Huh, she has the same hairstyle as Mabelin from Magician’s Task!”

Also? I tend to be into grow interest in “fucked up” people, though it’s usually fictional characters. Maybe that’s why I like some of your recent WIPs? Might also explain why I feel a fervid desire to pursue Aldred. He’s also a painter? Holy hell, as if that isn’t a kink it is now!
Fun Fact: I decided to redefine what Kinks and Fetishes are in my own mind for this single comment. Kinks are like condiments; they add a little flavour, but they aren’t necessary. Fetishes are the recipe; if you don’t have it, nothing enjoyable is going to come out of it.


Haha. In MMM, Esther is just one of the preset options for the MC’s name, but I thought it was a nice little nudge in that direction.

Mabelin has a big mohawk and Kazia has spiky hair dyed red. They’re pretty different, but definitely both edgy styles. :sweat_smile:

You must be a very old fan. :smiley:

Interestingly enough, the whole reason I made this WIP was to explore my interest and attraction towards fucked up people.

That seems spot on to me!

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So, I have another concussion and I’m bored as shit and can’t write, so I decided to sort TTV’s characters into Hogwarts Houses.


  • Kazia
  • Aldred
  • Malin
  • Esther


Also, I wanna say that I’ve been doing some more brainstorming for this story. I’m a long way from focusing on writing this regularly, but I’ve been mulling over some ideas for the villain and another RO.


I finally got to this. Good start. I hope Edmund doesn’t kill banana girl…


Same lol she’s my favorite so far


I uh…like Marlin :two_hearts::two_hearts:


All four ROs are also secondary antagonists. :shushing_face:




Do you ever take a break Sam?




I’m assuming with MMM pretty much done, this’ll be your new pet project?



Last WIP. Magic: Infinity wars :grin: