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I can’t romance qora or anyone, this is scuffed

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Qora isn’t a romance, and the rest don’t really get mentioned after you start it till the end.

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***************** possible spoilers **************
Need some help, how can I excel at hadrens trial? The under world one? I can pass but I’m trying to get a reward !

You don’t get reward for this one.

Thanks for the reply, I wasted so much time trying to get one, I can finally move on :joy:

is it not possible to romance qora?

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No you can’t.

too bad

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Did anyone else name their MC Kratos? :grin:

With Qora and a few other characters, I was trying to explore the idea of mythological characters resisting their ‘traditional’ roles. Qora is an asexual and aromantic demigoddess of beauty. Callia is a Muse who seeks her own adventures rather than inspiring others to seek glory. Garst is chosen for his gregariousness and good cheer, but finds himself confronted by loss and grief. It’s meant to be a bit of a running theme.

There are also definitely some particularly villainous options/endings, particularly in the late game. Spoilers ahead!

You can end up as God/dess of Monsters, plaguing the land with horrible new evil creatures. You can also end up as a mortal tyrant King or Queen, or an infamous thief or pirate. Lots of ways to reach decidedly non-heroic endings.


I love this game! I love the writing and how it evokes the spirit of ancient Greece. I love how each god and each Chosen feels like their own unique character.

I just have one question, how do you determine what kind of god you get to be? At first I got a unique title, but on all subsequent play throughs I just became the God of Heroes and Monsters again, like Dinara. A bit boring, I want to be my own man haha.

Your final Ruthless, Pride, and Cooperative stats determine what type of God or Goddess you become. “God of Heroes and Monsters” is probably the most common result as it is the result you get for having ‘average’ stats pushed to neither extreme.

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Thanks! You made a great game. :slight_smile:

Is there a list of achievements to be added, perchance?

I’ve played the game through a few times, and beyond the major choice toward the end, I noticed several changes in addition to many others that people here have noted. Those lists help me keep track of possible things I may have missed in certain playthroughs, and since there seems to be a good level of variation for outcomes, I definitely wanted to explore the options available.

Great game, by the way! You did a great job with such an eclectic bunch characters, both in terms of characterization and interaction throughout the story. Going through the trials and developing the PC was really fun too.