The Twelve Trials - Choice of Games Contest Prizewinner, Out Now!

Face off against some of the greatest heroes of your age when you are called by the gods to participate in their twelve trials. Coming from humble origins, and hailing from a tiny farming village, you will have to prove yourself worthy of godhood.

The Twelve Trials is a 160,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Douglas DiCicco, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary.

  • Defeat dragons and other monsters through brawn or wit.

  • Romance a giant, a queen, a muse, and many others.

  • Lead a revolution in an oppressed island.

  • Find hope for starving villagers in a remote colony.

Complete the Twelve Trials, and Become A God!

Winner of the third place prize in the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels. Out now on GooglePlay and the Hosted Games Omibus App from the Apple App Store.

Looking forward to seeing what people think of the game. I’m happy to answer any and all questions about it.


Ah here’s the place

I think the code is showing


Link? I can’t find it.

It’s available through the app, but it doesn’t seem to be on the website or on Steam yet. Hopefully those are coming shortly. I will update the main post with links when they appear.

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I am in the fence of buying it or not. I don’t see many real interactive o role-playing options all I see are very goodie not very related to a real greek style hero. Were is the selfishness, the Desire of wealth, the ruthless, the vengeance. All I am a pushover in a small town that cannot hate the village and has a goodie goodie personality. It goes better or I am forced to be Mary Sue? Because writing is good… But I won’t buy it if I am forced to be Saint Mary Sue.

You can do some very non-goodie things during a playthrough. There’s even a “ruthlessness” stat the stat screen tracks, which unlocks certain villainous options and endings.


I think is not clearly for me. Still I wish you luck and I gave you five stars . It is the game is too fixed and too based upon trust goods and save people instead of options that are real selfish and or real ruthless or greedy. There is not even a mere choice that is mere ruthless power hungry or greedy in the demo. So far is or coward like hell or Mary Sue.

Still probably would fit what most of casuals will want to play in a power fantasy so I am dure you will do well.

I found that though I chose ‘girl’ on the gender choice I later get referred to as ‘individual’ and ‘they’.
Enjoying the story so far though!

What I like about this game is that absolutely clear which choice corresponds to which stat. :sweat_smile:
Enjoyed the game very much, writing is great. Characters have bright personalities and I can tell them apart. And I adore Daedala very much, really cool character and woman of my dreams.
Liked also that with saving villages and throwing off tyrants we also should throw parties.



Actually, there were a few occasions in the demo where charisma was needed ( like convincing one of the demigods not to attack you and rallying the others to work together to get through the storm).

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Also talking to the dryads and nymphs as a peaceful solution.


Choices no even a ruthless character will choose.

Oh, you wanted to there to be options to use charisma in a more self-serving, manipulative way.

Yeah didn’t see any of those in the demo (not sure about if there are any in the full game though).


Exactly, basically that’s my main concern There is a ruthless stats and No a single ruthless choice in the demo.

I was hoping steal dragon treasure for myself. Asking for a reward Sabotage other heroes… You know Ruthless and manipulation like Ulises …

I can see where you’re coming from; the demo did seem to not have many pragmatic option. It could be that the more ruthless choices come more from later in the demo, but someone with the full game will have to be the one to confirm or deny if this happens.

Funnily enough, for some odd reason, my character gained ruthlessness and I’m trying to figure out how (maybe because i used the god’s blessing to get myself stronger? But that didn’t seem like a ruthless thing to do) :sweat_smile:

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I already bought the game, I will give it a try.

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Tell me please as only role playing ruthless evil characters I need to know if is really any content for me as I won’t play with good characters.

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I will let you know. I like the option to be an ass too.

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I adore peace… live peacefully with dryards is a wonderful dream :slight_smile: