The Tower WIP

being able to posses people would be cool or mind control.

what about standard telekinetics so you can level houses

I was going to put those two under matter manipulation although maybe I can make something else for telepathy.


Or you could send me a pm sorry i was off due in my country we still on holidays until 6.

I dont want be a mage, buuu …i wanna be a ilusionist poison bard that charming the dark lord and then i pick the throne or if dark lord is beauty governing him… too you know what i mean :wink:

Hmm how bout a… Thief/assassin of some sort you can use your magic to make illusions or help improve your theif/stealth abilities like being able to use the shadows to hide yourself or being able to kill someone without being noticed.

What about choose have none magic skills I just avoid typical magic all i could, i dont like elemental and normal magic . I dont go further some magic tricks and invisibility potions an poison. The rest of magic is overpowered and boring for me, so a less magical character more charming cunning could be welcome

Hmm but this is a magic based game… I think I will under power the magic so it doesn’t seem to easy for everybody…

Well, I think it could work for both types. If someone wants to play a skilled magic user, they could set it up in character creation, if they want to play an unskilled magic user that has to rely more heavily on other methods to survive, that’d be fun, too. Of course, it depends how much work you would want to put into coding/writing that.

It would definitely be fun to see how others in the tower treat and react to the MC based on that, in my opinion.

Besides magic what other stats are there?

Hmmm I’m wondering if I should add intelligence strength and agility and those sort of stats you know…

You should, it always good be a steath mage who thinks three times ahead of the enemy.

Charisma and Cunning thats my stats please think in them,(who need magic when you could be a intelligent seductress the poor dark lord wouldn’t have no chance to avoid my character charms )

Lol I’ll think about it. So are you in Mara?

of course

I think that you should do an old classic Roguelike character creation method and let skills be dependent on that… ie,

Barbarian/warrior- high strength/melee proficiency, low magic, low agility, low stealth, low dexterity.

Rogue- low strength, medium melee proficiency, low magic, medium agility, high stealth, medium dexterity.

Ranger/Archer- low strength, low melee proficiency, low magic, high agility, medium to low stealth, high dexterity.

Wizard/Magi- low strength, low melee proficiency, high magic, low agility, low stealth, low dexterity.


You could of course add others such as a priest, bard, or necromancer. You could have combinations such as
rogue+ranger=that well known mix of the two commonly used by lazy video game companies which had me thrown off for the longest time.
magi+rogue= @MaraJade poison assassin

You could also have different types of magi that are stronger in different types of magic such as an illusionist or destructionist… Necromancer would fit better here i guess.

And last but not least, if none of these strike your fancy, you could have a bunch of multi-choice question (which would be SO hard to do in a multi-choice format, right? \m/ ) to deduce a good custom class other than the one that everyone would try to go for, wait what was it?.. Ah yes: Ultimate invincible rage monster with all lvl 100 skills and no draw backs.

Anyway this is all my medical opinion, incase you needed to know. Last but not least, David Tennant face /:slight_smile:

Thankya, Thankya, I’ll be here for five more minutes and only check up at the least convenient times!

I think you should have non magic combat stats at least. If magic is well known in that world I’m sure the evil dictator has some way to stop people from using magic. Another thing is that can anyone use magic, or only certain people?

Alright I’ll add those in. Also yes the overlord has ways to keep people from using magic and everybody has the inherent ability but only a few master it.

Assassin+Magic=Void Assassin

Sounds great cannot wait to enslave humanity >:)

Oh you!