The Strongest Weakling (WIP) (Update: 30-9-20)

Ah…The most OP power that’s ever exsisted

Sounds cool, I like the concept

UPDATE! (13-7-20[This is the time in my timezone, your time may vary])

This was a MEATY update. I think I’ve made the story a LOT better, now.

  • Added prologue, and chapter 2, and parts of Chapter 3 (Technically 3 and 4 since I put the character creation as its own separate file in the chapters)

  • Removed flavour text that could be seen as racist

  • Gave pretentious titles to all the chapters

  • First encounter with the ROs

  • Clues about the MC’s backstory

  • Eat a pizza and relax

  • Maybe more ROs in the future?

  • If fans demand it, will give the characters funny accents.


Just realized, I should probably say that it was updated in the title.


If you try to choose you’re strength there is an error

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Fixed it

Choosing either option at the strength vs. acrobatics leads to this error.

Tried it myself, didn’t encounter a problem. I’ll repost the link, maybe that’ll solve it.

Try it again now.

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Can’t wait for the results man

hellooo i love this demo so far! i was reading the ‘TODO’ and i read about adding accents to de characters?? what do you mean by that? what i mean, my first language is not english (i know there are many people here at the forum like me) and i don’t have any trouble reading english, adding accent to characters might do my (and others) reading more hard ?? sorry for the bad english and sorry if i sound mean


Basically, the thing is that this story is set in the UK, and one of the most famous parts about thw UK is the accents, so, I was thinking that I should add that, but, only if you guys demand it.

I can’t choose any of the option because of the error :frowning:

Wait what, I thought I fixed it? Gimme a sec.

Yeah, I definitely fixed the error. Maybe try again?

I tried it again and I still stuck with the error :frowning:

It’s working fine for me. Maybe try this link?

I realized that if I choose I like men, the error will appear but if I choose I like women, the error won’t be there

I see it. Gimme a sec, I’ll fix it. I will not let you go without letting you scope out the dudes with hot abs.

Done. Try it again now.


just tried it! it’s nice and I really enjoyed it. can’t wait for more!

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Typo: Zeke is supposed to be male here.

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Found it, and fixed it, currently uploading now.

Done! Have fun with Zeke’s abs!