The Soul Stone War (WIP)— Full Demo Uploaded, Guide to Secret RO on #1124

Tristen is a trans woman, maybe that’s what is confusing you? And your sexual preferences has zero effect in Tristen gender.


@MasterChief117John Yes, like Meira said, Tristen is a trans woman and her gender is set, so your MC’s sexuality plays no role in it. She’s always a girl :grin:


Hmmm no what confused me I guess were the usages of the pronoun threw me off a bit like for example: Spoilers/ when the incident is happening and the pronouns change in the middle of the event multiple times making me wonder if there were other people who like Tristen were about to be accidentally killed or even who was about to be accidentally killed /Spoiler.

Ummm, could you put a screenshot of that? I can’t recall something like that happening… Then I’m not the best proof reader around lol.

@MasterChief117John Yes, screenshots would be helpful because I went over the scenes again and I didn’t find any wrong pronouns. So if you could help me, that would be great!

Random person: what are we searching for a stone it’s a waste of time
Takashi: you Daft fool that stone can change the whole course of history in everyone’s lats I can make us Kings and queens in the strongest people around
Random person: why Stone why not sword the strongest thing or bow and arrow can reach to the Gods or an Invincible Army that can never die
Takashi: I don’t know to slap you or punch you or maybe both and then kill you a stone is valuable and it has strong value to its people and no power to kill anyone even the Immortals so get back to work or I will beat the living crap out of you

  • listen to him they’ll go searching for the stone not wandering the danger they might see and might face when they die leg has anyone who searches for the stone will suffer painful or you’re just a random person running from a crime they never committed found a group and randomly found the stone with the dangers that might face death* ( I made this to me a joke of people trying to find the stone facing a threat that might kill them all labeling me as the bad guy who wanted to find the stone the soul War Stone bring me to make this Morgan thank you it’s a little fan-made thing for you for my suffering picturing people randomly trying to find the stone):face_with_hand_over_mouth::japanese_ogre::scream::skull_and_crossbones::ghost:

@Takashi_Shin Ahahahaha, this is awesome! Thanks so much for making it, Takashi! :grin: The Stones do indeed have many qualities, but they can’t kill Gods in one shot nor can you stumble upon them by the roadside. But they are very useful! :joy: You tell those random persons! :rofl: :ok_hand: :100:


This is me figuring it out when you told me Stone can’t do the things that you said they can’t
My mind : f*** what do I do now I got too many people looking for it well I can tell them to kill each you’re so easy to convince

( I like being the bad guy but the bad guy with comedy on the side)


No? They could just turn their back and walk away killing them that way right?

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@Takashi_Shin Why is everyone trying to be the bad guy? :joy: What happened to being a kind, wholesome hero?! You’re all going gimme the stoooooneeeeessss so you can use them to bludgeon everyone to submission jnvbsdgfvjdgvdsfgvsdlfgvlsdfgvsdflkgsdl :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

@Drakeye Well, it could be possible to do this, but it would depend on a lot of things if it’d work. How strong the God in question is, how proficient the wielder is with their Stone, plus some… other consideration on the side lololol. :grimacing:


The best villain is the one believed a good guy and loved by the masses, ignorant of their evil.

Hmmmm… :smiling_imp: MWAHAHAHAA- oh hi there… :innocent: I just was laughing to my self about something else entirely unrelated don’t worry godling.
True Belief and names are powerful things in mythos. I would never ever use my stone for evil… :smiling_imp: :innocent: the horns are to hold up my totally real halo.


Hey now, I am not everyone. Indeed, I’d fail at being as bad as these folk. Cannot claim I am sad over it either, for some reason… :thinking: :grin:

No, I am that very annoying, goody two-shoes doubled up nauseatingly kind and helpful person. :sob: My cross to bear… :sweat_smile:


inhales to mock then remembers evil dead…you do your thing backs away slowly ima go to s-mart now


I feel you. Whenever I try to play on my second playthrough a bad guy, I’m always like “I can’t do this Character XY would feel terrible. OMG that’s would be so rude.”


pets the shotgun :grimacing:

I know, right? :anguished:

Rather spread joy and cheer than not. :relaxed:


there are some characters in games that it stings to be mean towards…and i almost always go back to a earlier point if i do.

where do you buy that brand of spread? i usually can only find joy and Carnage…

Edit: Here is a Question to anyone if you could make any of them a real world entity who would it be.


Home-made. A whole lotta love and heart… :heart: :heart_eyes: :kiss: :wink:

That’s not fair, having to choose… :cry: Unless ‘all of them’ falls under ‘any of them’! :smiley:

Edited to add in the missing to above, d’oh!


A real-world entity, huh?

Manerkol :smiling_imp:


So will the weapons be the same color as the stone and what colors can the stones be

how do stone work do we stab it in are self make it work like cheese anime :thinking: