The Soul Stone War (WIP)— Full Demo Uploaded, Guide to Secret RO on #1124

Okay, I have finished the demo and it was fun! Morkai, get over here mate. I am weak for characters like him, the hard exterior and all, because I know, deep down, they’re a total marshmallow. Really looking forward to getting to play the full game, for sure.
EDIT: Couldn’t help myself, ended up trying to draw what my MC would look like?? As well as some bizarre doodle of Morkai or somethin just to see if I could even pretend to draw him. Men are hard to draw-


@Taylor_Enean :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: T…thank you! :heart_eyes::sob::heart: Omg, I teared up reading that :two_hearts: Bless you, you’re so kind :pray::pray::pray: Emotional boost for the next three months: gotten! :muscle:

@PrismaticSpace Ooooh, your MC is so pretty! And Morkai is always so grumpy, I love it :joy::joy::joy:


G…Guys… We have a tentative release date…




I’m dyiiiiiingggg :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


at long last.



The game is going to release on March? A whole 5 months? Is CoG/HG sitting on a huge pile of yet-to-be-edited games to take that long? :X


If you look at the list of the upcoming games, they have quite a list to go through and also not to mention the CoG titles to go through as well. ^^;

Anyway, @Morgan_V congrats on getting an estimated release date. Looking forward to the release. :smiley:



Congratulations Morgan, you’ve done a super job! So looking forward to throwing my money at you :smile:

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Seriously congrats dude i’m so happy for you!


@Baam @resuri08 @RovePaw @Leodaire Thanks so much, guys! It hasn’t registered yet that it’s happening, LMAO! And 5 months is so loooong :sob::sob::sob:

@IvoryOwl These 5 months are gonna kill me, oh God. At least I finished the game within 7 months, so with this wait, it brings it up to a nice 12 months :joy::joy::joy: I can say I had a game written and published within a year!


I just found this game (thanks to Demonheart’s discord channel!) and am in love with it just based on the demo. I spent way too much time last night combing through the Morgan’s tumblr page (every mention of Morkai and Straasa has me giddy) and ended up hopping on her patreon account, too.

Great job @Morgan_V! The characters are intriguing and have a lot of depth. I can even forgive the fact that we apparently won’t get to smooch our ROs until book 2, since we’re at least getting something from them in the demo (the scene with the MC cuddling with Morkai and Straasa at the end of chapter 4 is just perfect).

Usually “slow burn” makes me roll my eyes (and is beginning to borderline send me into a fit of rage because it’s usually so freaking childish), but at least you’re giving us something to work with. Can’t wait for the game to come out! :slight_smile:


The 5 months (aprox) wait is going to be a killer :skull_and_crossbones:

But congratulations!

Could you maybe reveal a random fact or something silly about the characters every so often? To keep us hanging onto the cliffhanger? :joy:


Is it March 2020 yet? If not, WHY NOT?! :scream:

Ahem. :blush:

Good news indeed, if a long wait. But, it will be worth it, and then some, I tell you! :heart:

Spring 2020 will bring sooo much good stuff. :grin:

< checks clock >

Dang, still not March 2020… :weary:


@EvilChani Lmao, I understand your feelings about slow burn! It’s a tricky thing to pull without having it become ridiculous. But rest assured, while there might not be any smooching involved, you will definitely get intimate moments with the boys! I think I would die both as a writer and as a person if there was no build-up, haha! Once the game comes out, I hope you’ll be satisfied! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::smiling_imp::smirk:

@Bokeh Yeah, I know the 5 months are going to test my sanity, oh God :sob::sob::sob: But that’s a good idea you have there! I can probably find little, random facts to keep you guys entertained! The only thing is that I’ve shared sooooo many insights on my tumblr, so I don’t know who knows what and any new stuff will be tricky to mention without spoiling things… Hmmm, I need to meditate on this :joy:

@Taylor_Enean DON’T REMIND ME! :sob::sob::sob::sob: I was so happy that I managed to finish the game within 7 months, hoping that I might be able to get it published and share it with everyone within 2019, but my dreams were for naught :sob::sob::sob::sob: I have no idea how I’ll get myself to think of anything else until then, rip… It’s just the thought of the hysterical screaming from you guys that might follow the release that gives me strength :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Don’t sweat it! It could be the smallest things, like “Straasa has a phobia of jesters. Years back, after a long day, little Straasa went to sleep early… only to be awoken in low light by the jester. The jester had gotten lost, but to little Straasa this jester in a room illuminated only by moonlight, he looked like a demented jester. Since then he has a phobia of them.

Ok, that was a shorter fact inside my head. But maybe “Morkai eats tuna sandwiches on Wednesday whenever possible. It became a tradition after Straasa kept giving him tuna sandwiches every Wednesday when they were kids”.

The facts don’t have to be deep and plot linked :slight_smile:


You kicked ass and took names in the demo, so if that’s your idea of slow burn, I see no trouble! :wink: That trio cuddle scene at the end of the demo was more than authors usually give with slow burn! Usually, you get never ending longing looks, innuendo with nothing to show for it, and teenaged “angst” from grown ass adults. :face_vomiting: You don’t write childish romance–your tumblr is proof enough of that! About to go re-read some of the snippets you put there to soothe me after a shit day of work. XD

BTW, is it March yet???


Aw, sorry! :sob::sob::sob:

Might? :smirk:

Sure, follow:sweat_smile: < she said hoarsely before taking another deep breath and plugging her ears >


March seems so long away and I’m glad there seems to be a small chance that it may release earlier since it’s an estimate. I’m a fan of dragon age so when I found this WIP I fell in love. The characters and story are fantastic and I’m happy you added poly relationships, those are really hard to write and code in I imagine.


The way the poly relationships are done (especially Morkai and Straasa, because I’m biased!) is utterly perfect. I can’t wait to get the rest of the game. Take my money, dammit!

Waiting is hell. After playing another recently released game, and being bored waiting for another game where the main RO I like will be nothing but flirting for most of the series, I so needed this game. Though, we could look at the wait another way–between now and March (or whenever it’s released), we need to tell everyone we can about TSSW so they can experience it as well. Let’s spread the word, people!


I want to hope it comes out earlier because they just estimated that it would release around March 5th for editing I believe. From what I have seen games release about a month or two after being submitted, though because they have their own games coming out as well as other writers submitting their work that may be why they estimated five months rather than two.

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I think they now take longer because they need to be copyedited if they are to be released on steam.

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