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Except for one little vampire and a steamy werewolf?

These two are antagonists. I’m refering to the main romance options and the MC getting hit on if they don’t want to. I would also argue that the vampire doesn’t show any romantic interest in the MC at all unless you actively follow his romance, and the werewolf kidnaps the MC but does not actually do anything unless you click the option that clearly says that the MC will take it. So unless you click these options, then no, no one forces themselves on you. And if you do click those options, then that’s your own responsibility.


This was quite an interesting game. Even though I tend to play characters close to my own age if given a choice, I felt compelled to choose the youngest option because the main character seems to be very young and unsure of himself. This can be a good or bad thing depending on you see it, but I see it as a good thing since it gives “Bjorn” his own personality rather than making him an avatar for myself.

10/10 for main character growth, a rarity in this genre.


I did the same, despite usually choosing to play MCs as being older. It just felt right in this game.

Of course, the uncertainty could be explained by the situation the MC is in–I mean, all three backgrounds are pretty traumatic, the MC is on the run for murder, and is overtired and haunted by dreams. One of those things alone can eff with someone’s mental and emotional state. Combined? A lot of people will start to crack under the pressure. Plus, the MC is basically a country bumpkin, no matter the background!


The character has lived a nice life without any (real) problem until then.
That he won’t really know what happen and what to do despite being 35, for example, don’t strike me as odd. I find his/her reaction to be credible under such situations.
And remember that the adventure has a few weeks lenght. Clearly not enough to learn adventure like the others character.
You have to cope with bounty hunters, loss of your family or home, really bad dreams and vision of a grim futur and a overlord who came visit you in your dreams to laugh at you and torture you (I prefer nightmare finally).

You are scared, on the run, tired (when you actually sleep, it’s a really bad sleep) from sleep deprivation and you are inexperienced… You are in the centre of a story WAY too big for you…
Clearly, most of the person who would live such life would break in no time. I don’t think I would have made it alive personnally. My character may not bé a warrior, a skilled mage or a rogue, but hé impressed me nonetheless.

I think the problem is that some people wanted to play a hero, not a peasant. Rest assure that it will come, but for the first book, you’re just a simple person with a magical intuition.


Dude/dudette, while I understand where you’re coming from, being a subject of abuse as a child as well, I find that the references to abuse in the game made the player character easier to empathize with,…


Andraste’s knickers! :joy: What a great book! Really well written with sarcastic humour and great character development. It reminds me a little, not much, of Magium. Probably because of how silly my character is.


Is there a way to romance mornie?

No, you can show interest and kiss her, but she is not a romance and is will not be one in the next game.

Sad :’( would have loved a little more freedom in that but the story has been amazing so far… can’t wait for the second part