The Soul Stone War 3 (Demo Updated 25/01/2024!)

thank you! the whole rhyming scene has been bugging me since i seem to keep on choosing at least one or two choices on the few routes ive done. you’re a god send. :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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You are welcome, I’m happy to help :hugs::revolving_hearts:

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omg you’re so fast! its not long after the previous release. im so excited to read this later!

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Lets gooooooo

I’m hoping for a Mornie redemption arc where she joins the resistance because she needs allies to survive, and then she and the MC can get a bit of a rivalmance going :smirk:


It’ll be funny seeing MC trying to deny their feelings because they still remember that time Mornie tried to get their ass

Duuuuuuude!!! Great start for the third :+1: Worthy! Can’t wait to read the finished product!


Took about 15 minutes to complete. Not bad at all.:slight_smile:

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Hey, guys!

THE DAY HAS COME! Chapter 1 is now fully available for the public demo! A whopping 28k words have been added, so head on to Dashingdon to play!!


@Morgan_V The save and load system isnt working.

@Bulk_Biceps Fixed!


Based on the free part of the first game this series isnt fore but I just wanted to pop in and give credit where credit is due. It seems this series gets progress at a remarkable rate.

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Wow, you are on fire!! i love it! :fire: :heart_on_fire:


OK can somebody explain the difference between flirtmance and friendmance? I don’t even know what they mean.

so flirtmance is basically the usually shy and bold option. going down that path on that game. the game acts as if you are aware that you like this ro but in friendmance the mc is oblivious or in denial of their feeling over an ro and would have scenes that are more tamed and seemingly more a friendlier as suppose to the usual tension you feel when you choose a flirt option.

tbh i dont really see much changes between going down either path on book 2. its very impactful on book 1 since that will establish the scenes you will see and how some ros act towards you. for example, when you go down a friendmance path with morkai, the scene with sharing the bed is like playful banter and the scene before that is much more tame. when you go with a flirtmance with morkai, the bed scene has you snuggling with morkai and the scene before that has you sitting on his lap if you want to.

tdlr; friendmance = dense/in denial mc and much tamer scenes. flirtmance = spicy scenes. idk how it would look like it book 3 tbh so for now i suggest choosing whatever lmao. that’s what i did.

genuine question tho, will the friendmance and flirtmance have the most impact on book one? tbh, i didnt see much difference between the friendmance route and flirtmance route on book 2 but maybe that’s just on me


MORGAN MY SIBLING FROM ANOTHER MOTHER!! I just wanna hug you and never, ever let you go! Thank you sooooo much for this chapter! Delightful way to start!
… Okay, I haven’t read it yet. But I know it will be a beautiful piece of art! I’m gonna read it and then I’ll give my opinion, mkay??


Thank you! That really had me scratching my head for a while.I couldn’t have asked for a clearer explanation.


A question occurred to me, that I might as well go ahead and ask: Back in Book 2, players in a romance with Manerkol had an option to game over right away by just turning tail and immediately going straight back to him. I know that there are a few readers whose characters maybe don’t gel well with the party (you know, like mine), but also don’t want to jump in bed with the guy who’s basically trying to hunt them down and kill them.

The question, then, is this: is there going to be some option in the foreseeable future for non-Manerkol romances to turn rogue on the party, now that we’re making contact with the resistance that Manerkol would likely be very, very interested in hearing about? Like, I’m not saying “build a whole separate side plot where you become the bad guy and work with Manerkol,” that’s just absurd, but maybe make it like another instant game over scenario where you sneak around, get intel on the resistance, quietly make contact with one of Manerkol’s agents and turn over everything you know, and then the game over is to the effect of, I dunno, “Manerkol’s forces burst in one day and indiscriminately kill everybody, you included, because even though you ratted the resistance out, Manerkol doesn’t trust you to not try and stab him in the back after you went and broke Eledwen out of his imprisonment”?

If no, then that’s fine, I’m just curious is all.


Hey there! It’s been a while since this was active, someone know what happened?

I hope there’s more to read soon. :blush: