The Soul of God (WIP)

[Play the demo here! -]

Hi everyone!
First of all I want to thank you for taking time to check me out, means more than you can imagine!
I’ve been around for a while and I wanted to try writing something in ChoiceScript. To be honest I wasn’t confident enough, but with the help of a friend (Who we’ll call Frost) I’m now writing this novel!
I’m new to writing and ChoiceScript in general, so I only ask that you’re patient with my flaws, and do point them out so I can better myself!

Just from the title alone I think you can see that the topic of the game can be a bit touchy for some people, so do be careful.

About the game - You play as a young man, last name Ocelot (You can pick the first name), who’s just got back from a quest when he gets caught up in something much bigger than he believes it to be.
I’d tag it as an adult fantasy, so if that is your cup of tea, please continue.
The overall idea is that in this world gods, demons and anything inbetween is common knowledge, however divinity is hard to be witnessed. This, after the events at the beginning of the game, sends Ocelot on a sorta crusade to find God and, depending on your choices, Ocelot’s aim is to either serve God, or kill him. Or you can just stand in the middle ground, not choose to side with neither.
Like I said it’s a touchy subject and with the plans we have, that won’t be the only thing people could get triggered over.
Of course, we’re not set to write some sort of torture porn, but do be mindful of the Adult tag.
On the top of the post I’ve linked the demo for the game, it’s still very WIP, so I’m very sorry for it being so short. In fact, the only reason I’m releasing the demo is because I THINK you can get a better feel for what I’ve been rambling on when you play it.

If there is something I missed to explain, please comment and I’ll see to it, if you find any errors in the demo, do bring them to my attention and all type of feedback is apreciated!
Again, thank you very much for checking me out and I’ll see you all when I have another update ready!

  • 21/11/2018 - The first update is out, the big new things are a re-done first chapter (Tell me what you think about it and If I should change it again). Added a new chapter and more achievements, some you’ll only get depending on your choices. +Some other minor stuff. [As of this update, you’ll see an achievement called “The Ferryman” - There is no way of getting it just yet, but will be available next update]

Seems like it could be fun but chapter 2 won’t load.

Was that Chapter 1? I think it was too short, or maybe I’m just too dense.

Chapter 2 won’t load

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You mean at the end of the “event”, when you click to continue and it won’t load? If so then that’s my fault. It’ll be fixed in the next update. Though don’t worry, that’s basically the end of the demo.
Like I said, very short, and again, I do apologise for it. I’ll try to update as soon as possible!

At the end of CH.2 it’s my fault it won’t load, however there’s nothing writen past it, so you’re not missing out on anything.
CH.1 will likely be redone a bit once I have things more fleshed out. Don’t know If you feel the same, but I kinda feel like it’s rushed. Problably because I felt like getting into the meat of the plot rather than waste time on the “before the storm” things.
Again, it’ll get a look over in the future!


Yeah, you did literally hop into a battle scene. Still it seemed like an interesting story. Just 1 question: This being a high fantasy, why have I seen no magic?
Keep working on it. Looking forward to more.

That is one thing I’ve been reworking in CH.1
During the fight with the Aldrich, he uses magic, however I thought that maybe that wasn’t enough, so in the reworked CH.1 I have him using more magic.
Not only that, but I too feel you there, it’s lacking in magic, though I can assure you there will be plenty once the beginning plot is done!
Thank you very much for sticking with it regardless, means a lot!

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I did the same on my WIP, but then I realized that I hopped into a fight scene. What I did was delete the whole Chapter and start a new one.

Anyway, follow your heart. Or whatever

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I hope I don’t sound arrogant, but I think the way the reworked CH.1 is looking so far is much better, then again, I’ll only know once I release it to public test.
Thank you for your patience and I’ll work hard to get it out as soon as possible!

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I’m just going to ask this since no one else has yet - why the gender lock? From the description you’ve given, I don’t really see why it would need to be locked to male. It’s your choice of course, though I’d caution that limiting it to one gender will also limit the audience outreach you can achieve :slight_smile:


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That’s one the things I was afraid would come up, but a perfectly fine question.
At the beginning I wanted to give the option to choose the protag’s gender, in fact,were plans on making RO’s that you could select their sex and name to make it feel more personal, however all this was scrapped because Frost and I didn’t see eye to eye in there.
I’m very sorry about that, but I hope it doesn’t take away from the experience too much!


So far I really like where this is headed! You seem to have a good idea of where you want to take the story. I like Kiru’s reaction to Cherub coming down to grant them the gods “favor”. I hope you’ll have options for rebelling against the gods in ways further into the game!

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I’m afraid to say more because different people consider different things a spoiler, but yes, Spoiler Alert, depending on your Faithful stat, you’ll be granted different events, one of them being Ocelot alligning with “darker” forces!
Thank you very much for your kind comment and I hope to do your hopes justice in the future!

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I really really like the sound and look of this story i can’t wait to see more.

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Like the sound of this!

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