The Shadow War (WiP)

Hey guys!

After nearly a year of enjoying this forum, I briefly fantasized the idea of writing my own game after reading so many good ones. That quickly turned into a reality. After a month of working, here is a portion of my game.

Bear in mind - This is my first time coding and so my knowledge is limited. A few of the things i put in my game at the start could potentially be shortened with more advanced commands and stuff. I know about this and intend to change it.

Onto the story -

Two adjoining lands are at war. On one side a race of humans, on the other a race of humanoid monsters. They have always fought. The MC is an 18 year old in a village on the human side. It is your choice to be involved in the war or not at all.

  • Play as Male, Female or Non-binary
  • Choose between six different skills
  • Be a master in one skill and dominate the field
  • Or dabble in two at once.

You can go to the bordor and wage war on the monsters, go to the palace and meet the king or take part in a dangerous expedition! There will be more options and more details on the aforementioned paths later. Others I plan to add in will be Chief, Kings bodyguard, Ranger and lots more!

I plan to add in ROs as I progress with the story.

Finally - demo -


So the word bordors is incorrect it should be borders.

or leave never fight for them free my friends

Sounds like a amazing idea for a story could we possible work for he humanoid monsters

Can we romance said humanoid monsters?

Sounds awsome and what will the monster look like

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I advise you change the title, because of this: https:

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The demo is interesting so far! I would love to know more about the ROs in the future!


should be ‘trial’ instead.


You’ve should be you’re as you have all grown up makes no sense

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Can you tell me quite where you found that? I seem to remember putting that in quite a lot.

I wasn`t planning on either of those because they do not speak the common tongue and just shriek. One advanced path I was planng on adding in was deciphering their language and negotiating a truce. Once you meet them face to face I do not think you would want to romance them.

@Harley_Robin_Evans You will see when you meet them face to face. If you are yearning for details however then i could give a brief rundown.

Darn. I will brainstorm further. If you have any ideas feel free to tell me.

@Umbreonpanda @Blank

Thanks for those. Fixed

Just a side note, if I update the txt. files with updates, will they change automatically or do I have to upload the changed version? I`m guessing the latter. Edit : Nvm, fixed it

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So will i be able to kick that Luke guys ass.


Trust me, you will definitely have the opportunity to dunk on him later. Even just creating that guy annoyed me a whole lot.


Thank god i am not the only one who hates him the can’t wait to kick his ass plus just wondering will there be a change-log for updates.

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Yes I will notify you when you can beat Luke`s ass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will post any updates on the title and the date

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Yeah, you’ll have to reupload the changed .txt files again. Good luck with your WIP!

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Hey! I like the idea so far and I’ll definitely follow this WIP’s development.

I know names are always subject to change regarding WIPs but perhaps Shadows of War would be problematic because it’s literally the name of the newest Middle Earth game.

The annoying thing is I actually play that game

face palm

Thanks. Now to find another name

How about war of shadows lol


Can you meet monsters and romance one?


That sounds pretty good. Is it a reference I’m missing tho?

Trust me. You do not want to romance one of these things

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