The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

Hopefully there will be one lady that will bring a lot of political power and wealth if my character marries her.


@Zoilus There is one government with a King, but Corsciana at this point is actually a protectorate of the country of Verey and has been for two generations. Before Verey became sovereign over Corsciana, the country was in chaos and fairly fractured. It had a King, yes, but he didn’t have much power, and cities were largely in control of themselves. This has changed since Verey took over. Not that this has endeared the Vereyans to the Corscians, though.

@Urban There definitely will be, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

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So what are the traits being tracked exactly?

@RedRoses Clever, charismatic, rebellious, willful, obedient, confident, hotheaded, expedient, reserved, outspoken, timid, altruistic, supercilious, vain, and fashionable are all the personality traits. I’ve also got a dialogue system in place with four stats (charming, witty, polite, and abrasive) that I’m using to do filler dialogue and such, and it works similar to the dialogue in Dragon Age 2. Which ever dialogue variable has the highest value, that will be used for filler dialogue – sometimes in combination with your personality stats. It’s extremely superfluous and will most likely make things more difficult for me in the long run, but I wanted to do it, so I did.


hmmm and Pendragon Rising ? not that im in favour of it , just pointing it out :smile:

nice to know that, will there be a sequel to continue our history or it will be the end of our mc?

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I have a question your sister gets married to a king when she is 16 if your are a girl or even a guy will your father set a marriage up for you at this age?

@anon4518890 Well, when the incest occurred in Pendragon Rising, you didn’t know. Knowingly entering an incestuous relationship is a little different, haha. There will not be a sequel, so the end of the game is the end of your MC’s story.

@Misa101 If you’re a girl, when you’re seventeen, your father sets up an arranged marriage for you. You can get out of it, or go along with it. It’s up to you.

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I’m excited to see who will be set up with probably someone awful considering your reletionship with him.

I guess dad really doesn’t want his least favorite son breeding, does he?

Hmm. Do noblemen, especially high nobles, often join the priesthood or the paladins? And are the priests and paladins not allowed to be married?

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Are there rumors in the Ophaesian Court that our character is not really the King’s child but a Bastard that our mother is trying to pass off as a royal child? Our character takes after their mother in coloring and unless the world your building has a way to test the paternity of a child. Unless our character as conceived within the first few months of their parent’s marriage before the Queen starting leaving court so often and gained the King’s ire there is room to doubt our character’s parentage. Also our mother says to us, that to her and her kin were a Maeliah first and foremost if we choose the harp during our Seventh birthday.

It could explain why the King acts the way he does towards our character. He suspects were not really his child but doesn’t have evidence to prove it. And given that our mother belongs to house Maeliah one of most powerful noble houses in Ophaesia he can’t denounce our character and their mother without proof unless he wants to start a war.

If our character’s oldest siblings are around 15 years older then them, that means they be around 22 years old, probably married and they may have children of their own?


awww , atleast will you make another medieval game, or a samurai game :heart_eyes:
i cant never get enough of swords-themed games / books :smile:

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Will we have the opportunity to become a paladin or be personally blessed by the gods?

The reason your father hates you or i assume is the reason is cause your mother tricked him into marrying. I wouldn’t mind if we were a bastard but I think I’d like it more if we were the real daughter /son it would make the story much more iteresting and sadder to try to get your father’s attention but he just hate you cause of your mother but feels bad about hating you cause he knows your his child to. I’m also looking forward to the arranged marriage to see how my character can handle it.


I like an idea of the mc being a bastard I just think it has to be implemented right like her father should still be a king or high nobel.

The MC isn’t a bastard nor would I want her or him to be. Where is this talk coming from?

Edit: The reason your father hates you is: your mother poisoned his 2nd wife and deceived him into marrying her and conceiving you The reason he hates you is you are your mothers child


Yay I’m glad she isn’t a bastard I like her dad being the quiet and mean father who never wants to talk to her.

I just can’t wait till the next update i just love this wip so much I just really hope they stick with it cause so many people just stop writing and it’s a big let down and I would be really disappointed if that’s wht happened to this wip.


@Fawkes i got a question about the gay and bi RO males, Who are they? :laughing: could you also tell what their names are? Also since your game seems to be realistic in a medival way, is being gay seen as taboo? Something shameful?
Sorry If I asked to much Fawkes, but i just love playing as a gay male! :wink:


I feel that GloriaRose.

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@Misa101 Omg Yess :heart::+1: